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DOCUMENTATION for Tradewars v.ii release 2.0.TW2.500T
Tradewars v.ii by Chris Sherrick (c1986)
200, 500 sector and Team versions by John Morris

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***** ***** *****
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***** ***** *** ***** ************
***** ***** ***** ***** ****************
***************** ******* *******
****** ****** ****** ******
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** ** ******
* Tradewars v.ii is copyrighted by Chris Sherrick. You are encouraged *
* to distribute it freely to any and all bulletin boards. You may not *
* distribute Tradewars in modified form without the Authors consent. *
* Tradewars may not be sold comercially (in any way, shape or form) *

Because of the size of the files needed for Tradewars to run, they are
distributed in two .ARC files:

TW2B151B.ARC - contains Tradewars Source code & documentation.
TW2E151B.ARC - contains Tradewars Executable files & documentation.

TW2B151B.ARC contains the following files:
DMERG.DOC - DoorMerge documentation on DMERGx.BAS
DMERG1.BAS - DoorMerge 1 Include file init sequence (used with TWEDIT)
DMERG2.BAS - DoorMerge 2 Include file I/O subroutine (used with TWEDIT)
TW2.BAS - Tradewars v.ii main segment source
TW2.DAT - Data file used by TW2.EXE
TW2COMP.BAT - Batch file to compile TW2.BAS
TW2SUB.BAS - Tradewars v.ii separately compiled subroutines
TWECOMP.BAT - Batch file to compile TWEDIT.BAS
TWEDIT.BAS - Tradewars v.ii Editor source code
TWICOMP.BAT - Batch file to compile TWINIT2.BAS
README.DOC - This Doc file
TWINT500.BAS - Tradewars v.ii Init file source code (500 sector)
TWINSTR.DOC - Tradewars v.ii Player Instructions
TWEDITOR.DOC - Tradewars Editor SysOp documentation.
TWMAP500.DOC - 500 sector map
TWMERG1.BAS - Tradewars specific DMERG1 include file
TWMERG2.BAS - Tradewars specific DMERG2 include file
TWOPENC.DAT - ANSI graphics opening screen
TWOPENG.DAT - TEXT opening screen
TWVAR.BAS - TW2 Include file

TW2E151B.ARC contains the following files:
TW2.DAT - Data file used by TW2.EXE
TW2.EXE - TW2 main executable file
TWEDIT.EXE - TWEDIT executable file
TWINT500.EXE - 500 sector init file
TWINSTR.DOC - Tradewars player instructions
TWMAP500.DOC - 500 sector SysOp map
README.DOC - This file
TWEDITOR.DOC - Tradewars Editor SysOp documentation.
TWOPENC.DAT - ANSI graphics opening screen
TWOPENG.DAT - TEXT opening screen


**The following is a list of files used by TW2 at run-time:
(These files MUST exist on the same drive/path as TW2)

Program files:
TW2 .EXE - Plays Trade Wars (v.ii). + the Trade Wars maintenance program
run once per day automatically in TW2
TWEDIT .EXE - The Trade Wars (v.ii) editor.
TWINT500.EXE - 200 sector Initialization program for Trade Wars (v.ii).
and TW2.DAT.

Data files:
TWDATA .DAT - Most of the game data for Trade Wars (v.ii).
TWMESG .DAT - Contains info on messages to players.
TWRMESG .DAT - Radio message data file.

Text files:
README .DOC - This file
TWEDITOR.DOC - Documentation for TWEDIT.EXE (the editor.)
TWINSTR .DOC - The instructions for TW2.EXE (the game.) This file is
used by TW2. I also recommend putting this up for download
by the players.
TWOPENG .DOC - The opening message. You can change this to what ever
you want, but make sure it exists.
TWOPENC .DAT - ANSI graphics opening message
TWPMSG .DAT - Messages to the TW Sysop. Used by TWEDIT.

[*END of file listing*]


Doorsoft games were written because I felt the users need Fun games,
that would keep them interested for long periods of time. By time,
I mean months, not just an hour a day or so and then giving up after a
couple weeks, out of shear boredom, I mean an hour a day for months.
Many users seem to get tired of Adventure games if they cannot find a
solution after a couple or three weeks. What these games give is more
interaction, thus their time on the system is more enjoyable.

I am in the habit of distributing source code, after all what would
RBBS-PC be without that? So I feel the Doorsoft games should be distributed
in the same manner. But, I prefer giving the source code out only to
sysop's to keep things under a certain amount of control. Because the game
operate like a miniature BBS program, they do all the I/O to the remote/
local user. Access to your DOS could only be obtained thru tampering
with the source code. So if a local area user, or a user you don't know,
uploads a Doorsoft game, it would be to your advantage to check with my
system, or with any SysOp running Doorsoft games, to make sure you have
'untampered copy' of the software. (However unlikely that will be)

Also by distributing source code, you have a window on the next version
of RBBS-PC at your finger-tips. Just a simple modification here and there
and you are up and running again, without long hours of downloading, or
waiting for the postal service to come thru. (Downloading and the Postal
Service are still options though!) You are also free to modify
the source code, but Do NOT ditribute it in this modified manner! If you
come up with a some modifications that you think are useful, make a BLED
merge file and upload it to my system, and I'll see about putting it in
the next release of the game.

Features of DoorSoft games
(or.. if you will, Features of the DoorMerge Include files)

[SysOp Functions]

Three function keys are active in each Doorsoft game:

F8 -- By pressing F8 you can adjust a users time allotment in that game.
It will not adjust the users time as far as the monitor is
concerned. You can force the user off-line in this manner by
adjusting his time down to a small amount.
A prompt will come up asking you the amount of time you wish the
user to have. This prompt tells you the current amount of time
left. If you change the time, the user will get a warning
notice, whether the time limit is less, or more.

F9 -- By pressing F9 you will change the current state of 'SNOOP'. This
operates in the same manner as SNOOP in RBBS-PC, but will not
change the status of SNOOP of the RBBS. F9 is the SNOOP key of
RBBS-PC and appropriately enough, it is the same in the door game.

F10 - By pressing F10 you will engage CHAT mode with the user. Just hit
ESC to get back to the game.

[Other Features]

1. Games compiled with The DoorMerge files will also operate in RBBS-PC's
'Local Workstation Mode'! Just run it like a normal game. The
DoorMerge files recognize 'COM0' in the RBBSxPC.DEF file, and act

2. Commands can be stacked. They work in a slightly different manner
than RBBS-PC stacked commands, and are extemely useful.

For instance in Tradewars 2, Instead of typing:

M [enter] (move)
wait for prompt....
174 [enter] (move to sector 174)
wait for prompt....
M [enter] (move)
wait for prompt....
176 [enter] (move to sector 176)

A user just needs to type:


at the first prompt, and the game will take care of the rest.
Of course this feature can be used in any Doorsoft game..

3. Another Feature in Tradewars for the SysOp is the 'E' function.
Only the SysOp (either remote/local) has access to this function,
No one else has access to it. The 'E' function allows the SysOp to
run the Tradwars 2 Editor from Tradewars. From the Editor enter
'T' to return to Tradwars 2, or if in Local Mode, you can enter 'X'
to eXit to dos.

Doorsoft games do not have 'individual scoreboards' because the monitor
scoreboard is adequate enough. It also saves a users time on-line
(another complaint I always hear).

[*END of Doorsoft specific info*]

Getting started with TW2

Notes TW2 by Chris Sherrick:

I recommend using this game with a cache program. Since this game
was designed to survive if people hung up on it, it makes frequent use of
the disks. You will save your disk some usage if you're using a cache.

You should make changes in the program, I ask that you don't change
any of the program files when you distribute them. Make it into another
file and distribute it along with the program, but I ask that you keep
the original programs intact. This program is copyrighted.

The reason I wrote this program is because I always wanted to play
a good multi-player strategy game. I'm too poor to afford a subscription
to something on a national level (like Compuserve) so I never got to play
those games. One day I decided that since no one had a good multi-player,
I'd write one. Unfortunately I don't get to play the game (since I run
it and I usually get accused of cheating - I'm a good player! - Someone
please write another multi-player game so I can play it!)

Now for the begging. This game is distributed as "Shareware." My
attitude is that I'd rather have people having a good time playing the
game than for me to get rich; but if you could, please send $20.00 to the
address below:

c/o Chris Sherrick
1515 Ridgeland Dr.
Sparks, NV 89431

If I get something, I'll try to write back, but I can't guarantee anything;
I'm a busy college student.

Rumor has it that there might be some new multi-player games coming.
One idea is to make a multi-BBS game, where teams can be made. If the
BBS owners want to pay the long distance, you can gave a game stretching
out over the country. But, these ideas are on the "burner" because right
now because I don't have a computer. But there should be some more games
out shortly after I get one, whenever that is. But in the meanwhile, I'm
keeping myself busy with the UCI micro-mouse competition - We're going
for national championship!

That's all I have to say in this letter. I hope you fully enjoy
Trade Wars to you fullest. The only problem with it is people tend to
spend their time playing TW2 and not posting, but oh well, you can't have
it all.

P.S. Call The Reno RBBS - Sysop John Morris / 702-673-3387
This BBS and sysop has been very helpful to me in play testing and
modifying this version. If it wasn't for John Morris, this game wouldn't
be available for the RBBS's. Also, he should have the latest and newest
copies of this program.

[Getting started - EXE files alone]

First unpack TW2E151B.ARC using PKXARC 3.5 (or greater). Copy these files
to your drive/path where you wish to put the game. For first time users,
run TWINT500.EXE to initialize the game. This will create a 500 sector
galaxy, and several other files.
If you are using the monitor, add TW2 to your GAMES.DOR file, along with
a desription (anything you like). Then just run the game from the monitor,
like any other Door game.
If you aren't using the door monitor, add the name TWARS2 to your MENU5
file, and create a batch file called TWARS2.BAT. The contents of the
batch file are as follows (assuming you are using the pgm WATCHDOG):

WATCHDGx OFF (or whatever WATCHDG program you are using)
TW2.EXE %1 (%1 signifies the node in use, it is passed on by RBBS)

and thats it.
Now a user just needs to enter TWARS2 when asked for the door, and they
are beamed over to the Tradewars galaxy.

[Getting started - BAS files]

QuickBASIC 3.0 is REQUIRED to compile the latest Tradewars v.ii code.
Also: The DTR patch is REQUIRED on BCOM30.LIB

Unpack the .BAS files in TW2B151B.ARC into your QB3 directory.
3 batch files are included in the ARC file which will aid in your compiling
Tradewars. They are:

TW2COMP.BAT -- this compiles TW2 into an EXE file
TWECOMP.BAT -- this compiles TWEDIT into an EXE file
TWICOMP.BAT -- this compiles TWINIT2 into an EXE file

Once the Batch files have completed the compiling, unpack/move files into
the correct drive/path as in the 'Getting started - EXE' section. Then
follow the directions also in the 'Getting started - EXE' section.
[NOTE] The Tradewars .EXE files that are in the .ARC files are compiled
then EXEPACKed before release, thus creating a much smaller .EXE
file (appx. 20k difference)


Having problems?

The biggest problem reported to me is the lack of the Tradewars opening
messages. Otherwise know as 'Error 53 at Line 5000' Both TWOPENG.DAT
*AND* TWOPENC.DAT must be on the same drive/path as TW2.EXE

Other problems that creep up also are usually files missing. Make sure
That all files listed above in the 'run-time list' are on the same
drive/path as TW2.EXE. Along with MESSAGES, RBBSxPC.DEF. If you
seem to be missing TW2.DAT here is some quick field info:

BULLET10 *field 1: filespec for Tradewars player Rankings
5 *field 2: minutes before logging off idle user
1 *field 3: using aliases? 1-yes 0-no.
45 *field 4: Time allowed in TW2, used when monitor isn't used

The filespec in field one is usually a file used by the RBBS-PC, and should
reside in the RBBS-PC's drive/path. For instance , I display the Top Ten
Tradewars rankings when a user enters my TW2 conference, so the filespec is
TW2W.DEF (for TW2 conference opening message).

More problems you say?

Contact me here at The Reno RBBS:
I'm very willing to help SysOps with Door problems. (any problems.. not
just with my Doorsoft games.) So give me a ring!

John Morris
The Reno RBBS
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