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  • If anyone has the TradeWars 1 source code, please post a link to it on the discussion page. Thanks!
  • It has been difficult to establish a solid date for the release of TradeWars 1. Sherrick has stated that he finished TradeWars 2 in 1985, and Morris states that TradeWars 2 came out over a year after TradeWars 1, which definitely puts it at late 1983, early 1984. Sherrick also says of the time he worked on TradeWars 1, "I think this was in the summer of 84, but it might have been earlier." Also, other multiplayer BBS doors were coming out in 1983, and Sherrick states that he wrote TradeWars because there were no multiplayer BBS doors available. My gut says it was 1983, but I'd rather err on the side of caution and put it at 1984 for now.
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