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If you would like to play TradeWars on a public site, direct your Telnet client or a TradeWars helper to any game's telnet address.

If you would rather play TradeWars alone or with a group of friends, download and install TWGS, the TradeWars game management software.

Site Name Description
The Penalty Box Running Trade Wars for DOS, Major BBS, and TWGS! [telnet] [web] [email]
Drakeboy's TradeWars Game Server Trade Wars 2002 hosted on online!! How cool is this. Bring back the 80's [telnet] [email]
CJ's Place BBS BBS running TWGS! Trade Wars 2002 also available along with lots of other games via the BBS. BBS: telnet://cjsplacethruhere.net TWGS: telnet://cjsplace.thruhere.net:2002. Free access to all! [telnet] [web] [email]
The Event Horizon [telnet] [email]
The Horizon BBS Web: http://www.horizonbbs.org - Telnet: bbs.horizonbbs.org Port 23, Tradewars 2002 Direct: Rlogin to bbs.horizonbbs.org Port 2002 [telnet] [web] [email]
Starbase 21 BBS Running TWGS behind Major BBS 9.3. Looking for active players. Will setup games by request! We've got TWGS and more. Come check us out! HTML5 client available at our website. vector@starbase21.net [telnet] [web] [email]
bbs.katone.net [telnet] [email]
DemiGoth BBS BBS with registered TWGS running multiple tradewars 2002 games. Includes a vanilla game, a creative mode for casual play, both reset 01/2021, and and competitive tournament games starting monthly! [telnet] [email]
Vid Kids World Many Games to Choose from all with in game info. Longist running server by the original owner. Many Games , few Players... Come Take a Game! [telnet] [email]
Moon Base Alpha TWGS [telnet] [email]
RDFIG Computer Solutions [web] [email]
Momia BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Death Gate BBS Death Gate BBS (Synchronet) 5 Games running, reset on 11/26/21 [telnet] [web] [email]
TheUpsideDown A server created for the players who love TradeWar! Tons of unique Aliens! Unlimited Turns, 1,000,000 initial credits, 75 holds, 2500 fighters, 15000 sectors. Game B 30000 Sectors. VERY active aliens! [web] [email]
Figment's Place In tribute to Figment's Place BBS (WWIV) [telnet] [web]
Desert Rats Sanctuary Part of Desert Rat's Sanctuary BBS. Stock Option game. [telnet] [web] [email]
The Wastelands BBS Game Server [telnet] [email]
Star Killer's Ice9 TWGS Home of the Ice9 Pirates Builders. Home of the Ice Tournament. Regulated and Unregulated Games Banged Monthly. Contact Me to Requesrt a Game [telnet] [web] [email]
MtlGeek TWGS v2 server Accessible in telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net port 2002 or through telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net or with a web terminal at http://mtlgeek.com/. Just rebagned on 2020/0710 [telnet] [web] [email]
Central Ontario Remote Tradewars Active Canadian TradeWars Servers. 13 NODES - 1 Game just BIGBANGED on August 10, 2021 - trenthillsrevue.com:2002 [telnet] [web] [email]

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