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After NCSoft:

Gamasutra has learned that an appeals court has upheld the $32 million judgment awarded to Richard “Lord British” Garriott from a dispute filed against NCsoft in 2009 following his departure from the company in 2008.

In 2008, following poor performance by Garriott’s last MMOG, Tabula Rasa, NCsoft announced that Garriott had departed the company voluntarily while he was in quarantine from his space trip. Garriott had a different story and later filed suit against NCsoft claiming fraud and was awarded $28 million. The victory in the appeals court ruling adds interest and court fee costs to Garriott’s awarded amount bringing it to roughly $32 million.

"NCSoft schemed to avoid its obligations to [Garriott] at the trial court and on appeal, and neither the jury nor the 5th Circuit bought any of it," said Stephen E. Fox, Garriott's lead counsel in the suit. "Contracts have consequences, and as the Court of Appeals explained, the trial court is not a trial run."

Richard Garriott is currently working on social games with his new company Portalarium.

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