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You gaze at your science officer and watch the expression on his face
as he points to the visual display of the bridge. You look and behold
you see small explosions which upon closer inspection turn out to be
your fighter escort exploding all at once.

Just then your science officer tells you sensors indicate gusts of
anti-matter ripping through your ship's hull. What sensors do not
indicate, are the screams of your valiant crew, as the anti-matter
rips through their smoldering flesh. Instantly, you feel a tingling
sensation as the bridge lights up in a brilliant explosion.

KENTMAD your fighters are deployed within the Sol system, they are immediately
annihilated by what at first appears to be a VERY powerful phaser array that
has been mounted on the Federation's Nogura Space Dock. However, both your
Science Officer and your Weapons officers inform you that not only does the
Space Dock lack the power to generate a phaser barrage of such magnitude,
but that they have detected the source of the attack and it is closing on
an intercept course with the ship at extreme warp speed...


...suddenly, something hits your ship, the camera tilts, and your crew falls
out of their chairs like a bunch of idiots. Since this is only a simulation,
you stay in your chair, even when the port side of the bridge splits open
with a hole just big enough for a man to step through. Which, of course, is
what happens, as a man dressed in red and blue with a flowing cape boards the
ship and tells you to get the [heck] away from Earth!. He then closes the gap
in the hull, welds it shut with what appears to be phasers imbedded in his
eyes, and then pushes your ship out of this stellar system.

...later, after the damage control officer has informed you of your losses
(10% of your fighters, and a cargo hold), the science officer informs you
that Imperial Intelligence has identified the mysterious caped invader as
a Mr. Kent, who resides in a city named Metropolis on Earth, and is known
for his rather...physical methods of repelling invaders. You shrug your
shoulders in disgruntlement and return to deciding your next port of call...


...Your science officer has detected a nebula in this sector suitable for
system formation. After you register your claim with The Imperial Bureau of
Expansionist Affairs, a heavily-armed battlecruiser, the Vengeance, arrives
with your torpedo. After verification of both your identity and your bank
account, the torpedo is installed in your ship's torpedo launcher. Then,
following a complimentary dinner with the ship's Captain, you give the order
to arm and launch the Genesis device. the Genesis Torpedo leaves the torpedo bay of your ship, it begins to
glow brilliantly as it begins to accelerate it's mass to the critical point.
You immediately warp out of range of the Genesis envelope, and four minutes
later the nebula is transformed into a thriving planetary system with such a
fantastic display of pyrotechnical special effects that it could never be
depicted in a low budget simulation like this!

...After a large, drunken orgy of the typical Klingon type, the Vengeance
warps out for new worlds to rape and pillage, leaving you to to do the same
to your new world...

GENEBOOM you give the order, the weapons officer engages a code sequence that
arms the most potent weapon the Empire has ever developed. Commonly referred
to as 'the fist of Khaless', each corbomite-encase anti-matter warhead is
is powerful enough to shatter a continent. When several of these disaster
machines are exploded simultaneously along the fault lines of a planetary
body, the resultant force is sufficient to reduce it to the interstellar
dust from whence it came.

...Which is exactly what happens less than five minutes after the warheads
are released. This gives your crew enough time to move the ship out of the
blast range so that you can watch the destruction and enjoy it as well!!


The bar is a typical offworlder type establishment.  The kind of place
that the stench alone would cause you to turn back. However, modern
technology has taken care of foul smelling races by having a unique
ventilation system, which also provides an even mix of certain comfortable
gases. This also has a habit of increasing sales on beverages.


Your ship sensors pick up an approaching vessel going at transwarp speed
factor 5. Before you and your crew have a chance to react, the enemy
vessel, who's ID is "Bloodbath NCC 2350-A (P)", locks and fires it's
phasers at full power draining your shields completely. Before you
can even launch your fighters it destroys your ship's automation center
and damages the dylithium crystal chamber causing you to lose all power.
Your attempts to hail the ship fail. The ship then warps out of the
sector not even boarding your ship.

You then receive word from your science officer that you've been attacked
by the mysterious deathship. A ship run totally by computer that was
a Federation project that backfired. Your engineering officer repaired
the damage to the ship, but he reports that there is no way to regain
power immediately. It will take 24 hrs to power the ship back up.


 _____  __    ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
/ / / /> \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /
---// / <<  !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!
/--/ > >> / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
--- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Trade Wars V:Universal Armageddon

Original Tradewars II by Chris Sherrick

Pascal version by
Lord Darkseid

KE! Mods and 1987 Color Version by Omega Man

Mod to work on unmod versions of WWIV by Preston Stroud

Heavy Computer Modifications, Cosmetic Modifications,
Ship-to-Ship Combat Modifications, etc...
by Jack Chalker. Some modifications by Wayne Hyde.
And a few by the late "The Adept".


Done.  Triton mine field layed.
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