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Published By : High Velocity Software
Author Name : Unknown
Year Written : 1993 edit...
Text Type : Documentation (Official) edit...
For Version : HVS TW edit...
Download : None edit...
Sample :
High Velocity Software is a small development company based in
Phoenix, Arizona.

We definitely could not have pulled off this huge endeavor
without the help and consultation of Gary and MaryAnn Martin of
Martech Software. Gary is the original maniac behind Trade Wars

We also received a mountain of help from all the people who
helped us track down bugs, quirks, burps, and other semi-

On The Rock Garden: Joe "Farmer" Abrams, James "King James"
Anderson, David "Belgarion" Brimer, Jason "Darkness" Crosby, Scot
"Pentax" Stecher, and Kelly "Simbul" Schultz.

On Metropolis: Russel "Brick" Brickell, Derrick "Ace" Samuel,
Matthew "Robby" Lewis, Brandon "Moebius Redhawk" Russell, and Jim
"Slog" Rueschhoff.
Notes edit...

TradeWars 2002 v2 (HVS) Documentation Text

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