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Author Name : Will Boyett
Year Written : 1993 edit...
Application Type : Helper edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v1, TW 2002 v2 edit...
Download :
Description :
== 3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0 ==

TWTERM turns Trade Wars from a "game" into
an "experience". Adds graphics (explosions,
planets, ships, more...) and digitized sound
effects! Includes macros, script language,
0-turn mapping, DUAL screen online map,
ether probe routines, locates others homes,
maintains your assets, and much, much more!
"Its a GUI for Trade Wars!" "Two Thumbs Up!"
A must have. Reqs: EGA/VGA, 480K RAM

Notes edit...

TWTERM Help Doc v1.4

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