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[edit] Notes

  • Preceded by TW IV. Was this a sequel to TradeWars 3, aka TW 200 by Morris? QuixPlus claimed their game was a sequel to TW 3, so when Vega took that Pascal code and started to create a new game, they probably would have called it TW 4. That was in 1987. What I have is TW 5 v2. Does that mean that it's the second version of TW 4, or is TW 4 v2 called TW 5? Or was there a version of TW 5 before TW 5 v2?
  • The mod file calls it Galactic Armageddon v2. Most likely Galactic Armageddon was TW 4, and Galactic Armageddon v2 was TW 5.
  • The Adept passed away.
  • Wayne Hyde wrote BBS software?
  • Deathship is similar to Photon Missile of Martin's TW, but is random.
  • Copyright notice is 1989/90. So TW4 is 1987, TW5 is 1989?
  • There is a "rumor" file, similar to the Grimy Trader in Martin's game. Is there a correlation?

[edit] Mods File

** Version 2.0 **
** 01-06-94 Thu. 02:10pm **

Author: Andrew Vega (aka Jack Chalker)

Additional Mentions: Wayne Hyde, The Adept, and
The Mad Planetoid


This game started off as a simple modified version of Chris Sherrik's
Tradewars II online game. At the time, it was concidered a very hot game and
many a sysop scrambled to get it; despite the numerous bugs that came along
with it, it was worth having. Soon, however, the game became boring, at
least to me. So, together with my co-sysops, The Adept and Wayne Hyde, we
decided to embark on the adventure of trying to actually decipher the game's
Turbo Pascal v3.0's source code. It wasn't easy, due to TP 3.0's limited
amount of memory allowed for compilations, Chris Sherrik was forced to use a
programming technique to squeeze in as much into the game without taking up
too much memory, in the process, he made the game's source code virtually
impossible to follow, making it all the more difficult for us to modify it.
But we managed to do it by first making an editor for the game. This task was
left up to Wayne Hyde and The Adept. You have to realize the game came with a
VERY limited editor that only allowed you to edit players and global stats.
Our editor allowed us to edit sectors, ports and planets. (You have to
realize this was back in like 1987; when online games just began to make it
big.) After that, we managed to figure out the way the game worked and
decided to begin modifying the source code, and we did, together, for a while.
Then, one day, me and my co-sysop, The Adept, had a big argument and split-up
from the trio. Wayne Hyde soon also split for different reasons, mainly to
pursue his own goals in life....(he decided to make a BBS program...but that's
another story <grin>) Anyway, this left me with the task of making the game
spiffy. I decided that the game's data file was too limited and decided to
expand it. Borrowing an idea that I got from The Adept, I made a
data-file-copier which allowed me to create a much bigger data file and copy
the old data file records to it. This allowed me to have nearly unlimited
number ranges, and many more variables to work with; something unheard of at
the time. Soon I began to implement many mods, on an average of about one
big mod every couple weeks. It was the first TW-Like online game to have
teams, cloaking devices and the first to break the 32767 barrier....this is no
longer a big deal now'days of course. Anyway, the competition is still
behind in many regards... both quality and quantity of modifications. Here's
a short summary of just SOME of the mods that this version has that others may

Teams, 1000 Sectors, Programmable Mines, Programmable Fighters,
Programmable Ship Defensive modes, planetary force fields, Starbases with
defensive capabilities, choosing roles in the game: Federation Trader, Romulan
Warrior, Klingon Renegade; Solar Sails, Transwarp Drive, Hydrogen Scoops,
InterGalactic Matter Anti-Matter Missles (IGMAMs for short), Galactic
Excursio Modules, Navagation Computers, Trading Computers, Sensor Masking
Deflectors, Being able to create your own ports, starbases, planets, sectors;
Sector Beacons, Planetary Beacons, Anti-Matter Missles, Cargo Bay Extensions,
Phaser Salvos, Photon Torps, Klingon Birds Of Prey, Ferengi Fighters, Ferengi
Attack Cruisers, Klingon Warships, Borg, Dreadnoughts, Heavy Cruisers,
Destroyers, Scouts, Nuclear Warheads, Federation Police Officers, Romulan
Mercenary Forces, Bounty/Hit-Lists, Rogue Mercenary Fighters, K3-C
Interceptors, Romulan Scout Fighters, Port Bars, Asteroid Belts, Military
Troops, Lottery, Escalating War Conditions, Energy Matter Converters,
Cloaking Devices, Anti-Cloaking Devices, Cloaked Planets, Auxillary Power
Units, Full ANSI Graphics Capabilities and Full ANSI Sound FX Capabilities.
XRH-40 Port Destroying Missles, Ship Scanners, Self-Destruct Mechanism,
Tractor Beam Systems....and much more...
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