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Webmaster Name : David McCartney
URL :http://web.archive.org/web/20020402122128/www.tw2002list.com/ edit...
Years Active :1992-2003 edit...
Notes edit...

1992-1995 www.fwb.gulf.net/~micro/tw2002.htm Micro's TradeWars Page was originally created in 1992, when the sysop of The Mess BBS, Robert Healy, bet me that it wasn't possible. The original telnet crawler was written in QMODEM script.

1998-1998 www.twars.com/micro The site moved to www.twars.com hosted by Mel Barnhart and The Weasal's Den BBS.

1999-2002 www.tw2002list.com When I moved to Oklahoma I purchased a enw domain name, and hosted the site on the company web server at my new job.

2002-2003 www.tw2002.biz When my domain expired, it was stolen by a domain auction site and I was forced to purchase a new domain. Then I was fired from my job, and all source code for the website and the telnet crawler was lost.

2011-present www.microblaster.net In Honor of the 25th Anniversary of TradeWars, I decided to re-create my TradeWars server list. I wrote a brand new telnet crawler called MicroBot to collect game statistics, and I put the site back online.

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