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  • TW4 in 1987. Called TW4: Universal Armageddon.
  • TW5 in 1988. About 6 months after TW 4. More about gameplay changes, introducing the two sides and the victory conditions. Changed to Galactic Armageddon.
  • Had help from The Adept (real name Kevin Day), and Wayne Hyde (that's his real name)
    • "A couple of online friends, The Adept (real name Kevin Day), and Wayne Hyde (that's his real name), deciphered the data files and created an "Editor" for the them. This was a big help in modifying the game and taking it to "the next level" as it were."
  • Also The Mad Planetoid
    • "The Mad Planetoid (think his real name was Jon), on the Mudd's Blackjack game in the space ports."
  • Universal Armageddon is from ST 2: Wrath of Khan
  • Is currently an IT Director, and aspiring sci-fi author.
  • Was motivated by desire to write fiction more than gameplay
    • "My interest was also from a writing perspect--- I saw a lot of potential in the "framework" of Tradewars to be grander than it was--- particularly in introducing more of the Star Trek element"
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