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Author Name : Jim Bianchi (Iago)
Year Written : 1994 edit...
Text Type : Player's Guide edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v1 edit...
Download : IAGOWM11.ZIP
Sample :
I'd like to acknowledge (among others) Joel Downer, Albin Gersich,
Fred Polli, Dan Roseen, Leonard Adolph, Steve Genardini, Stephen Whitis,
John Warfin, Dave Myers, Woody Weaver, Jim Pittman, Matt Bush, Eugene Hung,
Kris Lewis, David White, Nancy Durbin, Jason Boyd, Carol Barela, Carolyn
Stoffel, Mark Cothram, Ed Kammerer, Mike Magero, Pierre Tourigny and, of
course, Gary and Mary Ann Martin, the author(s) of TradeWars 2002. I'd like
to thank you one and all for providing much of the mat'l for this file and
for helping to make TradeWars a most entertaining diversion.

This file is an updated version of the original Iago's War Manual and
should replace it. Much of what follows was obtained from the files TWTIPS12,
TWINFO, and from monitoring the FIDO and RIME TradeWars conferences. And from
playing the game itself.


History of the game Bugs in the game Ferrengi
Frequently asked questions Planet cloning bug Tips 'n tricks
Align and xp changes On the use of bugs Reference section
Keeping an evil ISS Mapping the universe Macro pgms ("scripts")
Suggested tactics Attacks/invasions The 5xp sell/steal cycle
Ship selection Colonists Afterword
Notes edit...

Iago's War Manual v1.1

While this is an excellent historical resource, I feel that a few inaccuracies need to be corrected.

First, this document states that Chris Sherrick was not the original author of TradeWars, but that it was originally developed by an anonymous group of students as "a programming assignment for the Unix system." In my research on the history of TradeWars variants, I have spoken to Sherrick at length about the origin of his game, and he credits Star Trader, RISK and Hunt the Wumpus, but does not mention an earlier UNIX version. I have also never seen nor heard any other reference to such an original version in my research. Therefore, lacking proof to the contrary, I am inclined to take Sherrick's personal account as truth.

Second, the document speculates that Gary Martin, with the completion of TW2002v2 beta, " is considering reneging on his one time registration fee, and perhaps going to charge for this new version." In fact, Gary did not reverse that policy, and it was continued by EIS, at his request, through all versions of TWv3 to this day (2013).

John Pritchett
July, 2013
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