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Author Name : Eje Gustafsson (Macahan), Stefan Ingvarsson (Stein)
Year Written : Unknown edit...
Application Type : Helper edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v3 edit...
Download : SWATH_v1_9_4.exe
Description :
S.W.A.T.H. - Special Weapons & Automagic Tradewars Helper

SWATH Features

* Auto haggler (4 "modes" (Best Price,No Haggle ,Worst Price, Off))
* Port-Pair Move trading adjacent
* Port-Pair Move trading non-adjacent
* World Trade and World Explore
* Sell Steal Move (SSM)
* SellStealTransport unlimited ships (SST)
* StealDumpTransport unlimited ships (SDT)
* Transwarp/Transport Pad/Move Colonizer
* Planetary Resource mover
* Rob Transport unlimited ships (RT)
* Rob Move (RM)
* Port buy down
* Blind Warp protection (toggable)
* Redisplay any sector from the database
* Direct Telnet enabled
* GUI Interface with pull down menus, Help System and Speed buttons.
* Easy to use Dialogs
* Support for 20,000 sectors
* Chat while you play via Com window.
* Zero Turn Mapping with CIM Import
* Bubble finder/Displayer
* Visual Map
* Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/WINE
* Show Dead End Sectors
* Show Bubbles
* Show Bubbles with backdoors
* Show Nearest Fighter
* Realtime list of known fighters
* Realtime list of known planets
* Shows ports with large amounts of cargo
* Shows ports under construction ???
* Shows Pair Ports (highlights busted ports/sortable/filterable)
* Shows Evil Pair Ports (highlights busted ports/sortable/filterable)
* Real time bust list
* Blind Warp Protection
* Self Destruct Protection
* Auto Transwarp when ready
* Auto MegaRob ready ports in MBBS games
* Quick Hot Keyed Macros
* User Defined Scripting in REXX *soon*
* User Defined Scripts in Java
* Small download size (Only 0 KBytes)
* Support for Trade Wars 2002 MBBS version
* Support for Trade Wars 2002 3.xx versions AND Games running on TWGS
* Pair Port with haggling for experience
* CIM and realtime processing
* Buy/Dump. Allows best price/asking price/worst price
* Buy Planetary Shields
* Automatic LOG file creation
* Planets and Fighters encountered in the universe are stored automatically in a SWATHs
database for easy retrevial
* Ability to export SWATH databases to the TWX data format
* Ability to export SWATH databases to the SWATH data format
* Ability to export SWATH databases to the old TW Helper data format
* Photon and Move
* Pay or Kill Tolls automatically
* Ability to differ between Allied Tolls and Enemie Tolls (pay allies and kill enemies)
* Com window with separate FedCom/SubSpace/Hail windows
* Route Finder (display route between 2 sectors without game help)
* Find Nearest Fighter/Port/Trader/Ship/Planet/Mines (yours or others)
* JAWS mode
* Defensive Figher Policy (auto kill or no action)
* Traders Corp/Exp/Alignment database with relations option (allied, neutral, enemy)
* Corper CEO/Rank database with relations option (allied, neutral, enemy)
* Variable Rob Factor
* Variable Rob Min Level
* Variable Steal Factor
* Varriable Steal Min Factor
* DES Encrypted Communications with 56 bit key length
* CERN Proxy server support
* Windows Proxy support
* Many other features

Notes edit...
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