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A partial list of developers influenced by TradeWars.

Pete Mackay, Star Citizen designer

JumpPoint: What is your inspiration for this feature? How does it compare to games like World of Warcraft?

Pete Mackay: The foremost inspiration for the economy comes from Privateer, and then Freelancer a
close second, but Pirates! Gold, Transport Tycoon and TradeWars 2002 are other games in the cargo
hauling genre that are fondly remembered by the team.

-JumpGate issue #8 interview with Pete Mackay and Rob Irving, July, 2013 (not yet public)

Paul Sage, lead designer of Ultima Online

Jonric: Are there specific games you consider noteworthy for having influenced you as a game maker, and
what else has influenced you other than games?

Paul Sage: SSI Gold Box, Bard's Tale, the Ultima Series, Wing Commander, Trade Wars, and others too
numerous to mention.

-rpgvault interview with Paul Sage, December 21, 2000

Josh Johnston, lead programmer for Jumpgate (NetDevil)

As for other online games, the only thirdparty game software I can remember using very much is
TradeWars Helper — I was a TradeWars junkie. article

Eric Wang, Earth and Beyond producer

"The development team has drawn inspiration from games like Elite, Privateer, Tradewars 2002,
Starflight, and Starfleet Battles. Elements of all of these games have definitely shaped the development
of Earth and Beyond." interview
"Personally, I've drawn inspiration from games like Elite, Privateer, Tradewars 2000, Starflight, and
Starfleet Battles as I take the project through development." interview

Kelly Brock, Sims Online programmer

"A few of us here have done mud's and muck's and other items in the past, I think TW is the only one that
we had all played at one time or another though. We hope our effort here is at least somewhat as long
lasting.  :)

-personal email to John Pritchett

Seth Able Robinson, Legend of the Red Dragon creator

"...a lot of things came from TradeWars of course, which is still
my all time favorite door game."

- personal email to John Pritchett

Tim Wisseman, VGA Planets creator

"I know some of the great ideas from TradeWars ended up in VGA Planets 4. My memory is a little foggy,
but I remember being so amazed by TradeWars that it did influence my designs for Planets 4."

- personal email to John Pritchett


"Now, I too am a game developer, and games like Trade Wars 2002 (my personal favourite back then) will
always be an influence on me, because these games were 100% about design and

-Letter to the Editor, The Escapist Magazine, 2006
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