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Site Name Description
1000, 5000, and 10000 Sector Long Term Games [telnet] [web] [email]
Amiga City TW Free server - large universe, 100 node! [telnet] [web] [email]
CJ's Place [telnet] [web] [email]
Central Ontario Remote C-Net Active Canadian TradeWars Servers. 13 NODES - 2 Games at centralontarioremote.com:2002 or Via the BBS @ centralontarioremote.com:2300 ** Game B was rebanged on Dec 19-2020 [telnet] [web] [email]
Colorado Springs Central Net [web] [email]
Daves BBS Runing BBS on Port 23 and TWGS on 2002 (vir RLogin). Come join the fun! [telnet] [web] [email]
Death Gate BBS Reset 05/23/19 (A) 10K sec / 2K turns (B) 30K sec / 3k turns (C) Classic/Gold/MBBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Demonsnet TW and Majormud BBS Tradwars Wars and both Majorbbs and World Group doors and other PC Doors are well. [telnet] [email]
Diskshop [telnet] [email]
Doge BBS Game A - 20K Sector 1500 turn game with Starflight-themed aliens. Game B Vanilla 5000 Sector 800 Turns. Both games rebanged on 5/2/21. BBS on port 23 TWGS port 2002 [telnet] [email]
EMS!BBS [email]
Error 404 BBS Big Reset on June 26 2021 , Enjoy our 10 Custom games from beginer to expert theres a game for you ! [telnet] [web] [email]
Figment's Place In tribute to Figment's Place BBS (WWIV) [telnet] [web]
Gaulven's TWGS TWGS v2.20b on Linux via WINE. [telnet] [web] [email]
Lost Worlds Currently 4 games running. Taking suggestions for other configurations to bang. [telnet] [web] [email]
MS & RD BBs We stilling running ye old games like this and Lord Lord 2 Fidonet and files all can be accessed use http://bbs.mozysswamp.org ... Happy Games and Thank to the guys keep this going for you all Nozy [telnet] [web] [email]
Momia BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Moon Base Alpha TWGS TWGS on Port 2002. Two games hosted on BBS at same address on Port 23. [telnet] [email]
Mystic Realms [email]
RDFIG Computer Solutions [web] [email]
Slate Hell BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Star Killer's Ice9 TWGS Home of the Ice9 Pirates Builders. Home of the Ice Tournament. Regulated and Unregulated Games Banged Monthly. Contact Me to Requesrt a Game [telnet] [web] [email]
Starbase 21 BBS Running TWGS behind Major BBS 9.3. Looking for active players. Will setup games by request! We've got TWGS and more. Come check us out! HTML5 client available at our website. vector@starbase21.net [telnet] [web] [email]
Storm Mountain BBS Welcome! Serving Classic Trade Wars And Other Popular Modes. Please Note That Game A Is For Development Testing Only. [telnet] [web] [email]
Sunspot Universe Running two games, one gold, one vanilla, port 2002 [email]
Telnet Games Telnet Gaming BBS has been founded in 2020. We have stable servers, hosted on 1Gbps network.
(BigBang: March 16th, 2020). Discord : https://discord.io/telnetgames
[telnet] [email]
The Event Horizon [telnet] [email]
The Horizon BBS Web: http://www.horizonbbs.org - Telnet: bbs.horizonbbs.org Port 23, Tradewars 2002 Direct: Rlogin to bbs.horizonbbs.org Port 2002 [telnet] [web] [email]
The KEEP BBS since 1983! real info required [telnet] [web] [email]
The Penalty Box Running Trade Wars 2002 for DOS, and The Major BBS under RPG Games. Type "/go TWGS" from any menu to access our TWGS game. [telnet] [web] [email]
The Sandbox Trade Wars
The Wastelands BBS Game Server [telnet] [email]
TheUpsideDown A server created for the players who love TradeWar! Tons of unique Aliens! Unlimited Turns, 1,000,000 initial credits, 75 holds, 2500 fighters, 15000 sectors. Game B 30000 Sectors. VERY active aliens! [web] [email]
Thunder Storm BBS After failed recovery of a drive, Thunder Storm is recovering from backups and installation files. First up is our Trade Wars Game Server. [telnet] [web] [email]
Vid Kids World Many Games to Choose from all with in game info. Longist running server by the original owner. Many Games , few Players... Come Take a Game! [telnet] [email]
War Ensemble BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Wildcat's Castle BBS Classic TradeWars 2002 16-bit up to 10 games and TWGS 32-bit up to 25 games in BBS. Including website's scores update everyday. Multiple games up to 32 lines in BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
Worlds Apart New Star Control themed universe - custom ships, aliens, scripted events, and lots of fun! [telnet] [web]
briancmoses.com -- TWGS  [telnet] [web] [email]
tw2002.net Free TWGS server with awesome games

Telnet to game.tw2002.net port 23! Contact twadmin@tw2002.net for admin

[telnet] [web] [email]
Distant Empires BBS [web] [email]
Micro's Madness Providing a musium of TW2002 versions, from Gar and Ma [email]
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