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Author Name : Andrew Vega
Year Written : 1987 edit...
Application Type : TW Fork edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download :
Description :
This game started off as a simple modified version of Chris Sherrik's
Tradewars II online game. At the time, it was concidered a very hot game and
many a sysop scrambled to get it; despite the numerous bugs that came along
with it, it was worth having. Soon, however, the game became boring, at
least to me. So, together with my co-sysops, The Adept and Wayne Hyde, we
decided to embark on the adventure of trying to actually decipher the game's
Turbo Pascal v3.0's source code.

- Andrew Vega

Notes edit...

This game was a direct port of the QuixPlus version. It has many of the same files, and keeps the same general theme, that of the Star Trek universe. Much of the text of the game is identical to that of the QP version. The major addition made by Vega and his co-developers is an overarching goal, something that other versions of TradeWars lacked. Martin's version, for example, often ends when the game operator chooses a winner, or when there is a consensus among players. In Galactic Armageddon, the game ends when a player succeeds in destroying the homeworld of one of the major races in the game (Federation or Romulan).

Because the game was a mod of the QuixPlus pascal version, which itself claimed to be a mod of TW 3 (aka TW 200), it was originally called TW 4: Universal Armageddon. "Universal Armageddon" was a reference to Doctor McCoy's quote about the Genesis Device in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, that it would bring about "universal Armageddon". The next version came out just six months after TW 4, and was called TW 5: Galactic Armageddon.

TradeWars 5: Galactic Armageddon ANSI Files

TradeWars 5: Galactic Armageddon Message Files

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