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--------] The Curse [--------

Be it hereby known that any soul reverse engineering, disassembling,
infringing on the author's Copyright in anyway, or doing to this program
which is not allowed by law, or this document, shall be hereby cast into
eternal torment and pain where you will serve out the rest of eternity.

You have been warned.

Do not anger the spirts for there wrath is unmatched by any creator, mortal
or immortal.

--------] The Warranty [--------

This program is guarantied to do nothing what so ever but take up hard drive
space and give upload credits to leeches.

--------] Directed Curse [--------

6 6

If you have, know someone who has, ever though of, or have done, any illegal
tampering with any past programs released by Radical Computer Systems,
Such as text editing, pre registering, etc, then your soul is hereby forfit
and is now property of David Proper. From this day forward you will know
only pain, missery, depression, and ill health. You will die within one year.

--------] Documentation [--------

"Holly [poop]! I think [heck] is comming to earth!" - Bad news, it's allready

"What on earth is with all the magical curses?" - I'm fed up with cheap
[jerks] stealling my stuff so I am starting with my black magic again.
Since I don't have any names or [poop], the SPA can't do anything. So I am
turning towards my demons to do my bidding.

"Wow. You are [angry]." - Yes I am. If I see one more group of kids stealling
my [poop], I will solve it by not releasing anything else to the general
public. If you pirate a program made by a large company that sells thousands
if not millions of copies, I don't care, but when you start ripping off
honest ShareWare authors, then that's where I draw the line.

I realize there are some really [lame] authors out there that have no right
to be anywhere near a computer, but I am not like them. I get reg codes in
the mail the next day after I get them. No waiting [flipping] weeks for them.
If you call my board asking for help, you get it. You talk to me directly
if I'm there and if not, you get Email back within the day from me. I don't
[male organ] my users so they have no reason to [male organ] me. And if they do they can just
kiss my [butt].

"Wow. Never seen ya this mad before." - You don't know me very [flipping] well
do you?

"I guess not. Well, to try and change the subject, What does this program do"
- It lets you edit the TW2002 data files on a raw level. And unlike that
[flipping] Aedit, this one has full screen editing. This pushing
a key and getting an input prompt is for children.

"Neat. I was sick and tired of Aedit's interface. How ya work this one" - You
call it like alot of my other TW utils.

DEDIT datapath

That's it. The menu options are self explanitory.

Some of the data fields may seem cryptic, if so, then get the file formats
and read the notes in them. If a field has a YN at the end, then it either
wants a 0 for no or a 1 for yes. But you can enter in any other number.

Since I didn't put any stupid limits on the numbers, you can put 32767 mines
and fighters in FedSpace. Mark'm 'from David, with love' and [annoy] your

Next verion will have some added [poop] to it. Like randomizers, maximizers,
and a section to let you edit StarDock Beta data files.

If you use this program, pay for it. Your required to send at least $5 if you
use this program after 20 days. If that's not long enough to look this over,
then your obviously a slow learner and should be shot.

Send any money amount over $5 to the address given shortly.

By the way, does anyone have a BBS number or personal information (real name,
phone, etc) for a Scorpian of SiN? I want to have a talk with this kid.
Send me the correct info and get loads of credit and a free 1 year membership
on my board.

If you own/run a company, donate hardware to my BBS and get your
company/store name and address posted on my board AND in my doc files!!!
Hows that for some good advertising? I think it's worth it. And if you do
donate hardware, you'll get the next 5 releases free that require a
registration to unlock features. So I think you get something good in return.

Send any donations or hardware to the address given shortly. And for hardware,
don't forget to include any information you want added to my board/DOCs about
your store, like phone number, address, what you sell/do, etc. A full ANSI
advertisement would be great to.

That should be enough. Now the stuff no one reads.. If you like this or
any of the other programs I've done that you have or have seen, please send
me something for my time and testing. I currently don't have a "real" job and
my only income is from my BBS and my programming. Do you know how hard it is
for a 22 year old computer nerd to get a job in a small hick town?

Send any donations, or your own programs that you've written to be placed on
my BBS to:

David Proper
927 Maple Avenue, NW
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663-1522

Or if you just want to check out my BBS, which has all my publicly released
programs online, give my BBS a call:

The Ace of Spades
300/1200/2400 baud - 24hrs - 7dys
21,000+ files - 130+ doors - 7+megs Gfiles
930megs online - 30+ message bases - Truly Private Email
Adult Section - CMF/MOD/GIF/MID/ROL/VOC/Etc files
Supports the 1st Admendment - Lots more goodies like a SysOp
who accualys answers mail and the pager.
Yea, I also have a Sound Blaster Pro so I can do any audio samples for the
users that they may want.

A quick little thank you goes out to Dan Roseen, SysOp of Nite Owl BBS
206-631-4949. He gave the TW file formats to one of my users that called his
system looking for them. Thanks Dan, we need more SysOps like that who are
willing to help out there users and other SysOps. (You wouldn't believe the
[cowpoo] in this area between the local systems. It's unbelievable)

And of course thanks to Jason Boyd for writting the text file that had the
file formats.

Guess that's the end of this file. Increase the peace. Later.
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