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Teaser Video

This is a video reproduction of the flash animation created by John Pritchett to accompany a TWT survey. The purpose of the survey was to assess the level of interest in a graphical TradeWars. The response was moderate, but not enough to generate any investor interest in the game.

UI Concepts

Pritchett created these UI concepts for the project along with Brad Jeansonne, lead concept artist at Certain Affinity and former artist on TradeWars: Dark Millennium. Pritchett created the vector layout and various icons and Brad created the techy borders. The space scene is "borrowed" from GalCiv II.





Ship Concepts

This early concept pass was intended to demonstrate a transitional phase between the raw 2D ANSI ship images and a more realistic 3D ship design. The VGA color palette was used for reference only, to demonstrate the correlation with the ANSI images. The Merchant Cruiser and T'Khasi Orion designs had entered the second design phase, adding some details to the rough prototype models, but these designs were abandoned before they could be completed. The first two ships, the Merchant Cruiser and Scout Marauder, were eventually textured and used, as-is, in the game that evolved from TWT. The others were never handed over by Pritchett.

Merchant Cruiser


Scout Marauder




Taurean Mule


T'Khasi Orion


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