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Published By : People's Computer Company
Author Name : Gregory Yob
Year Written : 1972 edit...
Application Type : TW Precursor edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : None edit...
Description :
The WUMPUS lives in a CAVE of 20 rooms (called caverns in CAVES1, remember?) and the only pleasant
way out is to shoot it with one of your arrows - you get 5 to start with. But watch out - if you fall into a
Bottomless Pit (there are two), you lose.

Two other caverns have swarms of Super Bats. If you wander there, unpredictable things will happen
- they like to fly away with people and drop them elsewhereville, like another cavern way over on
the other side of the WUMPUS CAVES. Makes mapmaking difficult...

Hey! Forgot to tell you... to be fair, you'll get warnings: if you are one cavern away from the WUMPUS,
you'll read


and if you're one away from the Bats


but watch out for


'cause one false step and you've found a Bottomless Pit!

Be careful when you shoot! An arrow is good for up to 5 rooms and then you lose it. Make each shot
count! Also, when you shoot, make sure the rooms you aim at are properly connected. If the next room you
choose for the arrow's path isn't connected (to the last one), then the arrow goes wild.

You can get shot by your own arrows. Ouch!

Whenever you shoot an arrow, the WUMPUS wakes up!

You'll also wake him up if you stumble into his room. When the WUMPUS awakens, he usually moves. And if he
moves into your room, CHOMP, you get eaten.

Good luck, and keep your map up to date.

Notes edit...

Play Hunt the Wumpus

Chris Sherrick has stated that Hunt the Wumpus was one of three primary influences on TradeWars. The others were RISK and Star Trader.

Hunt the Wumpus broke from traditional maze games by providing non-cartesian links between rooms. While Hunt the Wumpus was limited to 3 links per room, TradeWars expanded the concept to the 6 links per sector that is still the norm. Also, while the Wumpus map was pre-defined to follow the edges of a dodecahedron, TradeWars links are randomly generated.

A comparison of Wumpus and TradeWars 2002 movement:

Hunt the Wumpus


TradeWars 2002


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