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Members : Rick Mead (Gypsy)
Years Active :1996-2010 edit...
Location :Arizona edit...
Type :Company edit...
Applications : None edit...
Documents : None edit...
Notes edit...

Practical Internet Solutions, also known as and, was an ISP in Phoenix, Arizona. Rick Mead (Gypsy) was employed there in the mid to late 90s, and when Martech was ready to open a website, Rick convinced Mark Hickman, owner of the company, to provide free web hosting. This continued after John Pritchett bought the game rights from Martech, and Pritchett's early sites were also hosted for free on, including the first official TW forum. In 2004, Pritchett needed more control over his sites, and started to provide his own hosting.

With the possible exception of Fament, no other ISP has provided as much support for TradeWars as Practical Internet Solutions.

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