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Author Name : Albin Gersich
Year Written : 1992 edit...
Application Type : Helper edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v2 edit...
Download : TWAST23.ZIP
Description :
  Every good trader needs an assistant.  The assistant keeps records and
provides information so the trader can make better decisions. Trade Wars
2002 (TW2002) is a bulletin board door game by Martech Software, Inc. The
game has a lot of different aspects and keeping track of all the details by
hand can be quite tough. I looked at utilities to help me with the game
but could not find one that met my needs or the needs of my friends, so I
decided to build one from scratch. Trade Wars 2002 Assistant (TWASSIST)
was born. After nine months of continuous work (with only a few sanity
breaks) version 1.0 was ready and released on October 12th, 1992. Version
2.3 was released on December 2, 1995.

Notes edit...

TradeWars 2002 Assistant Help Text

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