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From, Guardian's experiences in TradeWars, 2000:


First game I ever played was on a local board. It was so far into it that mines were laid all over the place ... it was not a good place to learn the game . I eventually found this page that lists hundreds of BBS's which had Tradewars and how many turns and the cost .... I choose the cheapest Tradewars there , Stardock ( ) . It didn't have many turns( usually 500-600 ) , but there were many people in the game at once and it seemed I was in Tradewars heaven .... well about 10 seconds after leaving the protection of fedspace I got podded .... thought to myself: new game same result :) . Well according to the Announcement on Stardock, it was resetting in 2 weeks , so I thought I better learn the damn game at least a little bit .


Went back it an empty local door game .... Learned the basics on porting and setting up planets with colos and stuff of that nature .... Still had no grasp of turn management and dead-ends ( so that lets you know how far I was gonna get ) ... Two weeks later I started the game and port traded at some worn down ports and made ok amount of money ( For those you don't know, at Stardock BBS if you didn't get in the game after to rebanged it was very hard to find good pair ports to trade at ) . On the 2nd day I bought a battleship ( nice thing to buy on the 2nd day of a low turn game ... NOT! ) . On the same day a few of us Newbies corped up together ( it seems this happens in a lot of games ) .... well, somehow I ran into an Evil Player who was not online and sitting in a sector .... I started to capture the ship with the formulas I got from a manual ..... Capted it and told my corpies .... we gather around that one sector and look at our prize .... we all try to x-port into the Corp Flag and wonder why we can't enter it ( Now that I think of it ... I was really a dumbass :) ) ... Finally our CEO ( Sinister ) came and he was able to get into the Corp Flag ... then one of us realized that it was only for CEO's of corporations .... Well, that game went pretty good ... we were never a threat , but we learned how to get an ISS and our one sector with 2 planets was not invaded till the end of the game ( Either we choose a good spot or the big guys left us alone, thinking we were not a threat ) . After that game was done for me and our newbie Corp , I had a chance to talk with a Player called Greycastle ( he only played one more game at Stardock after our talk ) . He let me know how evils make more money than goods and that is how his team had won the game ( I basically saw more money and blocked out everything else he said ) .... So while waiting on the Reset at Stardock , I went to find another board to practice playing evil .


I chose Future Frontiers , since it had unlimited turns and was fairly cheap ( $5 a month and there were hardly any unlimited games out there at that time ) . So on that board I taught myself ( with the help of manuals ) how to do evil stealing ( ssm and sst ) . This was what I like to call my Step away from being a newbie and becoming an average player . The Next game a Stardock I was doing well , but on the 6th day of the game ... the BBS went down ( It happened every so often , but this time it was down for 3 weeks or something around that length of time ) . I needed to choose a new board that I could work on my skills and be ready for when it came back up .


I went to keynetcorp BBS ... it had medium number of turns , but had some modified ships ( like a trader ship that took 1 turn per sector ) . During my time on keynet my skills increased and I had the ability to start showing others the evil ways . Taught Sinister the basics and showed Maverick a thing or two ( Have to say one of the Best Corp mates I have ever had has been Maverick ) . During this time played on the Stardock Tournament ( 3 pods and your out ) . I did very well that game and started to make a name for myself ( I was next to the last person taken out and if I remember right, Black Slayer or Monday won that game ) .


Next game at Stardock I was asked by Monday to be on his good Corp ( Ripclaw had the evil Corp ) .... Monday worked me , Jr. Sample , and Sinister to death ..... Have to say Monday is one of the best Good CEO's I have ever played with ...... Worked me so hard ... I haven't played good since :) ..... The game went pretty well ... I ended up joining Ripclaw and going evil cause one of his evils bailed .... we didn't win , but it was fun


Keynet Reset and Maverick , Me , Razor and a couple of others I can't remember .... well we set up a home and a semi nice bubble ( one problem with it ... had a back door ) ... well we noticed that a few new people were playing . We were like, cool ... more victims to kill ( It ended up being a Headache from hell ) . Three or four days after these new people started , one of them hit our base and I went to attack him .... well I ended up in a pod and that Bastage almost got my pod but I hid on a level 1 citadel and he ran by me . He hit our bubble again ... Mav and I were ready for him ... that dam guy was fast we couldn't catch him to hit him , even after we podded him he ran that pod like he was in the Indy 500 ....Not sure what was worse, him running like he just broke out of prison or his name AlcaPhunK }: you might know him as EleqTrizi'T . Well to make a long story short we moved our base , he found it , he invaded and he died ... finally ....


Guess me and my brother ( Razor ) , impressed Eleqtrizi't or he was desperate :) .... He asked my bro and I to join his DE group ... So we set out to conquer Stardock ( Dam guy never chooses anything little :) ) . Well we changed our names and started out .... He made me Head of the evils ( Retaliator and Razor ) and he led the goods ( him and Maelene and whole Corp . Before we knew it Us evils were at the top of the list and cranking out money to give to Eleqtrizi't . He began hitting other Corp bases and taking them over ... we were actually controlling the game from the beginning to the middle .... Well one thing we didn't plan on was the whole universe ( Universe being Reza , Reisa , Ripclaw, Monday , Black Slayer , hosem and you name it, were all hunting us .... needless to say we got beat down ( but it's nice to say it took the whole Stardock BBS to do us in ) ... I finished the game corping with Ripclaw and that game ended up getting drawn out with 2 huge Mega Corp ( basically old timers vs young ones ) ... that was a nice game .... A lot of people were in that game and I wish they were still around ( not in any certain order ... Maverick , Eleqtrizi't , Hosem , Monday , Budweiser , Jr. Sample , Mega Herz , Ripclaw, Ladyhawk , Gypsy , Reza , Reisa , Black Slayer , Guru , Barnhill , Saluki ( Destroyer ) , I know there were others ... just can't remember all those names ... been 2 years give me a break :) ) . That was my last game at Stardock .....

After the Big game at Stardock , my brother and I went to about 6 different boards and beat the crap out of the competition .... we got bored and basically you can say retired from the game ..... I picked up another addiction after Tradewars called majormud :) , but since July 9th 1999 have given that up for Tradewars again .....


Well after I decided to come back .... I choose Home Sector as the place to start . Reason was there was plenty people playing and no lag ( Which when I last played lag was always there ) . I played in the X-Treme game , since I hadn't played in many years and need unlimited turns to get back in the groove ( took me about 2 days to start getting in the groove again and remembering menu keys ) . After the first few days started making my scripts for procomm ( ssm and sst ) ..... Once they were completed money really came in ...... I met a fellow named Pern in that game and had agreed on an alliance . Well during the game I was just building up fighters trying to refresh myself will all aspects of the game ..... Then a person named Xerces's or something ... attacked one of the little planets I had taken from someone else ..... Well figured it was nice time to try my invading lessons ..... I knew where there base was and hit it and took it all out ( was a nice base and bubble ... which was all mine now :) ) . Then soon after I invaded , A person named Sterling came on and was bitching up a storm .... dam talk about all the crying ... I turned around from my keyboard and told my brother " Dam will some tell that guy it's only a game and to chill out " ... well that guy was not a guy it was my frist encounter with Bad GIirl . Well Pern and I won that game hands down .... The final day me and a fellow Mad-Dog playing around took out Pern's base .... Pern was not happy at all and had never talked to me again ( We were still declared winners ) .


I played my first title game right after the extreme game was over . I figured it was time to play a real game . I went in solo , just to test the waters and see what I could do . I noticed a person was on with the handle Premier ( Thought it was eleq , gypsy used to call him that all the time ) . When I hailed him , I found out it was Rawhead Rex ( he had named himsel theat to give tribute to eleq ) . He offered me to join his corp for that game . Also was my first corping with Bad Girl ( which I have corped with ever since , except for the USO '00 ) . We ended up winning that game ( Team consisted of ... Rawhead Rex , Leila , Bad Girl , Guardian , Hammer and Dietrich ) . Bad Girl and I put together 3 more teams together that won the next 3 title games ( corpies on those 3 were .... Hammer , Peacemaker , Hellcat , Leila , Zelda , Space Ghost , Jack Box , Kavanagh , Dietrich and Bad Girl ) . My current most crappy moment came when I was playing one of the title games with BG and Boo inc members . One day after we almost had the game wrapped up ... I was clearing up our corp planet list and blowing planets we had laying around . Well I blew 20-30 planets or something and went back to Evils sleeping planet ( 1 day till level 4 ) and went to sleep on the cit . Next thing I know is I hit zdy instead of cry . i blew the planet and my 2 corpies up with it ..... worst thing was I had to get to work and sent a quick icq for tem not to enter and had to leave ..... :( ... well we won the game and Space Ghost and Jack Box forgave me ...I THINK . One last note of title games ... in the 4 victories I was in ... 3 of them we won before level 4's went online and the other was 5-6 days after level 4's went online .


I received an email from Abraxas , who wanted some pointers on his intergate game .... i gave my suggestions and figured I would drop by for a look ... 1500 turns and all competition was people I never heard of .... in 4 days I was wacking others and helping Abraxas gain control of the game . Abraxas wanted me to trow pointers to his new recruits ( Banano and Atog ) ... I showed Atog some stuff to get him on the right track and don't think I showed banano anything :) . Eventually I left the game , to let Abraxas and crew finish the game . Mentioned the above to show how sometimes I went out of my way to show others how to play .... there has been many requests for the same treatment , but usually don't have the time ... I am glad I met Atog ... cause later on this BIO ... Atog will be mentioned again .

TOOK A BREAK and the USO '00

Lost my G/F and didn't feel like playing .... 12/01/99 - 2/01/00 ... Was suppose to play with maverick , ripclaw and the other knights in USO '00 . Well Maverick and the others wanted a break from the game . So I was without a Team ( personally I was ok with not playing cause , still wanted to be on break ) . Eleq decided to put together a team and he had an opening .... He couldn't get a hold of a person that was suppose to play with him ... so he threw me an offer and I accepted ( i did hesitate , cause I knew Eleq can be a pain to corp with .... cause he expects so much ( he is getting easier ... guess his wife put the whip to him ) . The Team that Eleq choose was the Following ... Eleq'Trizi'T , Retaliator , Ripclaw , Peacemaker , Rawhead Rex and myself ... Eleq named us Dominance Enterprises since 5 of the 6 was from the old group ( Part of the group at different stages of it's existence ) . USO '00 started out shitty .... we ended up winning and it started my run as playing blue more often ( Had a lot of kills ) . Also that person named Atog came in with his own corp and did a very good job.

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