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Published By : Radical Computer Systems
Author Name : David Proper
Year Written : 1993 edit...
Application Type : Add-On edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v1 edit...
Download : BORG109.ZIP
Description :
"About time you released this [darn] thing!" - Ya, ya, I know. I was working on
registration routines. There done, so this was finished and released.

"OK, I guess that's OK. Although I've heard about this program, I don't
really know what it does." - Ya know how The Overseer was like god?

"Yea.." - Well think of Borg as Satan. It will go threw your game and send
everything and everyone it comes in contact with to [heck].

"Holy [poop]! That don't sound to pleasing!" - It's not. This program is VERY
destructive in the Trade Wars 2002 universe. Anything it comes in contact with
will be assimilated. No matter what there power or shielding is.

As it assimilates items, it adds them to it's own inventory. After it's done,
if it has any, it will use things like beacons, fighters, mines, cloaks.

"[Darn] this sounds cool" - it is.

Notes edit...

Borg Help Doc

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