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The TradeWars 2002 Bible!!!
By Psycho * 10/06/93 * v1.1

-= Table Of Contents =-

I. An introduction to this whole Bible! --------> All Read!

II. What is TradeWars 2002?
III. Basic Game Play
IV. Advanced Playing Techniques
V. Being Considered a 'good' player
VI. Using the Bugs in TradeWars -- A Dilemma
VII. Choosing Good or Evil
VIII. Being a Good 'N Legal Trader
IX. Being an Evil Trader
X. Bounties, good and evil
XI. Keeping an Evil Imperial StarShip
XII. Trapping Federals and Freeing Federals
XIII. Running A Corporation
XIV. Running A Piratical Corporation
XV. Anti-Backstabbing Yourself as a CEO
XVI. Backstabbing your CEO
XVII. Secret Alliances and Treaties
XVIII. The Worth of Planets and Citadels
XIX. The Worth of Aliens
XX. The Worth of Ferrengi
XXI. The Worth of other Traders
XXII. Using the StarDock to it's fullest
XXIII. Destroying Class 0 ports

<heh, you like this system, huh??! ;)>

I. The Bugs in TradeWars 2002
II. External Add-Ons to TradeWars 2002 <not many!>
III. Registered and Non-Registered Version of TradeWars 2002
IV. Port Pairs for Trading Easily

I ----! An Introduction To This Whole Bible! !--------------------------------

The first thing that I wanted to say about this whole file was that I have
worked long and hard on it, and done much research for it. It is for the good
of all the current and prospective TradeWars 2002 players out there.
This is no ordinary text file on TradeWars 2002. This is because I have
tried to make it as error-free and as clear and consise as possible. In this
file I have used my opinions and experiences to try and help you become a
better TradeWars 2002 player faster, and to give you ideas on what to do once
you get going. I have not told you EXACTLY how to play as some of the
textfiles that I have read have done. I supply you with the ideas, and you
do the rest. I'm not holding you by the hand but helping you along the way to
finding the way that you best play. Good luck! I guess we'll just have to
find out together if it worked! DON'T FORGET: you'll find what works best for
you, not me. Try EVERYTHING. There's a LOT to TradeWars 2002!
If you have any comments, questions, find errors, or have something to add,
please feel free to contact me on the River Styx BBS, at (617) 277-5637 (@ 8N1),
at up to a speed of 38,400bps. I am also available on other boards under the
handle of Psycho in 617.
I can also be reached upon The BBS, USS Lightspeed ][, the Telegard Beta
Sight, and ALSO the TradeWars 2002 BETA sight in 617! The number is (617)
925-8508 (@ 8N1) at up to 38,400bps. The TradeWars 2002 there is the next
BETA version and has a rather interesting galaxy of 3000 sectors!!
The USS LightSpeed ][ is also a member of FidoNet, with the TradeWars 2002
forum. You can contact me on that as well.

I would also like to thank very much the following people:
Jonathan Levy, for all of his help on teaching me to play!
Gary A. Martin, for writing TradeWars 2002!
And all you experts out there who helped make so much of this possible.

And a special mention goes out to:
Jac Lahav, for teaching me about colonization! <g>
Jason Mahoney, for teaching me about the 'free' Holds Bug! ;)

And a particular hello goes out to:
Bill Wynne, for his ahem, disagreement with me.


II ---! What is TradeWars 2002? !---------------------------------------------

TradeWars 2002 is an interactive Online game in which you are placed in a
galaxy as a 'Trader' and your objective is to become as successful as possible.
In TradeWars 2002, you try to begin by trading commodities, which in this
game are: Fuel Ore, Organics and Equipment. Fuel Ore is the cheapest, and
Equipment is the most expensive. Organics is always somewhere inbetween.
You are allocated a certain number of turns each time you play (each day
hopefully) to which you can explore and trade and so forth in the currently
1000 sector galaxy. Moving from one sector to another takes one turn, and
do not expect for sector 10 to lead to sector 11 to lead to sector 12 and so
forth. The galaxy is very random. Sector 5 may lead to many sectors including
sector 730 for example. There are some sectors that have one warp in and one
warp out. Some sectors may be warped into by one sector, and out by another,
as to have a different entrance and exit sector. Example: you could warp from
sector 221 to sector 73, and then find that the only way out of 73 is through
sector 596, and not sector 221. You will see when you logon for the first time
what I am talking about.
You should of course understand that TradeWars 2002 is a long term and time
consuming endavour if you wish to be at all a worthwhile player. Once you get
into the game, type 'V' at the main menu prompt. Look to see how many days
the Game has been in effect. This value will affect greatly how you play the
game. Also look to see if the Version you are playing is registered. If it
isn't, then exit the program by typing 'Q' and ask your SysOp to register.
TradeWars 2002 is not worth playing if it isn't registered.

III --! Basic Game Play !-----------------------------------------------------

This opening intro is by Gary and Mary Ann Martin, the creator of TradeWars
2002. Read it if you have not done so before. I will break in periodically
with comments, and tell you things at the end that they do not.

When you enter the game, you will be piloting a Merchant Cruiser.
This is considered the most versatile ship in the Trade Wars
armada. In it, new players have a chance to try out all aspects of
the game.

--> Periodically you will see me break in to this narrative. I would like
to say that the Merchant Cruiser is fine for a start, but if you want to
be even a slightly good trader you must use the StarMaster. It has a VERY
good turn rate, and it has good arnament and holds capacity. You should
have about 70,000 credits in your bank account (and say 2,000 or so on
you) before you buy one. It IS worth it.

Upon entering, you will be asked what alias you would like to use
in the game and what name you would like to christen your ship.
The alias you choose will display in the player and corporate
rankings and in several corporate listings. Your ship name will be
used in the docking logs at the ports. You can use these names to
be as conspicuous or as inconspicuous as you want.

The equipment in your initial ship will include 20 holds to store
the cargo that you can trade at the ports found throughout the
universe. Trading is the basic way to advance in the game. By
good trading, you can gain experience as well as gain credits. The
credits you earn can fund your military and can provide the capital
you will need to expand your trading expeditions.

The game will differ with each different group of players.
Individual traders are ranked by their experience. You gain
experience simply by playing the game. The more things you do, the
more experience you will get. Good and Evil are represented by the
titles each player receives. Your experience combined with your
alignment will determine whether you are a Lieutenant or a Dread
Pirate. When you do something that affects your alignment, you
will get a message saying your alignment went up or down and by how

There are benefits and drawbacks whether you choose to play the
game as a good trader or an evil trader. Traders who follow the
FedLaws are offered protection in FedSpace until they are
experienced enough to protect themselves.

--> This is a good catch here. When they say 'are experienced enough to
protect themselves', what they mean is when your Experience Point level
is at or above 1000, you can 'protect yourself'. By that time anyway,
you should still be parking in FedSpace if possible, but you should be
Cloaking. Cloaking devices can be found in the StarDock Hardware Emporium
for 25,000 credits each. An expense well worth it once you become a good
trader and part of a Corporation.

Traders who aspire to be very good can be awarded a Federal Commission. This
allows them to purchase an Imperial Starship. This is one of the most powerful
ships in the universe. On the other hand, the evil traders are offered some
options in the Underground. Traders who have proved that they are truly evil
can steal product or money from the ports.


You will be traveling in a 1000 sector universe. Sectors may have
planets, ports, other players, aliens, Ferrengi, Federation
Starships, mines, message beacons, fighters (belonging to you,
other players, rogue mercenaries, or the Ferrengi) or the sectors
may contain nothing at all. If in your travels you come across
something undesirable, your initial ship comes equipped with 30
fighters with which you can defend yourself.

--> No way. Many SysOps will raise this number to 50 fighters initially.
The SysOps are god here. Don't forget though, that even if you are safe
overnight in FedSpace, if you have over 50 fighters, then you will be
towed from FedSpace to a random sector in the galaxy. This is many a time
annoying, especially if you forget and then get destroyed because somebody
happened to come across you out in the middle of the galaxy. And anyway, if
you're evil, don't expect to be protected in FedSpace, not for one second.

Many players find it useful to have a home sector or group of
sectors. Players, especially those just joining a game, need an
out-of-the-way place to stay so they can build up their assets.

--> This is true, but not until you have enough resources to start a planet,
and to put it in a sector with one warp in and one out (the same sector!!)
and so forth. If your alignment is positive (you are a GOOD trader so far)
then if you have over 50,000 credits on you, you will be taxed, and even if
your alignment goes up, you lose 10% of the money you have at the moment.
If you are good, when you quit for the day, have no more than 49,999 credits
on you. Evil traders are not taxed.

You can explore the universe and look for dead end sectors to use
as a hiding place. Corporate bases built in traffic lanes don't
fare too well and those in the major thoroughfares (in the paths
between the class 0 and class 9 ports) just don't stand much of a

Planets play a key part in your success as a trader. Terra, the
first planet you encounter as you enter the game, is where the
people can be found to colonize all other planets. The other
planets in the game will, if inhabited, produce Fuel Ore, Organics,
Equipment and Fighters. You and the other traders decide where the
planets will be. You can purchase a Genesis Torpedo and use it in
almost any sector in the galaxy. If the planet has enough of the
required commodities and enough people to supply the labor to build
it, you can begin construction of a Citadel. The Citadel can
provide you and the other members of your corporation with a secure
place to dock your ships and deposit the credits you've earned. As
you progress in the game, your Citadel can be upgraded to provide
additional protection to you and your corporation. If you decide
to build a planet in your home sector, be sure you can defend it.
A planets is very vulnerable until it has a Combat Control Computer
(level 2 Citadel) to safeguard it.

--> This is also true. DO NOT forget, do not leave Fighters on the
planet until you have at least a Level 2 citadel, or else anybody can
land and take the fighters for their own. Not good for you.

There are ten different types of ports scattered about the
universe. The ports are classified by the products they buy and/or
sell. Port classes 1 through 8 trade the three basic commodities:
Fuel Ore, Organics and Equipment. The universe also contains
specialty ports for the other items you will need to advance in the
game. There are three Class 0 ports where you can purchase holds
(beneficial for moving colonists to your planets as well as
transporting goods for trade), fighters (to help protect your
territory), or shields (to protect your ship from the traps laid by
your enemies). There is one Class 9 port that contains not only a
Trading Port, but also a StarDock. The StarDock houses the Stellar
Hardware Emporium, the Federation Shipyards, the Lost Trader's
Tavern, the 2nd National Galactic Bank, the Videon Cineplex and the
Interstellar Space Police Headquarters. There are other places of
interest located in the StarDock. These places you will have to
discover on your own. Some are not advertised because they are
establishments of questionable repute. Others are Federation
buildings that house top secret government information.

--> See 'Using the StarDock to it's fullest' for more info on these topics.


A large part of playing is interacting with others in the game.
You can mingle with other players in the Lost Traders Tavern,
gambling against them, conversing with them, leaving announcements
at the door or writing a message on the bathroom wall. You can
combine your assets with other players of the same alignment to
form a Corporation. Just be aware that more than one Corporation
has been brought down by a con man who wormed his way into the
Corporate structure. You can have a chance encounter with other
creatures of the universe, both real (other users) and Non-Player
Characters (the Federals, Alien traders and the Ferrengi). Chance
encounters offer many possibilities and can advance you in your
chosen career path. Your alignment and experience and the
alignment and experience of the creature you encounter will
determine just how that advancement if affected.

Other traders are users just like you. They have alignment and
experience points. You can see all the others by Listing Traders
from your ships computer. By using the listing, you can see which
players are good and which are evil. You can estimate whether the
other player would better serve your needs as an ally or adversary.

The Federation is the main governing body of the cosmos. You will
meet the Feds if you go to the Police Station. You might run into
them as you roam around space. The Feds don't look kindly on
players who break FedLaws, so if you're not careful, they might
visit you when you least want their company.

Alien traders are visitors from another universe who are looking
for better ports. You can get a listing of the Aliens similar to
the one you get for other traders. Aliens also have experience and
alignment, but you cannot form a Corporation with them.

The Ferrengi are a greedy, cowardly group. Their primary purpose
is the speedy acquisition of money. They will steal from anyone no
matter what the person's or corporation's alignment. They seldom
engage in face-to-face combat because they prefer the advantage of
surprise when ambushing their opponent. They often travel in
groups and will spy on promising territory. After targeting an
area, they will raid the sector when it is least defended. If they
are attacked, that group will hold a grudge against the attacker
and they will not rest until they feel the score has been settled.

Explore the universe and take part in the adventure. You can just
look around or you can become a dominant factor. Most of the
displays are fully explained. When you are asked to make a
selection, anything displayed in brackets [], will be the default.
Most displays can be aborted by hitting the space bar.

Good Trading and Good Luck.

Maybe one of these days I'll write a new one of those and make it MUCH
better and MUCH more descriptive. Ask and I'll get around to it.. somehow.
Now that that boring thing is over with, I must say, it doesn't tell
you tons. You should attempt to get those 50 fighters by trading in FedSpace
if there are sufficient ports, and making money, and buying 50 fighters and
maybe some shields, especially if the game is over a week or two old. Check
by pressing 'V' on the main menu to see how many planets there are, how many
mines, and how many fighters there are in the Galaxy. If there are two
planets, then those are Terra, in sector 1, where you can get colonists to
colonize your planets from, and the other is Ferrengal. It's not good to run
into Ferrengal if you are relatively unguarded. If there are 50 mines, those
are in the Ferrengal sector. If you hit mines in a new game, and there were
only 50 to begin with, then that's ferrengal. WRITE THE SECTOR DOWN!!
If you come across a class 0 port (Alpha Centauri or Rylos), write the
sector # down where you will not lose it. Same goes with any planets you come
across. Do not lose your notes on the game, they will become important later.
Especially if you decide to become evil (the class 0 ports).
You should always try to find a good pair of ports. What I mean by that is
that ports where you can buy one commodity from it, and go to an adjacent
sector and sell that commodity and then buy another one that you can sell at
the port in the sector that you just came from. A good loop, and a good way
to make money early in the game. Be warned that a while into the game,
someone else may have found that pair and used it. Look at the percentages
beside the amounts in the port. This is the ideal port if it is able to be
used for a port pair, because nobody has docked before.

One turn deducted, 57 turns left.

Commerce Report for Tarsus: 07/31/05 03:08:12 PM

-=-=- Docking Log -=-=-
No current ship docking log on file.
For finding this unused port you recieve 1 experience point(s).

Items Status Trading % of max OnBoard
----- ------ ------- -------- -------
Fuel Ore Buying 2720 100% 0
Organics Buying 2020 100% 0
Equipment Selling 1470 100% 0

NOW, what you don't want to see is the same port, later:

One turn deducted, 14 turns left.

Commerce Report for Tarsus: 08/19/05 02:01:48 PM

-=-=- Docking Log -=-=-
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D docked 1 day(s) ago.

Items Status Trading % of max OnBoard
----- ------ ------- -------- -------
Fuel Ore Buying 23 4% 0
Organics Buying 193 17% 0
Equipment Selling 741 42% 0

Not good. The prices are going to be higher, and when you try to haggle
the price down slightly, the Port is not going to be as flexible. Forget it.
Just write down on your notes that the pair is dead. Maybe in a while it
might be ready once again, when the ports are restocked.
One more thing, keep doing this, and making money, and so forth. Soon you
might have the resources to make a planet and colonize (and make a Citadel)!
If there is ANYTHING that you have questions about from this section, or
once you played, wished I had added it in here, contact me on a BBS in the 617
area, and I'll listen and possibly add your suggestion into this section next
time. The same goes for any section.

IV ---! Advanced Playing Techniques !----------------------------------------

Ok, so this section really isn't THAT advanced, but enough so that you don't
want to try this stuff until you have your foot in the door and have the basics
of TradeWars 2002 down VERY well. You don't want to try this stuff until you
have your own style of playing, and until you have the resources to fund major
assaults and expeditions.
1. Destroying the famous Shield-Bugged Planets
First, you need a LOT of money for this one, and a lot of time. This
requires that you do not mind losing a Level 4 or higher citadel (a minimum of
20 days work..) I would suggest approaching this as an extremely violent and
expensive way of eradicating the competion. You first must have a Level 4
citadel. Second, you must have enough credits to buy a few Genesis Torpedos.
Third, you must know the location of one of your enemies shield bugged planets.
(one or more.. in the same sector that is) Fourth, you must be up late. Buy
enough genesis torpedos so that you can fill the sector of your enemy with
planets to the maximum allowed by the game (the usual value for this is 5
planets per sector). Fill it up until TradeWars gives you a message telling
you no more planets can be put in the sector. Then place one fighter in your
enemy's home sector (that means you must destroy all the fighters there first).
Then, go to your Level 4 or higher Citadel planet and TransWarp the planet to
the sector where you just put the fighter. The sector is now OVERLOADED with
planets. When the External Maintenance is run, it will either say 'An Unstable
Planetary Mass was detected in sector XXX'. Or, if you're lucky, it will say
'DeathLand Alpha collided with planet Enemy's-HomePlanet One' or something to
that extent. Sometimes the planets that are bare (that you created with
Genesis Torpedos) will get destroyed or destroy another planet. Sometimes you
may be lucky enough to have one of the useless, barren planets you created
collide with your enemy's planet, so your Level 4 or higher planet is saved.
The reason I say be up late is because most of the time, the External
Maintenance program is run at midnight, so you have a MUCH lower chance of your
enemy assaulting your Level 4 planet or destroying one of the barren planets.
2. Using Photon Missiles
To use a Photon Missile, you must have either an Imperial StarShip (the best
out there), or else a Missile Frigate (probably THE WORST ship i've ever seen).
Photons take care of such unruly hazards as Mines, Fighters, Quasar Cannons,
and fighters on planets. They don't destroy them, but they DO make them
completely useless. The mines will not hit you, the fighters will not attack,
and the Quasar Cannons will not fire. Beware that they do have limits. Such
as, if you decide to stay too long in the sector, they hazards will become
active again (it will tell you how long you have.. up to 1 minute depending
upon what the SysOp has set the 'Photon Wave Duration' to) DO NOT carry
Photon Missiles around with you. If you do, and run into ONE fighter that is
on offensive mode, or a few mines, or a quasar, or a Ferrengi, then the photon
will detonate, and you will have no turns left. Hope you have a cloaking
device! It is ABSOLUTELY nessecary to carry a cloak around with you so if
this does happen to you, you can cloak and then resume the next day.
Before you buy one, make sure that the sectors to the destination sector
are clear of all hazards (from the StarDock to the destination sector) before
you begin.
3. Federal Commissions
To get a Federal Commission, you must have an alignment of 500 or higher.
You must go to the StarDock and then to the Police HQ. Choose 'A' for Apply
for a Federal Commission. You will then be eligible, when you have enough
credits, go to the Shipyards and purchase an Imperial StarShip, the BEST
ship in the galaxy. Not only does it have 150 holds, it has the ability, to
without bugs, hold 30,000 fighters and 2,000 shields, as well as a TransWarp
drive system and be able to use Photon Torpedoes. It can carry EVERYTHING.
An Imperial StarShip is even more dangerous when in the hands of a trader
who was Commissioned but then went evil.
4. The Tholian Sentinel
DO NOT BUY ONE! The tempting odds of 4 to 1 if defending a Corporate planet
are all very nice, but if you decide that you want to attack, all you do is
attack the ship first. Then it only has 1 to 1 fighting odds. It's not
worth it. Only the most newbieish of the newbies would use one.
5. The CIM Mode in the Computer
The CIM stands for Computer Interrogation Mode. What this mode does is
access some data that most users can't get to. To effectively use this info,
you MUST have an offline data converter and compiler such as TWVIEW. To access
the CIM, go to the computer menu, turn ON your capture function on your
communications software (see the DOCS for your Comm Program for more info),
and then type ALT-200, ALT-201, ALT-202, ALT-203, ALT-204, ALT-205.
This is using extended ASCII characters. You must hold down the ALT key and
type the numbers (with the ALT key held down) on your numeric keypad, not the
numbers above the letters on your keyboard. An easy way to do this is to go
into a DOS text edit program, such as EDIT or EDLIN, and type the characters
and save. Then when you want to enter the CIM mode, do an ASCII upload of the
file you typed in EDIT or EDLIN (or any other text editor). Make sure not to
use your Word Processor for this, as ALL add their own codes at the top which
could (and WILL!) mess it all up.

V ----! Being Considered a 'good' player !------------------------------------

It is good to be considered a good player. This is ESPECIALLY true if you
want to start a good corporation. Start early in a TradeWars 2002 game, and
show the other players that you can be a very successful player. This can be
accomplished by raising (or lowering) your alignment quickly, and accumulating
experience points, and a LOT of them. Also making money, money, money.
One good way to go evil quick that takes one turn, and only one turn, and
should be done only if you have little to no experience. This method is easy.
Go to the StarDock, and go to the Lost Trader's Tavern. Talk to the 'Grimy
Trader in back', and say an expletive to him. The F-word suffices. Your
alignment and experience will both go down by one. If you're a newbie in the
game, and have no experience, you can't lose any. Only your alignment will
go negative. Make a macro in your Comm Program (you must have ANSI off for
this, as it interferes with the operation of the macro.. you'll see) to do
this process over and over again. Instant alignment lowering. In one day
you could put your alignment down all the way to -32000!! (It DOES get boring
though..) Try it sometime.
One good way to go good quick, is to find an evil alien with a nice LARGE
negative alignment and destroy him. The only problem is that this requires
resources, while the Evil-Quick method does not. Another one is to destroy
a Ferrengi or Ferrengi Fighters (like in the Ferrengal Home Sector), but that
could cause problems, as when you attack a Ferrengi that has 39 fighters, you
will most likely run into a Ferrengi later that has 29822 fighters and hates
you. Too bad.

VI ---! Using the bugs in TradeWars -- A Dilemma !----------------------------

To use or not to use, that IS the question. As you may know, there are
MANY bugs in TradeWars 2002. Most of them are available only to Evil traders,
but some are also available to Good traders as well.
Some may find it immoral to use the bugs. Most will hate you if you use
such bugs as the FAMOUS and coveted 'Planet Cloning Bug' (see 'Addendum 1') to
clone your current planets AND money AND fighters AND citadels AND so on.
Some are nice for all. Haven't we all wanted a Scout Maurauder with 30000
fighters? And 10000 shields? With it's 2 to 1 odds, goodbye enemies!
The bugs can do this, but some feel that a TRUE TradeWars 2002 game can only
be played if the people consent to not use the bugs in a gentlehooman's
agreement. Some like it this way and honor that, while others do not.
The choice is yours. I personally use SOME of the bugs, but not all. Talk
with your opponents and try to decide together. The answer is almost always
P.S. Use the bugs, and then pretend you found out that someone else was
using them first. ;)

VII --! Choosing Good or Evil !-----------------------------------------------

Here is another fine dilemma. To chose good or evil. If you decide to be
good, then you are protected in FedSpace until you have 1000 experience points,
and you can own an Imperial StarShip without having to worry about it being
destroyed and not being able to get another one. If you are evil, many of the
bugs are available to you, and you can attack anything and anyone without much
worry. However, if you run into a Federal in an Imperial StarShip when you
are evil, good-bye.
Personally, I like Evil. But I don't go evil immediately. The reason is
that I get a Federal Comission (see 'Advanced Playing Techniques'), get an
Imperial StarShip, after I have Trapped both Fleet Admiral Clausewitz, and also
Admiral Nelson. Don't bother trapping Captain Zyrain. (See 'Trapping Federals
and Freeing Federals' as well as 'Keeping an Imperial StarShip'.) Then I go
evil. I have the best of everything.

VIII -! Being a Good 'N Legal Trader !----------------------------------------

In essence, to be the ideal trader, your alignment should be positive.
You must be willing, at times (when the Ferrengi are around) to help the
Federation in it's futile cause. Someday, I hope there will be a Ferrengi
in each sector of the Galaxy!!! <evil grin> -- no, seriously though, if you
wish to not have to worry about Federals and the like, and Imperial StarShips
getting destroyed and non-replaceable, then stay good. You must understand,
though, that being a 'good' (positive alignment) is MUCH harder than being
an Evil one. The reason for this is that when you are evil, there are SO MANY
bugs and tactics available to you.
To start, find out where the StarDock is (see previous sections for info..)
and go to it. As long as you have at least 5,000 credits initially, go to
the hardware emporium 'H' and buy a DENSITY scanner. This is important if
you want to find ports quickly and efficiently, without losing needless turns.
Then go exploring. Find yourself 'safe routes' on which you can travel.
Such examples of this are the Major Space Lanes. They vary with each game.
The Major Space Lanes are comprised of the sectors from sector 1 to the
StarDock, from the StarDock to sector 1 (they can be different!), and from
sector 1 and the StarDock to the two other Class 0 ports in the galaxy, which
are Alpha Centauri and Rylos. Do not expect these to be tottaly clean of
fighters and mines and the like though. Each night they are cleared, but
somebody could have put mines or fighters there if they wanted to (that day)!
Find port pairs. Port pairs are pairs of ports in which you can buy one
commodity and sell it at a port in an adjacent sector, but THEN at that same
port that you just sold that commodity at, buy a different commodity and sell
it at the port that you started the loop from. Here are the port pairs.
Class Port <-> Class Port
---------- ----------
Class 1 Class 2
Class 1 Class 3
Class 1 Class 4
Class 2 Class 3
Class 2 Class 5
Class 3 Class 6
Class 4 Class 6
Class 5 Class 6

What this table tells you is that if you find a sector with a Class 1
port (for example) and a Class 4 port in an adjacent sector, then it's a
port pair! Just buy and sell and buy and sell, at each port, in a loop.
Simple! Haggle as much as you can, to make as much as you can. SAVE
ENOUGH TURNS TO GET BACK TO FEDSPACE!! -- And to the StarDock if you have
over 49,999 credits, or you'll be taxed and lose 10% of your money!!
Trade, Trade, Trade! Money, money, money! Once you have 100,000 credits
in the Galactic Bank (see 'Using the StarDock to it's fullest'), which is
the maximum, go to the section on starting a planet and a citadel! Easy!
Maybe you'd like to start a Corporation (if so, see 'Running a Corporation')!
Good luck! It's not much, but you get the idea, and remember those port
pairs or do a PrintScreen!

IX ---! Being an Evil Trader !------------------------------------------------

Ah yes. Evil traders. Very nice. Yup. For sure. Hehehehe. <evil grin>
I LOVE being evil, but that's just me. So many of the bugs in TradeWars 2002
involve stealing, so that's only available to those who have an alignment of
below -100 (-101, -102, etc. is fine).
One good tactic that I have seen used by some of the best players in 617 is
that they will stay at 0 alignment (by jettisoning 1 hold of colonists per
day) but work their experience points level up to 900 or so. Then they go
evil. This way, while they still have no planets with citadels, and not
much money, they are protected in FedSpace every night. Good tactic.
A good tactic is to have a partner, perfect in a Corporation, that will, if
you are using the Hold Bugs (see 'Addendum 1') alternate getting caught at
ports. You should set up an explorer (maybe you) to find good Traders and
their planet hideaways. You should set up organized assaults on their HQ's.
Put bounties on their heads, and lower your alignment mucho. Just recently,
via the underground, in one of my TradeWars games, I lowered my alignment by
20000 points by putting 5,000,000 credits on some no-name trader I found
undefended in a one-warp sector. Nice way to lower the alignment! Good luck,
as the 'normal' trading with port pairs isn't fun anymore. Find a port that
buys Equipment and steal full holds of it. Then sell it back to the port again
and repeat. It's the Steal-Sell method of making money, and the most
profitable in the universe. Use it day in and day out. Store your money on
you or in a Citadel if no-one has found the planet yet (an easy way to make
sure is to put even just ONE fighter outside and in the sector, so nobody can
get close to it without getting seen by your fighter(s) in your daily log.
Put fighters everywhere (1 in a sector all over the place) and people won't
think a thing of it. Since you don't get taxed as an evil person, you can
have over 49,999 credits on you at once. If your CLOAKED (yes, you should
cloak until you have a SAFE shield-bugged planet!) ship is the safest place
(normally it is...) then store your money there.
To make sure you can steal all you want to, use these ROUGH calculations
to help you make sure you don't get caught in the act.

Commodity Exp Points Per Hold
--------- -------------------
Fuel Ore 3
Organics 7
Equipment 13
CREDITS 1/10th - (multiply your experience by 10)

These are rough values, and can be stretched. Sometimes it's wrong.
Chance is a BIG part of being evil. Experience is the other. I would
suggest that if you do want to become a good player, that you download
a copy of TradeWars 2002 off a local BBS and play it in 'Local' mode.
Test what you can do. Remember, since the version you're gonna have isn't
registered, then you can't buy a new ship, but try what you can. It's
most-of-the-time worth the effort.
If you decide to use the bugs, do so. Some are expensive, but some
are cheap, and can be worth it. Some require a LOT of experience points,
while others require just as much but also take away experience or RAISE
your alignment, because you're doing something you're not supposed to, and
you go over the limit the game is supposed to support. Tada!

X ----! Bounties, Good and Evil !---------------------------------------------

Bounties, in the Underground and the Fed Police HQ (see 'Using the StarDock
to it's fullest') can raise or lower your alignment VERY quickly. If you wish
to go evil, and you find a trader in the galaxy... all alone.. <evil grin> then
all you must do is go to the StarDock, enter the Underground (you might have to
find out the password by paying the Grimy Trader -- see 'Using the StarDock to
it's fullest') and use all the money you can muster, including that from a
citadel in your Corp (or personally owned if possible) and place it on that
person's head. Then go and destroy them. Collect the bounty back. When you
put the bounty on that person's head via the Underground, your alignment went
down, and you didn't lose a credit.
The same goes for finding an Evil player ALL alone out there... <grin>.
get all the money you can muster and if he's on the Fed Police's 10 most
wanted list, post all the money you have on his head. Your alignment will go
up immensely. Then go kill him/her and collect the reward. Nice alignment
uppage without losing a credit. Bounties CAN be useful, but only in these two
situations, never otherwise. If it's just somebody you hate but can't find,
don't place a Bounty on their head.

XI ---! Keeping an Evil Imperial StarShip !-----------------------------------

I LOVE Imperial StarShips, don't you!!??? I LOVE being Evil, don't you!?!
Well, you can have the best of both worlds. Get a Federal Commission (see
'Advanced Playing Techniques') and an Imperial StarShip, commonly known as an
ISS. You must have first TRAPPED the Federals Fleet Admiral Clausewitz and
Admiral Nelson, by getting them in a one warp sector (one warp in, one out) and
putting a fighter in the sector that leads in and out of the sector they're in.
It's very dangerous to do this while you're in an Evil ISS, so you should
do it while you're still good. Just one fighter will stop them, but I would
suggest more, on DEFENSIVE (so they don't slam into somebody else's shields and
get all destroyed, freeing the Fed). It's a good idea, if not a neccecity to
drop fighters on OFFENSIVE wherever you go (except FedSpace of course). This
is a good tracking system to get a good glimpse of where your enemies are
coming and going, and also makes TransWarping a snap. But more importantly,
it helps because Feds can't pass through a sector with a fighter in it. Same
with Aliens.
When you DO decide to go anwhere near FedSpace, you should density scan
every sector that you go to. If the number is over 400, then Holographically
Scan the sector. If it's a Fed, do as King Arthur (Monty Python of course!)
and 'Run away! Run away!'. Deploy fighters as you go. You're safe in a
sector as long as it has a fighter in it.

XII --! Trapping Federals and Freeing Federals !------------------------------

One good way to ensure the security of your Evil ISS is to trap Federals.
Don't bother trapping Captain Zyrain, as whenever some idiot tries to deploy
a fighter in FedSpace or attack a Trader or Alien with a positive alignment and
and Experience Point value of under 1000 in FedSpace, he is called away
magically to help. However, trapping Fleet Admiral Clausewitz and Admiral
Nelson does work. They just show up at bad times and destroy your ISS if
you're evil. Too bad. If you are good, and don't have to worry about Federals
killing you if you're in an ISS, and you find one, free it. Make it hard
for those who have Evil ISSes, because they might get destroyed by them.
Not funny for your enemy!
What I suggest is if you have an Evil ISS, and you have trapped a Fed with
your fighters, then you should put a distinctive number of fighters in the
sector, and tell your Corporate members (if you have any) what that number
is and what it means, so they can try and trap the Fed again if the Fighters
are destroyed by somebody. My favorite is 333, because it spells F-E-D on a
phone. But that's just me -- Hey! The number 3 is DEF - Fed Backwards! <g>.

XIII -! Running A Corporation !-----------------------------------------------

A Corporation is a POWERFUL way to do VERY well in TradeWars 2002.
You can make a LOT more money with a combined effort in a Corporation then
by yourself. You also have less enemies that will attack you.
To start a Corporation, I suggest that any members you want to recruit (or
want to recruit themselves) you should find out EXACTLY who they are (their
handle..) and find whether or not they have a history of being un-trustworthy.
If so, say sorry, not this time.
Once you get some corporate members, say three, have one be the make-the-
planet's-Citadels-Upgrade-guy. He is the one who Colonizes planets until they
have 1000 groups of colonists in each Commodity type. He is the one who
uses the money the other two make to buy goods and stock the planets. He is
the one that takes away colonists from the planets if there is over 1000 in
each category (the external maintenance will do this..) or puts yet MORE
colonists on the planet if need be. He is the one that puts the shields on
the planet to try and sheild bug it.
The other two make money, money, money. If you get more people, have some
be explorers. The ones who re-explore the galaxy a LOT so they find the
opposition's planets and hideaways. They are the ones who find good port
pairs so the people making the money can do so well (if they use port pairs).
Some others can be the attackers. They are the ones who have the Imperial
StarShips. They are the ones who are LOADED with fighters and shields. Here
is a list of the jobs and what they should have to do that job well:

Persona Type ShipType Fighters Shields TransWarp?
----------------- ----------------- -------- ------- ----------
The Planet Person StarMaster 500 500 No
The Money Maker StarMaster 500 1000 No
The Explorer Scout Marauder 250 5000 No
The Attacker Imperial StarShip 30,000 10000+ Yes

Every person on this list should have a Holo Scanner for their own good.

To accomplish some of these, you will need to use the Negative Corporate
Transfer Bug (see 'Addendum 1'), but it's well worth it. Remember, this is
only my suggestion. Try it and see what works well for you. If you can get
all of your Corporate members in Imperial StarShips, great! (except for maybe
the explorer because s/he needs the high turn rate and is really not going
to be using the TransWarp).
The 'Planet Person' does not need much in terms of Offensive capabilities,
and this is because their routine is daily, pretty much the same thing. The
only place they should be going is Terra (for colonists) and a port that sells
the commodities that they need to stock the planets, like a close Class 7 port,
which sells ALL the commodities. They should never stray from these, 'safer'
The 'Money Maker' needs some protectiom because, s/he is traveling around to
the places that the 'Explorer' told them to go to, and making money,
methodically. A repeditive and easy job, good for the inexperienced player,
same as the 'Planet Person'.
The 'Explorer' is for the intermediate player, as they don't know what they
could be running into. They go everywhere, all the time, and should find a
good way to methodically go over the galaxy every few weeks. They should
also have the port pairs memorized, and write them all down, and then send it
to the 'Money Maker'. If they find an enemy's planet (or something of that
importance) then they tell the 'Attacker'.
The 'Attacker' is the one who assaults the planets. And attacks the
opponents and Ferrengi and so forth. This person should have a LOT of
shields, for Corbomite and Quasar Cannon protection. This player should also
have 150 (full holds for an ISS) of Fuel Ore so that they may TransWarp
anywhere when need be. They should always have at least 10,000 credits to
BUY Fuel Ore with in case they need more. This should be an experienced player
and most likely the CEO of the corporation. If you plan to use the Dual CEO
bug (see 'Addendum 1'), then you should try and make the Attacker and the
Explorer the two CEO's. So both can send Corporate memos to the other members
easily and so both can supervise the more inexperienced players doing the easier
roles. Remember, the more people the better!
That above outline of a Corporation is just a model, and is VERY flexible.
Find what works best for you, and use that technique. If you have improvements
or more ideas, then contact me on the above BBS in section I, or on most other
617 BBSes.

XIV --! Running a Piratical Corporation !-------------------------------------

Running a Piratical Corporation is the same as running a good corporation,
exept for the fact that you can use many of the bugs much better, and it also
makes some available that beforehand would not have been available.
The difference also is that you can Steal from ports, use the hold bugs,
and then when you get caught at a port, tell your corporate members at the end
of your 'playing' day in one list, and then tell them to write those ports
down (the sector #'s that is..) and then get them to be busted, and do the
same at the end of each 'day'. This way you never lose experience or holds
that you don't have to because you tried to rob a port you got caught at
before. Makes life easier. Two members can do this JUST fine.

XV ---! Anti-Backstabbing Yourself as a CEO !---------------------------------

Dual CEOship or not, you can Anti-Backstab yourself. This is in other
words, a way of making sure that if one of your Corporate Members or the other
CEO (if it's dual) decides to take all your assets and planets (and so forth)
and make them his ownm that you're not completely helpless. The only defense
against this is really preparation, not some secret command in TradeWars.
You can start, secretly your own planet, and have it progress by using SOME
of the resources of your Corporation with the rest being your own. You should
of course, always know exactly who is in your Corporation and make sure that
they are trustworthy. It is best if these people are your friends, personally,
but since most of the time, that is not possible, then you want to make sure
that they have not backstabbed before, unless it was for a VERY good reason.
There isn't much else that you can do. All CEO's should CLOAK and not use
then Shield Bugged planets to protect themselves. This is important for your
own safety.

XVI --! Backstabbing your CEO !-----------------------------------------------

If you so decide, to backstab your CEO, you will lose credability.
Unless ALL of the corporate members decide it's ok, and they want to be
in on it too because they think your CEO is an IDIOT, then do so. However
it may not be good next time you want to join or start a Corp on another
game, because you may be labeled as a 'backstabber'.
It's up to you. If so, the best way to go about it is to jettison the
people from the planets (the Traders parked in the citadels!) and then
claim them for yourself. You must also quit your own corporation, and tell
the people that you decided to backstab with what the password is. Then, make
the planets your Corporation's planets, and there you go! If, your CEO is
at all smart, he'll cloak every day so you won't be able to destroy him.
If he's not, you may want to even more graphically put the point across
by transferring everything he has on him, off him, and either destroying him
or else putting him in a sector with 99 mines. Too bad.
If you're a CEO and want to backstab your Corporate members, that's not
advisable. Possibly, if your betrayed members spread enough propaganda, you
might have to expect never to run a Corporation with any members again, though
this may not be true depending upon whether or not your CorpMembers were inept
or not... Use the same outline as above if you decide to do it, and offer the
password to any of the 'former' members who were any good, unless you just want
to make everything Personally owned.
If you, by chance are a CEO who has heard that a member is going to
backstab you, and you DO believe (NOT, well, er, I THINK he's gonna...) that
s/he is going to backstab your corporation, take all the shields and fighters
off of him and move him to a random sector and eject him from the corp.
If you are a member of a corporation, and another member approaches you in
a message and asks you if you want to backstab, say "possibly.. who's in on
it?" and wait for a reply. When the backstabber tells you, tell your CEO,
and be rewarded with the trust of that CEO GREATLY. Also, expect to have
an enemy also.. so it's a two-sided victory.

XVII -! Secret Alliances and Treaties !---------------------------------------

At some point in your TradeWarsing career, you may find that a Corporation
offers to not attack your posessions if you don't do the same. These are by
no means binding and are not enforced unless the corporate member wishes to
follow your 'gentleman's agreement'. These can be helpful, and will help both
your and the other team's Corporation grow, especially their planets. They
could of course, always 'hire' somebody NOT on their corporation in the game
to assault you and give them the resources to do it.. Trust. It's up to you.

XVIII ! The Worth of Planets and Citadels !-----------------------------------

Planets alone are useless. Citadels are not. Put them together (well, the
only way to get a citadel is to make a planet anyway....)
Here are the BASIC rules to follow when making a planet:
1. Pick a spot where no-one will find it. Do NOT choose a sector that has
more that ONE warp out of it
2. Make sure the warp in is the same warp out!
3. Make sure there are no one-way-warps into the sector, as that can be
used as a backdoor by your enemies. Here is a way to check for one way
warps into the sector (s) you've chosen:
1. Go to the computer and Avoid the sector you have chosen!
2. Try to warp to it from MORE THAN ONE SECTOR AWAY!
3. If it says *NO* warps found, then type (Y)es to clear avoids and
you're all set. If not, don't use that sector!
4. Pick a spot where there were no enemy fighters. This is because if that
sector you might have chosen was a tunnel, then your enemy might have had
his/her eye upon it..
5. Buy a Genesis Torpedo and use it! (25,000) creds
6. COLONIZE! -- Bring people from Terra in sector 1 to your planet.
7. Put most of them in Fuel Ore. Every day before a Level 2 Citadel, take
the fighters off the planet and use them or put them somewhere else
(ie. either on your ship or in another 1 warp sector / or guarding the
8. Go to ports and buy commodities. Get enough to start a Level 1 Citadel
and do so. Stock each day. Colonize. Make sure to keep the MAX num.
of colonists (in each category) at NO MORE than 1,000 holds worth.
9. Once you're on a Level 2, put your fighters on the planet. They have 4
to 1 odds against the enemy attacking. Put only 1 in the sector, as to
get the fighter reports if a person finds your planet, you'll know.
10.If a person finds your planet and it can't yet be moved, either destroy
the planet (after killing off the colonists!) or if the enemy is weak,
keep it's development going, and MOVE IT as soon as possible! (when it
reaches a Level 4 citadel to another safe sector.
Once your planet reaches a Level 5 Citadel, shield bug it! If you KNOW FOR
CERTAIN that your enemies have not found your planet, you can start this
process BEFORE you have a Level 5 Citadel. You can stick shields on your
planet before a Level 5, they just won't be active until the Level 5 is
complete. To shield bug, put the shielding at 1639 or higher. I would,
personally, suggest more. This is, because if a person takes over your sector
defenses, which you hopefully have (only fighters and mines... how many
of each is up to you.) and you CANNOT get off your planet without being able
to get back in, then you will have plenty of shields to protect yourself with
or, if needs be, sell at the stardock for a nice price and get enough money to
buy fighters or whatever you need to destroy their fighters...
Therefore, a level of something like 2000 is suggested.. though expensive!

XIX --! The Worth of Aliens !-------------------------------------------------

Aliens are important for the aspiring EVIL or GOOD trader. This is because
when you destroy them <grin> you gain experience points and raise or lower
your alignment. If you come across an Alien of an opposite alignment than you,
then trap him. The way you do this is by getting that alien into a one warp
sector and put a fighter in the sector that leads out of that sector. Same as
trapping a Federal, but much less dangerous, especially if you're in an Evil
Imperial StarShip. If you have a POSITIVE alignment, and you destroy an
alien with a NEGATIVE alignment, your alignment will go up (depending on their
alignment) and your experience will go up (depending on their experience). If
you kill an alien of an opposite alignment, you will get one half of their
experience added to yours. If you kill an alien of the SAME alignment, you
will recieve one quarter of their experience points.
Aliens are a good way to quickly get a Federal Commission (evil ones..)
because they can raise your alignment and experience so quickly.

XX --! The Worth of Ferrengi !------------------------------------------------

Ferrengi scum is fun for all! The Ferrengi will attack you, board you,
take your commodities onboard and some of your holds. Sometimes they'll
settle for your credits. ALWAYS: They show up at the times when you have
MANY less fighters than them. But hey! That's the Ferrengi's way. Their
Assault Traders don't have very good fighting odds, so they're easy to attack.
The only problem is that once you attack one, others will have grudges against
you. Some will possibly go on a Blood Hunt against you. Not good.
Not only will attacking Ferrengi fighters and Ferrengi themselves give you
a BIG alignment raise, you will also recieve bounty credits for killing the
Ferrengi, whether you have a negative OR positive alignment, but the credits
given to you by the Federation NEVER outweigh or even compensate for the cost
of the fighters used. You mostly attack Ferrengi for alignment purposes.
When a Ferrengi finds you and gives you it's annoying message:

== Ferrengi Fighter Attack! ==
Combat computer reports damages of 27 battle points!
27 K3-A Fighters destroyed by the attack!

Received from The Ferrengi at 08:27:49 PM S.D. 07/27/05:
Greetings HooMan! This is Daihmon <unpronouncable> commanding the
<unpronouncable>. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded.
We will exact tribute from you and then be on our way, otherwise we
will turn your excuse for a ship into so many pieces of space junk.

Your fighters: 4 vs. theirs: 259
Choose your action, Captain : (F)lee, (A)ttack, (S)urrender, (I)nfo ?

Usually the best way of escape is to surrender. Hope you have something
in your holds! If not, flee might be the preferable option, but not if you
have 29 fighters left and no shields.. you'll most likely get destroyed.
The Ferrengi are a good and annoying opponent. Use them to your advantage
or steer clear of them!

XXI --! The Worth of Other Traders !------------------------------------------

Yes! Not only are Traders SUCH GOOD opponents, they're fun to destroy too!
If you find one, use the lower or raise your alignment tactic (see 'Bounties,
good and evil')
To use other traders constantly, to your advantage, have them on your
corporation. Or else destroy them as much as you can. Just recently I found
a newbie that parked in FedSpace that was evil (-1 alignment..) and he had
a 1,320 credits bounty on his head (in the FedSpace Police HQ), so I posted
ALL the money I had on him (minus 2,000 or so, just in case I couldn't destroy
him.. to trade with..) and killed him. My alignment was up and i earned a few
thousand credits off the Federation bounty and the holds and credits off him.
Of course those few thousand never make up for the fighters you lost..
unless of course the guy only had about 5 on him.. which doesn't happen too
Traders are fun to find, especially with NO fighters, and to tow to a
sector and put 99 mines around, although it's not very constructive. Leave a
colorful marker beacon too. One good way to get them to have no fighters is
to attack until it tells you that you have lost X fighters and etc, etc
and then Pauses (-Pause-) and if you press enter shows you the ANSI showing
a ship getting destroyed. Drop carrier when it is displaying the pause. Then
log back on, and the player will have no fighters on him, and is ready to tow!

XXII -! Using the StarDock to it's fullest !----------------------------------

In the stardock there are some rather useful places. Here is a list
taken from Levy's TradMenu Program:

-- Stardock --
 ! Obvious places to go are:  !
 !  !
 ! <C> The CinePlex Videon Theatres  !
 ! <G> The 2nd National Galactic Bank  !
 ! <H> The Stellar Hardware Emporium  !
 ! <P> The Federal Space Police HQ  !
 ! <S> The Federation Shipyards  !
 ! <T> The Lost Trader's Tavern  !
 !  !
 ! <!> Stardock Help  !
 ! <L> Return to your ship and leave  !
 ! Undisplayed Options:  !
 !  !
 ! <+> The Library console  !
 ! <U> Contact the Underground  !

The CinePlex Videon Theatres are useless to everybody. There's no
secrets here. You, for a nominal amount of credits get to watch an
ANSI. If you want to see them, it's probably easier just to download
TradeWars 2002 and install it locally!
The 2nd National Galactic Bank is useful for those good traders, who
do not want to be taxed because they have over 49,999 credits at the beginning
of the day. Unfortunately, you can only deposit 100,000 credits in your
account, total. The nice thing is that if you want to help someone out,
you can transfer credits from your account to theirs. It can make for good
alliances. No secrets here either.
The Stellar Hardware Emporium is useful indeed! EVERYBODY uses it! It's
where you get your Genesis Torpedoes, Mines, Marker Beacons, Scanners,
TransWarp Drive Systems, and so forth. Here is a list of the products and
what they do below:

Atomic Detonator: This device is SAFE to carry, nomatter what the description
says. It destroys planets. Remember, if you want to destroy a planet that it
takes your alignment down (50 points down). However, if you don't attack and
kill ALL the colonists before you use this device, you WILL get destroyed. The
maximum any ship can carry is five.

Marker Beacons: These are cheap and useless. They are also dangerous. They
are fun to put in your Home Sector or in a sector with an enemy that you have
towed and surrounded with mines, but if you blind TransWarp and even one of
these are in the sector, goodbye ship!

Corbomite Devices: These serve practically no purpose. The maximum any
ship can carry is 1,500. These hurt even more the person that destroyed you.
Not useful because they are expensive when added up (150,000 creds) and
do not do a whole lot to your enemy.

Cloaking Devices: EVERYONE should have at LEAST one at all times after the
first two weeks of gameplay! In case you run out of turns outside of a safe
area (your homesector or FedSpace -- if you're good) They protect you from
being seen by enemies. All competent CEO's should use them. The maximum
any ship can carry is five.

SubSpace Ether Probes: These are handy. Want to know what's in sector
1,000 and have no turns left? Use one. It's like a moving Holo Scanner that
goes multiple sectors and takes one turn. The only thing is, a mine, one
fighter, or just about anything will destroy them, and if caught by a fighter,
the owner of that fighter will be told who owns the Ether Probe. The maximum
any ship can carry is 25.

Planet Scanners: Planet scanners do just that, scan planets. If the planet
is NOT shielded, then you will be told who owns it, and how many fighters
are on the planet, as well as other information. A wise investment after
you have a couple million credits in the citadel, and have a safe ship, so
you don't put 30,000 credits down the drain needlessly.

Space Mines: Self explanatory. When a person enters a sector half of them
will blow up, causing 20 points of damage per mine. A sector can hold up to

Photon Missiles: Not available to many. See 'Advanced Playing Techniques' for
more info. They simply disable ALL mines, fighters and Quasar Cannons in the
sector that you fire them into, for a SysOp specified amount of time. They
will blow up at the slightest attack of any sort. Even ONE offensive fighter
will do it. If they do, you lose all your turns for the rest of that day.
Hope you have a cloak. I always get a Photon Missile ONLY when I need one,
and make sure that I have a cloak with me, just in case. These must be shot
from an adjacent sector to the one you want to invade, and the sector you shot
it from will show up in the daily log, by number, so people will know EXACTLY
where you have been.

Long Range Scanners;
Density Scanner: This scanner tells you how many warps lead out of the
sectors around you, and what is in the sector, roughly. A Density scan doesn't
take a turn, as a holo scan does. Here is a list of densities.
500 = A planet
100 = A port
40 = A trader or a Ferrengi
10 = A Mine
5 = One fighter
1 = A Marker Beacon
A Sector Density Scan Ending in 2,3,4,7,8 or 9 is a Fed, ALWAYS
A Sector Density scan ending in 0,1,5 or 6 is NOT a Fed, SOMETIMES
(see 'Keeping an evil Imperial StarShip')
Holographic Scanner: This scanner is a density scanner, but it also
can be a scanner that grapicallys shows you exactly what's in the adjacent
sectors, but requires a turn.

Mine Disruptors: Mine disruptors are simple. Any ship can carry a maximum
of 10. They can disrupt up to 12 mines (if you're lucky) in a sector. They
MUST be fired from a sector adjacent to the one with the mines, same as Photon
Torpedoes. A good investment of 40,000 credits when one has a SECURE ship.

Genesis Torpedoes: Genesis Torpedoes are IMPORTANT! You make planets with
these. It is well worth the 25,000 credits if you have found a secure sector
(see 'The Worth of Planets and Citadels') to place it in (so it will not be
found and destroyed). Then you colonize and stock the planet, and tada!
Citadel time!

TransWarp Drives: These systems are available only to those with a Havoc
GunStar, a Corporate FlagShip, or an Imperial StarShip. TransWarp drives
require Fuel Ore to run, and are worth the 50,000 credits later in the game.
Especially if you have an Evil Imperial StarShip. They will 'hop' you from
one sector to another safely, as long as you have a fighter in the destination
sector in one turn. A good addition.

Psychic Probes: These are not much help. Sometimes they are worth it. They
simply tell you AFTER you have bought or sold a product what percent of the
highest that the port would have taken you got by trading there. You'll just
have to get one some time and try it.

The Federal Space Police HQ is important for those who want to get a Federal
Commission (see 'Advanced Playing Techniques'). This is where you do so. The
Police HQ is also the place at which you place and collect bounties that can
raise and lower your alignment (see 'Bounties, good and evil'). Not much else

The Federation Shipyards are VERY important to EVERYBODY. This is where
you sell your old ship and buy a new one. Here are the available shiptypes.

Ship Class Cost
<1> Merchant Cruiser 26,300 - Starting Ship. Not-so-good
<2> Scout Marauder 13,200 - Fast & Small-Not for trading
<3> Missile Frigate 28,800 - AWFUL! Photons though..
<4> BattleShip 40,500 - Not worth it
<5> Corporate FlagShip 71,000 - 2nd best ship - worth it!
<6> Colonial Transport 54,400 - Too Slow - for port pairs
<7> CargoTran 59,400 - Not worth it - StarMaster!
<8> Merchant Freighter 36,200 - Not worth it - StarMaster!
<9> Imperial StarShip 128,600 - BEST Ship! - Fed. Comiss.!
<10> Havoc GunStar 29,500 - Not good. Get an ISS or CFS
<11> StarMaster 48,000 - VERY worth it! GET ONE!!
<12> Constellation 40,500 - Nah.
<13> T'Khasi Orion 36,000 - Nah.
<14> Tholian Sentinel 27,000 - See 'Advanced Playing Tech.'
<15> Taurean Mule 53,600 - Faster/150 holds - Col. Tra!

The only ships that I believe are TRULY worth it are the Corporate FlagShip,
the Imperial StarShip (you need a Federal Commission to BUY one), and the
The Colonial Transport lets you have 250 holds, but the expense is ENORMOUS.
Use a Taurean Mule, as you have a higher turn rate, but only 150 holds. Still
enough. The CargoTran is NOT a good buy. Get a StarMaster if you want a REAL
The BattleShip is too constraining, and not worth the expense. The Scout
Marauder has 2 to 1 fighting odds (that means, theoretically you should be
able to kill 500 fighters with it's 250 [maximum]) It's too bad the 'fighters
per attack' is so low, or it would be much better. Use the Negative Transfer
Bug to get more fighters on the thing (see 'Addendum 1')

The Lost Trader's Tavern is a good place to go to get information. You
can Write things to people in a public conversation, or anonymously in the
bathroom on the walls. You can post an announcement to all that enter the
tavern for 100 credits. You can play Tri-Cron and TRY to make money. To tell
you the truth, it's not worth it. The best combination is 2-3-1, as the Grimy
Trader in back will tell you. I tell you it's not worth it.
The trader in back is probably the most important feature of the tavern.
He sells you information. Here are some of the most-used commands. You can
ask him just about ANYTHING. Even about ships or things in the hardware
emporium individually.

TRADER -- Trace a person to a port (a few thousand credits)
MAFIA -- Get the password to the underground
TRI CRON -- Get tips on Tri-Cron

The Underground is important. Here you post bounties on ANYBODY (positive
and negative alignment traders) and get your alignment lowered. The ratio is
that your alignment will go down by 4 points for every 1,000 credits of bounty
that you post. Do this to some trader you found in an Escape Pod or something.
This way you get your money back! The underground also lets you change your
name, which can confuse your opponents. Don't try to break in too much, or
your credits will get taken, and finally you will get killed.

The Library is not important, just interesting the first time you go.
It tells you about 'Alien Derelicts' which have nothing to do with the game,
and also gives you a glimpse at the shipspecs on the Ferrengi vessel(s).

XXIII ! Destroying Class 0 Ports !--------------------------------------------

It just takes a little imagination! You CAN destroy class 0 ports.
Simply use the Negative Transfer Bug to get 32000 shields (see 'Addendum 1')
and get 32000 fighters on an Imperial StarShip or Corporate FlagShip or any
other ship that you care to try this in (with GOOD offensive odds...not
something like a CargoTran..) and attack. Attack. Attack. Try it on a local
copy of TradeWars first. Then try it online and freeze the game if you have
the resources. You can do this by shutting off the StarDock (surrounding it
with fighters and mines or else Planets with a good amout of Quasar Sector
level power. The fighters and mines will get destroyed nightly, but hey!
Then go and destroy the other three class 0 ports in the universe. Fun!
Maybe you could even go for the StarDock, but I haven't done it yet! Time
for BigBang if you do!!

---! ADDENDUM 1 !-------------------------------------------------------------

Trade Wars 2002 v1.03+ Known Bugs

-= Table of Contents =- -= Max Version Compatibility =-
I. The Planetary Shield Bug 1.03d
II. The Negative Transfer Bug 1.03d
III. The Evil's Holds Bug 1.03d
IV. The Evil's MEGA MEGA Holds Bug 1.03d
V. The Corporate Megaholds Bug 1.03d
VI. The In-famous Dual CEO Bug 1.03d
VII. The Military Reaction Level Bug 1.03d
VIII. The Planet Cloning Bug 1.03
IX. The CRASH TradeWars Bug 1.03d
X. The Heir to the Throne Bug 1.03d
XI. The (so-called) Steal-Sell Bug 1.03d
XII. The Infinite Cloaking Bug 1.03d
XIII. The Infinite Photon Bug 1.03d
XIV. OTHER Bugs / Un-Tested Bugs 1.03d

-= The Bugs! =-

I. The Planetary Shield Bug

As most of us know, once a planet reaches a planetary
shielding level of 1639 or above, the shields become
undestroyable. This takes many resources (ie. $$$$) to shield
bug a planet, and much time, of course, to build a level 5
citadel. There are still ways to destroy a shield bugged
planet, but it takes many days and resources (and stupidity on
your part) to have this done to you (see Advanced Playing Techniques).

II. The Negative Transfer Bug

When you're on a Corporation, you can find another
corporate member, and transfer shields, credits and fighters
inbetween the two of you if you go into the same sector as
your corporate member. The bug here applies only to Fighters
and shields, NOT credits. The Martins, being the inept people
that they are, have included another fun bug. Say you have an
Imperial StarShip (ISS) and your corporate partner has one
too. We know the maximum number of shields on an ISS is 2000.
If you wanted, say 4000 to start, then go right ahead, and do
the following (that is, if your partner had 2000 shields and
so did you). Go to the corporate menu and do 'S' for Shields
transfer. Then, say yes to the appropriate member to transfer
with, and choose 'T' for Transfer TO other member. Then
transfer NEGATIVE 2000 (-2000) shields and wala! You have
4000 shields! (You may have to do two -999 and one -2,
because I forget if the input field is four or five digits
long). The same applies for fighters. You could have up to
32767 fighters on any ship. 32767 is the maximum for fighters
AND shields (ie you could get an ISS with 32767 fighters and
32767 shields...even a Scout Maurauder with 32767 fighters and
shields!!!!) Try it! One other variation on this is that you
can do, with the same ideas used above, do a transfer FROM and
do negative shields or fighters or something. But then again,
who would want to do that when YOU can have all the shields and
the fighters!!!
There is yet another twist on this bug. If you want those shields
or fighters even faster without a partner, then go to a planet with a
citadel and take shields from it by using 'G' for Shield Generator Control,
and then chosing 'T' for To Shield System, and use a negative #. The same
goes for 'M' for Military (fighters). You can do Negative transfers there as

III. The Evil's Holds Bug

When you steal from a port, there are limits as to how
much money or products you can steal. If you get caught, you
lose holds. How about losing NEGATIVE holds, or in other
words, GAINING holds? Simple. Steal 365 equipment from a
port that has an adequate amount of equipment (ie over 365)
and you will get fined -32 cargo holds, the maximum. You will
gain 32 holds! You can get a ship, say it's an ISS again
(hard to keep if you're evil..) with the maximum of 150 holds,
and steal 365 equipment, and end up with an ISS with 182
holds! You can have more than maximum holds on any ship. To
be exact, 32 over the maximum. You can also steal 615
organics from a port and get 'fined' negative 32 cargo holds.
Find a port with adequate organics. Remember that you can
only use one port at a time, ie somebody else must be caught
there before you can steal from that port again.. or it must
be over 2 weeks..

IV. The Evil's MEGA MEGA Holds Bug

Here goes. Get a ship with Maximum holds, plus the 32
extra (see section III). Go to terra or some planet that you
own, and take colonists (preferably from Terra..) Then go and
steal, oh say 364 that's right 364 (NOT 365) holds of
Equipment and get caught. You will lose 32 holds. Then go and
steal one hold of a commodity that you do not want to trade or use
at all. The most likely one would be Organics. Fuel Ore is needed
for a TransWarp. Then again, if you're doing this on a StarMaster
or something, you may change your mind. After you have stolen one
hold of Organics for example, and then go to a class 0 port and buy
more holds. Repeat. Taxing on the experience and $$$$, but sometimes
worth it. Don't sell or buy the commodity that you steal the one holds
of. Also, do not get caught by a Ferrengi or a port, or deploy fighters
in FedSpace, or you WILL lose your mega holds.

V. The Corporate Megaholds Bug

This bug is available to both good and evil people. I don't find it
very useful at all. Load A Ship in a citadel, say a Havoc GunStar, with
Fuel Ore (make sure it has Full Holds and a TransWarp drive). Have it
parked overnight, and have it so team-members CAN Exchange Ships with it.
Then have a Ship with not much on it go into the citadel, and have the Max
holds, but empty. Then type 'E' for Exchange ships, and as soon as you
type 'Y' for yes, exit the citadel and type 'T' for Take all products. You
will end up with the holds of Fuel Ore in the ship that was parked in the
Citadel, in that ship, with full holds of Equipment as well. Not very useful,
but maybe i'm missing part of it...nah.

VI. The In-famous Dual CEO Bug

This is a unknown, but VERY nice bug. How would you like a corporation
with Two CEO's? With two Corporate FlagShips readily available? With both
having CEO power? Well, I discovered this bug myself. First, logon with
player JOE SHMOE to TradeWars 2002 (that's his handle). Then, when it asks
which alias would you like to use, use the same name as the other person's
handle who is also going to logon, for this example say it's JACKAL. Fine.
Make a corp. Then, logon with JACKAL (that's his handle) and tell TradeWars
to use his BBS name. THE CAPITALIZATION MUST BE THE SAME!!. Tell him to
join the corp. Ta-da!!! You can use any handles as long as you follow the
above outline, and the name you choose is one of the people's handles. Look
at this small capture:

< T h e C o r p o r a t e R e g i s t e r >

Corp Number Corp Name
1 Psycho!
Creation Date: 07/12/05
Corp C.E.O. -> Psycho
Corp C.E.O. -> Psycho
2 Knights of Solamnia
Creation Date: 08/02/05
Corp C.E.O. -> Levy

I'm not kidding! This is REAL! You both will have CEO power (Corporate
Memo, Corporate Password, Corporate FlagShip(s), Kick a Member Off)
It also confuses the heck out of your opponents, as when they send a
message, they don't know if it's you or your partner!!

VII. The Military Reaction Level Bug

This is because of the following. If a person attacks with 26,000+ fighters,
and the planet has over 13,000+ fighters on it, and the Military Reaction Level
is above 0%, the fighters will ALL attack and WILL NOT kill them. Useless
fighters. But besides, with 4 to 1 odds on the planet, it's better not to have
them attack anyway!

VIII. The Planet Cloning Bug

Start a planet, (ie. use a Genesis Torpedo) and stock it with all the
neccecary items to upgrade to a level one citadel. Do so. Then stock it
again, so that it can be upgraded to a level 2 citadel. Then goto another
planet in the sector that has, say a level 4 citadel with one day to go to a
level 5. You can stock this planet with 1000 people in each category and have
10000 of Fuel Ore, Organics, and Equipment, and 32000 fighters. Then put as
MUCH money in the citadel as possible. Then, go to the citadel on your planet
with the Level ONE citadel, enter the citadel (C) and go to the corporate menu
(X) and do a Corporate Planet Scan (L). Then goto the planet with NO citadel,
and upgrade to a Level two citadel (C) and then (U) and press 'Y' to do so. Ta
Da! You should have a clone of the other planet that you did the Corporate
Planet Scan on, with the same amount of colonists and commodities, but most
importantly, MONEY and FIGHTERS!! Nice huh?

IX. The CRASH TradeWars Bug

This one is also unknown, just as the Dual CEO bug. It's simple. IT IS
VERY LIMITED HOWEVER, and the sysop WILL NOT LIKE YOU anymore!!! The SysOp
must have pulled you into chat. You will see that

Incoming Transmission From Federation HQ....

Or something like that. Then press '~'. Yes, ~. Simple. You'll get a whole
bunch of gibberish and crash the BBS. Sometimes you might get some interesting
data, as Planet Info, or Trader Info. Who knows? Ta da!

X. The Heir to the Throne Bug

This bug is simple. When a player is erased because he has not logged on
in the given amount of time (usually 21 days), whoever occupies 'his slot' in
the User listings in TradeWars will recieve everything that he owned. Most
importantly, planets. In an old game, you could find yourself starting with
a Level 5 citadel on the first day!
If you start a new corp, that was defunct and deleted because no corporate
members were living, you could recieve all of the corporation's earnings!
Sometimes that's a LOT more than one person could have owned alone!

XI. The (so-called) Steal-Sell Bug

This bug is also simple. Steal from a port, and sell that product back to
the port. The port will never NEVER run out of money. Just don't get caught
and you're set for LIFE!! <ok.. well maybe not for LIFE...> Some argue that
this is a bug. It's just another great reason to be evil! -- Just a note,
this is fixed upon the new TradeWars v2.00á v.21 -- Which is NOT out yet...

XII. The Infinite Cloaking Bug

The DOCument files say, simply, that a cloaking device will start to
'deteriorate' over a period of time, and it's percentage chance of failing
nightly increases with each passing day. Not so. The cloak will NOT fail
nomatter what. This means that you are safe as long as you are cloaked, for
weeks! -- Just a note, this is fixed upon the new TradeWars v2.00á v.21 --
Which is NOT out yet...

XIII. The Infinite Photon Bug

This bug I have not tested personally, but it is simple. Fire a photon
into a sector. Hang up / Logoff. Log back in, and that photon 'wave' will be
in 'effect' until the next time a person fires a photon.. again, never tested

XIV. OTHER Bugs / Un-Tested Bugs

There are many other bugs in TradeWars that are USELESS!
Some, however, are, and currently untested.
1. The Tri-Cron bug: which is NOT allowed discussion, but it goes something
like this. You make millions off 0 turns. Got it? If you find it out, lemme
2. The 'Magic Fuel' Bug: Which people say works, but has NOT for me.. yet.
Some say it is as good as the Planet Cloning bug, and NOTHING as as good as
3. Some sort of 'defenses passing bug' where one can get through other's
defenses by (R)etreating. Has not worked for anybody I know, so I'm not going
to waste the space.
4. There are LOTS MORE bugs, but those are the beneficial ones.. use 'em!

---! ADDENDUM 2 !-------------------------------------------------------------

External Add-Ons to TradeWars 2002
There are MANY programs out there that SysOps and users alike can use.
I have found some useful, some useless. Here are a few of the more notable
ones that you may find on BBSes in your area, and my thoughts on them.
ALSO: SysOps and Users alike!: Call a board that is currently on the TW-
Util-FileBone. If you are a SysOp: Join! Here is More Info:

If you would be interested in hooking up to the TRADEWARS FILEBONE
Please send Dave Zinman a message with your:

Name  :
Fido Number  :
Max Baud Rate :
Location  :
BBS Name  :
BBS Number  :
Voice Number  :
(and best time to call)

Send this message to me VIA NETMAIL @ 1:273/945 to Dave Zinman
Calling From The Viking TradeWars BBS (215) 332-8514 Phila Pa.

For SysOps
FileName Description
------------ --------------------------------------------------------------
AEDITxxx.ZIP Another editor - AWESOME! Has a cap on the Max planetary shields
to prevent shield bugging!! Nice! It has full User and Planet
and port editing capabilities, and more options than T-Edit!!
Definitely the BEST TradeWars 2002 Add-On out there!
TWMIS082.ZIP Missions for TradeWars -- Have players Complete Missions
A nice add-on, but it really must be registered before it's
truly REALLY fun and useful.
SDBxxxxx.ZIP StarDock Beta / Nice Add-On but many bugs with this one, but
one REGistered, as it MUST be to properly use, is VERY nice.
TWHEX11 .EXE A VERY Nice Hex Editor. Everything from ranks to Ship Maker
Names. This one IS useful
TWSHIP23.ZIP A VERY Nice Ship Specs Editor -- Change the Max Fighters,
Max Holds, Max Mines, Etc, VERY VERY Nice.
TWMALL .ZIP TradeWars Mall - Some New Features -- as loans! Nice!
Unfortunately, you MUST register this one for it to work..
TWSHIP23.ZIP A VERY Nice Ship Specs Editor -- Change the Max Fighters,
Max Holds, Max Mines, Etc, VERY VERY Nice.
TWPORT10.ZIP A semi-useless Port Editor, it is slightly easier to use then
the T-Edit built in one.. not much else here
TWSTUFF .ZIP Blackhole, a program that lets you set up a blackhole.. fun!
Wanderer - a program that lets you have a 'wandering' planet!
TWGEN11 .EXE Genesis - A Program that drops a random planet every now & then
for the user who needs a good start.. useless but fun.

For BBS Users
FileName Description
------------ --------------------------------------------------------------
TWBIBL11.ZIP The TradeWars 2002 Bible v1.1
Update! BY Psycho!
TRADMENU.ZIP TradeWars 2002 Online Help Menu - A Very Nice Program!
Make it as an 'External Program' or a Protocol on your
Communications software -- (by Levy)
TWINFO .ZIP A useless collection of Information, now obsolete after this
Document. VERY BAD!
TWTIPS .TXT Another useless textfile telling you how to play. BAD.
TWINTRO .TXT Yet another useless textfile telling you how to play. BAD.
TWHELP10.EXE Like TRADMENU.ZIP but this one is a TSR. My only complaint
is that it is WAY too large in memory. Oh well..
TWXTRA12.ZIP One of those compare yesterday and today's capture file
utilities. I can't figure it out, and so neither can you.
TWVIEW??.ZIP TW-View Util. Current version is the best! A good offline
Data-Reader and sorter. Uses & Makes (such info as best sectors
to go to & what tunnels are worth it) such data easy to access.
Uses CIM reports. See ('Advanced Playing Techniques')

NOTE: There are MANY utils I have not added. If you are an author, or you
would like to see a certain program added, write me!

---! ADDENDUM 3 !-------------------------------------------------------------

TradeWars 2002 Registered/Non-Registered Differences
"If it's not registered, it's not worth it."
- Me

TradeWars 2002 Registered
- Shipyards are Open (on StarDock)
- Full T-Edit Capabilities <don't worry about this if you're a user>
- Lots of other things

TradeWars 2002 Unregistered
- Shipyards are Closed (on StarDock)
- T-Edit Crippled
- Not many other things
- Don't play!

My point for this pointless section is that if the version your SysOp is
running is NOT registered, don't play. Pressure him into registering.
It's only $15.00 (US), which isn't much, and it's WELL worth it.

So REGISTER! -- Call Castle RavenLoft @ 8N1 -- (913) 842-0300
-- it's in Kansas -- Or contact them on WWIV<ugh!>-Net at #9354
-- Contact them on FidoNet / TradeWars 2002 Echo

---! ADDENDUM 4 !-------------------------------------------------------------

Port Pairs for Trading
Here are the pairs that you can use for trading easily and quickly!

Class Port Class Port Commodities Worth it?
---------- ---------- -------------------------------- ---------
Class 1 Class 2 Organics & Equipment YES!
Class 1 Class 3 Fuel Ore & Equipment No.
Class 1 Class 4 Fuel Ore or Organics & Equipment Yes.
Class 2 Class 3 Fuel Ore & Organics NO!!
Class 2 Class 5 Fuel Ore or Equipment & Organics No.
Class 3 Class 6 Fuel Ore & Organics or Equipment No.
Class 4 Class 6 Organics & Equipment YES!
Class 5 Class 6 Fuel Ore & Equipment No.

The only ones that I feel are NOT worth using, are such pairs that trade
something like Organics and Fuel Ore, and nothing else. Try to find the pairs
that involve Equipment and Organics. You make the most money that way.

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