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Published By : Martech Software
Author Name : Drew Markham (Videon), Gary Martin, MaryAnn Martin
Year Written : 1991 edit...
Application Type : TW Version edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : 2002V103.ZIP
Description :
F I R S T F I N I S H E D R E L E A S E O F T W 2 0 0 2

Game Stats: Lines of Turbo Pascal 6.0 code Compiled Size

TW2002 - 21,876 EXE= 86,768 OVR= 347,445
TEDIT - 10,923 EXE= 63,088 OVR= 67,342
EXTERN - 7,401 EXE= 52,048
BIGBANG- 7,866 EXE= 33,248

The Trade Wars 2002 source code is now 881,484 bytes in size (uncompiled).

Though not a very noticeable feature, Trade Wars 2002 is now compiled under
Borland's Turbo Pascal 6.0 We took advantage of a few nice, new features to
improve overall performance and reduce the mainline memory requirements. Of
course, we also added a ton of new code, so you won't notice that its smaller!

This is the first "finished" release of this project. After 4 years its about
time we started to wrap this one up! We have many other exciting projects in
mind, so keep your eyes open for the Martech Software label!

Notes edit...

TradeWars 2002 v1 ANSI Files

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