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by Chris Sherrick (PTL)

Enhanced by Alan Davenport

Welcome to the Trade Wars (v.ii) editor. The TW1000 editor is divided
into sub programs which I'll handle section by section. When running the
program, don't be too worried about ruining the database, you can drop
carrier on from remote while editing and nothing will happen to hurt the data
base. The editor is pretty much self explanatory, and anytime there is
something confusing, I've added a help command ("Enter ? for help".) The
exception to this is the message editor, which can be confusing but really
don't expect you to be playing around with it anyway. Also, all numbers Trade
Wars handles are integers, so don't enter any noninteger values for numbers
(from -32000 to 32000 approx.) Even credits are an integer and if a player
accumulates over 32000 credits, he will be taxed 5000 when he logs into the


When logging in a password is required to get into the editor. This is
to prevent unauthorized editing of your game. You define this password when
TWINT1K is run, and note that upper case is different than lower case. Once
you're in you can hit "N" to list the Galactic Newspaper. It will tell who
logged on, who they killed, whether or not they made or destroyed a planet,
and the maintenance and Cabal report. Another thing the maintenance program
does is give a Cabal report. This will simply tell you what the Cabal did,
but the messages are a little cryptic. Here is a decipher for the Cabal

--> = Attacked
Sctr = Sector
ftrs = Fighters
Plyr = Player/Player's
Cabal = Cabal
dstrd = Destroyed
Grp = Group

An example of a message is:

Grp 2 --> Sctr 10(Joe Cuel): lost 20, dstrd 25 (Cabal ftrs dstrd) which
means Cabal group 2 attacked the fighters in sector 10 (who belong to Joe
Cuel). The Cabal lost 20 fighters but destroyed 25 of Joe Cuel's fighters.
All the Cabal fighters were lost.

Another example is:

Grp 9 --> Joe Cuel: lost 45, dstrd 34 (Plyr dstrd) which means that Cabal
group 9 attacked Joe Cuel's ship. The Cabal lost 45 fighters, but destroyed
34 of Joe Cuel's fighters. His ship was destroyed.


The following is a summary of editors for TWEDIT:

A - Team Editor - Edits Team info
U - User Editor - Edits players players' ships.
S - Sector Editor - Edits the contents of a sector.
P - Port Editor - Edits the prices and values of a port.
G - General Editor - Edits general information.
R - Report - Gives a report of players and occupied sectors.
C - Cabal editor - Edits information about the Cabal
D - Daily message editor - Edits the who-killed-you/fighters messages
M - Radio message editor - Edits messages to-from users
P - Planet editor - Edits the planets


This command allows you to edit Team info. You will be asked which Team
you wish to edit, or choose L to list the available Teams. You can edit one
of three fields. The first field is a toggle, it toggles the Teams active/
inactive state. Second is the Team password. This is a four character
password. Please note: UPPER case and lower case are different here! Lastly,
you can edit the number of players currently on that Team. PLEASE be careful
when editing any of these fields, as there isn't much error checking at this


This editor allows you to edit the information about a person. The
first thing it will do is ask you for a search string or a player number. For
the search string, the editor recognizes differences between upper and lower
case. If you wanted to find "Joe Cuel", "joe" would not find him, but "Joe"
would. As for the user number, each player is assigned a number from 2 to
how many people are playing. The record for player 1 is used for general
information, not as a person, so you will never have a player number 1. If
you want to return to the main menu (of TWEDIT), just press ENTER. Once
you've got a person, it will then list the information about him, along with
what can be changed. Here is a list of what is printed and what can be

A - Name.

You can change a person's name, but not his number. Keep in mind that a
person's name is adjusted when someone logs in to TW1K. The adjusting
routine will change every letter following a nonletter to a capital. Here is
some examples of what it will do to a name: "Joe Cuel", "Ronald Macdonald",
"Glort From Org Xxx-Yyy!." Make sure that if you change the name, the
computer will recognize who it is. Names are limited to 41 characters in
length. NOTE!: If you change someone's name, you will also have to use a text
editor and edit the TWNAME.DAT file to reflect the change!

B - Last day on

This will display the last time the player was on Trade Wars. This can
be adjusted so that a player won't be allowed on for several days. If you
don't want him or her on for another 7 days (banished for a week), enter -7
and the game won't let that person on for another seven days from the day you
changed the value. If you make this a positive value, it will interpret it
as how many days ago the person was on. A "0" means that person was on
today. A "1" means he was on yesterday. A "244" means the last time he was
on was 244 days ago.

C - Who killed them

This will tell you who killed that person. If it's a "<none>" then
they're still alive. When changing the value, enter the person's name or
search string, as when starting this editor. However, the search string
won't find the Cabal, or a deleted player. Enter a -1 for the Cabal, -2 for
Mercenaries and a -98 for a player who has been deleted (because he hasn't
called for a while, etc.) If you want to have their ship initialized, enter
a -99. Note that a -99 will have a different effect on the last day on. If
the last day on is negative (banished from the board,) it won't let that
person on until that day comes, then they will be reinitialized.

D - Turns left

This is simply the turns they have left on the last day they were on.
If they weren't on today, it will be reset to the number of turns allotted
per day, unless this value is greater then the number of turns allotted per
day. If this number is greater, it will take the greater number rather then
lower (the amount of turns allowed per day) e.g. If it was set to 500, that
person would have 500 turns the next time they called, regardless of how many
days ago they called.

E - Location

This is the sector they are in. If it is set to a zero, they will be
taken out of the game and "hidden" until they call up. When they call in,
they will be moved to sector 1.

F - Fighters

This is how many fighters they have. There is a 25000 limit.

G - Total cargo holds

This is how many cargo holds a person has, used and unused. If you
adjust this, make sure that it is not less that the cargo holds filled with
ore, org and equipment. If it is, it will give you a warning.

H - J Ore, Org, and Eqp

This is how many of the cargo holds are filled with ore, organics and

K - Credits

This is simply how many credits they have. Note that this is an integer
(less than 32000) and if you exceed that, you will cause the editor to crash!

L - Last sector in.

This is the last room the player was in and is only used in a retreat.
If it is zero, the game will pick a random direction and retreat that way.

M - How many sector mines they have. Range is 0 - 10.

N - Do they belong to a team? 0 = NO and 1 = YES

O - This appears if somone belongs to a team and allows you to select/change
the player's team number.

P - Cloaking Device Charge

3 values are allowed. 0 Means their cloaking device is discharged. 1
Means it is charged but not activated and -1 means that their cloaking device
is activated.

! - Delete player

This will delete the player FROM THE GAME, not just destroy the ship. If
you want to destroy the ship, use the B command.

Adding a new person

If you want to add a new person, there is three things you have to
change: A - name, B - last day on, set to 0 (so they won't be automatically
deleted), and C - killed by, set to -99. However It is much easier to let
them log on and let the game initialize them. If you are using ALIAS' you
will have to do one MORE thing. Using a Text Editor, Edit the file called
"TWNAME.DAT". This file contains the name/alias matching table. The format
for records in this file is as follows;


If the user is to have a one-name alias, you STILL must add the ending comma.
If there are not 3 commas on a line, the game will crash!


This editor will allow you to edit some of the information in a sector.
It will ask for the sector number, then allow you to edit the information for
that sector. If you want to return to the TWEDIT main menu, just press

A - F - Warps lead to

This allows you to change what sectors the warps lead to. I recommend
leaving this alone. If you change a warp, it won't change it for the other
sector, e.g. If you change sector 1 to warp to sector 77, it won't
automatically change 77 to go to sector 1. If you insist on changing the
map, it will be a lot of work. But if you do, make sure you leave sector 85
and 83 together. The Cabal moving routine assumes these are next to each
other, and will create problems if they're not. Also, sector 85 is the the
Cabal HQ, and a player gets a bonus invading it.

G - Port in sector

This allows you to add or delete a port that is in the sector. If you
want to move a port, you have to delete it from one sector and add it to
another sector. It will ask for a search string or a port number. The search
string is just like the player search string (see the User editor)

H - Fighters in the sector

This allows you to change the fighters in a sector, and who they belong
to. This is pretty self explanatory. When it asks for the player number,
enter a -1 if you want the Cabal in a sector. But it's not a good idea to
move the Cabal from this editor, since TW will no longer recognize them as a
group. Move them from the Cabal editor. You can change the Cabal group size
with out bothering the groups though. You can add/delete Mercenaries by
adding fighters and then setting the player number to -2.

People in sector

This will display the people in this sector. If you want to change
these, you have to use the user editor.

Planet in sector

This will be displayed if there is a planet in the sector. If you want
to change this, you have to use the planet editor.

I - Shortest path

This will give you the shortest route from one sector to another. It is
just like the sector finder, only you get to specify both sectors.

M - Mines in Sector

This will allow you to remove or place up to 10 Sector Mines in the


This will ask you for the port number or search string, and answering
this question works just like the user editor. Just press ENTER to return to
the TWEDIT main menu.

A - Name

This will allow you to change the name of a port. You are limited to 41

B - Class

Class is for display of what the port is selling. The values are;
1 - Sells Equipment
2 - Sells Organics
3 - Sells Ore
Make sure you dont change this if you dont understand it or the port
display will come out wrong!

C - E - Quantity of ore and prices

This will display how much ore they have, and what the fair price is
(used when bargaining.)

F - Productivity

This is how many units get produced every 24 hours. I do not recommend
changing this value. When the ports produce they produce smoothly over the 24
hour period, figuring quantities by the minute. If the productivity was set
to 24, it would produce one item every hour. The ports stop producing
merchandise when they are at ten times their daily amount.

G - Max change in cost

This, in other words, is how much of a deal the player gets. It is at
max cost, so if this was set to 50%, when it has ten days merchandise, they
would sell around 50% of the cost. With 5 days of merchandise, it would be
around 25 percent the cost. It is a linear function of cost vs. how much
they have or need, and looks like the following graph:

Port selling Port buying

(Price) ^ Price ^
 ! Sp*Mp  !
Sp-o Sp + ----- -+ o
 !o 100  ! o
 ! o <- Curve  ! o <- Curve
Sp*Mp  ! o  !o
Sp - ----- -+ o Sp-o
100  !  !
+---!------>(Number +---!--------> (Number
0 d*10 of units) 0 d*10 of units)

Mc = Maximum change in cost (in percent)
Sp = Standard Price (Ore=10, Org=20, Eqp=35)
d = The daily production rate

The above is a graph of what is considered a fair price per unit vs the
number of units being sold. If you don't follow them, don't worry; it
take an economics course to really understand it well (supply and demand

Some notes on Max Change in cost. I Don't reccomend changing these values or
you may succeed in wrecking the economy! (And then run for public office?!?)
If you insist on changing it, setting a NEGATIVE value is how much they are
consuming (ie, BUYING.) A POSITIVE number is what they are producing.
(SELLING) If you change what is being bought or sold, make sure you change
the CLASS of the port also! You could concievably make a port buying
EVERYTHING or selling two iterms and buying only one. Any combination is
possible but the sector display for that port will be incorrect!


This allows you to edit general information about Trade Wars, and you
will probably find this section the most interesting. You should go through
and check this before you set up Trade Wars to run on your BBS.

A - Change the editor password

The first thing you have to do is remember the old editor password,
because it will ask for it before you change it. Once you've entered the old
password, it will ask for the new password. If you forgot it, you are plain
out of luck so be careful!!!

B - Turns per day

This is how many turns people are allowed on per day. For a generous
game, 250 or so is ideal. For an average game, 150-200 is about right.
WARNING, less than 100 turns per day will be so restrictive with the LONG
paths in this 1000 sector version that your users will get discouraged
quickly and the game will die out!

C - Initial fighters

This is how many fighters a person gets when their ship is being
reinitialized. Should be set rather LOW!

D - Initial credits

This is how many credits they get when their ship is reinitialized.
About 500 is about right.

E - Initial cargo holds

The same thing as above, only with cargo holds. Set value LOW!

F - Days until an inactive player is deleted.

Trade Wars will go through and delete old players who have been killed
after this many days of inactivity. Note that it will keep alive players
still alive until they get killed, no matter how long they haven't been on
the game. If they have 25,000 fighters, they should be allowed to at least
survive until someone kills them! The maintenance program deletes the
inactive players and totally removes them from the game.

This also has another function. To keep invsible (CLOAKED) players from
staying in the game forever, this number is the maximum amount of days their
cloaking device will stay charge. Then the player will become visible again.
(And be subjected to attacks again.)

G - Last day maintenance ran

The maintenance program will refuse to run more than once a day. If you
set this value to anything but "0", then maintenance will run again.

H - Cabal regeneration

This value effects how fast the Cabal regenerate. I recommend 250-500.
That will give the players a challenge, but they are still (barely) con-
querable. Also, if you want to lower the top players, jack this up to 1,000
or 2,000 and the number one player will get picked on more often (see the
Cabal editor - Group 20.) If someone is going against the Cabal, and you
want them to win, lower this to 100,200,300 or even 0, and it will give them
a good chance. Just don't abuse this - players should be able to wipe out
the Cabal... It is the test of a good TW player.

Note, that as the top players in your game start to get really powerful,
the program will start dynamically UPPING the Cabal regeneration and will
track with the score of the top player.


This will give a report of players, and all occupied sectors. It will
rank the players and print from the strongest player to the weakest player in
a table format> Here is the meanings of the symbols:

# - The player number.
Name - The player's name.
Day - How many days ago the player was on.
KB - Killed By, what player number killed that person. A blank means
no one killed him or her. A -1 means the Cabal. -2 is Mercenaries.
Trn - How many turns they have left on their last day on.
Loc - Location, what sector number they're in.
Crdts- How many credits they have.
Ftrs - How many fighters they have.
CH - How many cargo holds they have (total).
Ore - The amount of cargo holds containing ore.
Org - The amount of cargo holds containing organics.
Eqp - The amount of cargo holds containing equipment.

Sr - The sector number.
Cl - The class of a port in that sector. A blank means no port there.
Ftrs - How many dropped fighters are in the sector.
Who - Who dropped the fighters (player number and name).


The Cabal editor allows you to edit general information about the Cabal,
such as group size, destinations, etc. But before, you should understand
what each of the 9 groups of Cabal operate.

GROUPS 1-2 (Defense)

All they do is defend. Group 1 defends sector 85 with 2500 fighters,
and group 2 defends sector 83 with whatever are left after forming groups. If
group 1 is lowered in fighters, they will be replaced with fighters from
group 2. In other words, group 1 has priority over group 2.

GROUPS 3-5 (Wandering)

These three groups pick pick a random sector one sector away from their
location and move there. These are the "Guard" that is always someplace near
the Cabal HQ.

GROUPS 6-19 (Attack)

These groups pick a spot and head straight for it. Moving through every
sector to get there in one day. Like the wandering group, they will destroy
all fighters dropped in a sector (or be destroyed.) Also if they stumble
across a person they will attack them. If the defense forces around Cabal HQ
are getting low, they will head back and merge to beef up the defenses.

GROUPS 20 (Attack highest player)

This group will head straight for the top player (taking out dropped
fighters as normal) and spend all of its fighters on the number one player,
providing that he/she is worth over 21000 credits (around 100 fighters.) This
is made to control and annoy the best player.


Groups are formed from any extra fighters left over in sector 83 in
group 2. As long as at least 500 fighters exist in sector 83 groups will
continue to form and split off.


After displaying which groups exist, it will ask for the group number
you want to edit. Enter any of the group numbers. Then it will ask you for
then Location and size of the group. Press enter to leave these the same. If
you want to see a path the Cabal will go to get to somewhere use the sector
editor, shortest distance command.


This is the most confusing, user hostile program of the whole package.
I don't plan on having you use this, so I wrote it very quickly an sloppily.

A - List messages with numbers

This will give a list of messages in number form. Here is what each
number stands for:

Mesg # - The message number
Who to - What player number the message is address to
Type - 0 = deleted, 1 = player destroyed your fighters
Var A - Who attacked that person
Var B - The number of fighters destroyed

B - List messages with text

Will display the above messages with names instead of numbers. More

C - Edit a message

This will let you edit a message, given the number. The consequences are
not good (but may be rather interesting - errors!) if you drop carrier in
this part of the editor. This is self explanatory

D - Add a message

This will add a null message, a deleted message, at the end of the
message list. If you want to do anything with it, you will have to C - Edit
a message.


Like the Daily message editor, this routine is quite user hostile. Once
ou pick the M command you will be given a starting list of messages that you
can edit. They will displayed in the following form:

8 0 24 50 Got a guilty conscience or something?

Which is equal to:

Msg# Active? From To Message

You then will enter the message to edit. The you are then given info on the
Message, and asked if it is the correct one. If you reply with a Y you will
then be prompted through each of the message fields. First, you are asked
whether the message should be active or not. Next you will be asked who the
message is TO. You must know the number of the user to change this info.
After that, you will be asked who the message is from. Last but not least,
you will be asked to input a new message (in any). Please note: using
[ENTER] will mean No change, or end.


This will allow you to edit the information about the planets. The first
thing it will do is ask you for the search string, planet number, or sector
the planet is in. The search string and number act just like the user
editor. If you want to enter the sector number the planet is in, put a "/"
before the number, e.g. "/45" means the planet in sector 45.

A - Name and number

This will display the planet's name and number. You can change the
name, but you are limited to 41 chars. max.

B - D - Ore, Org, Eqp

This allows you to edit how much ore, organics, or equipment the planet
has to give away. Good values are between 1 to 10 times the prod- uctivity.

E - G - Productivity of ore, org, eqp

This value is the productivity of the ore, organics and equipment. For
an explanation of productivity, look under the port editor. Good values are
limited from 1 to 3000.

F - Fighters on Planet.

! - Delete/Create (and move) a planet

This command will delete a planet if the planet exists by deleting the
name and removing it from the sector it is in. All other information will be
saved (productivity, etc.) If the planet doesn't exist, it will create a
planet by asking for its name and location. Once again, the name is limited
to 41 chars. If you want to move a planet, you have to delete it, then
re-create it in the sector you want. All the merchandise info will be saved
from deletion to creation.
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