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[edit] Notes

  • Ported TW2 for QuickBBS.
  • Seems to be a port of Morris' TW2 500T, the 500 sector team version. Also seems to share common language from the QuixPlus version, so it may be a fork of that codebase.
  • Planet move added 6/8/88. Appears to be the first planet move function, and this prefigured Martin's Citadels which included planetary thrusters.
  • I don't have all sides to the story, but it appears that planet creation was first introduced into QuixPlus, then adopted by Morris in his TW 500T, then that version was the foundation for TW 1000.
  • Davenport's mines blow up if someone is destroyed while carrying them, prefiguring Martin's Corbomite.
  • Mines added to Davenport's v9.0, 05/07/88. Mines were already in QuixPlus as of July 1987, and were not in Morris' TW 500T, but appeared later.
  • The introduction of mines again suggests that QuixPlus comes from TW 200, TW 500T adapts from QuixPlus, and TW 1000 merges features from both QuixPlus and TW 500T.
  • Planet creation seems to flow most naturally from QuixPlus. In TWINSTR, it has the language "Sounds nice, doesn't it?". This same language appears in TW 500T TWINSTR, and also in TW 1000 TWINSTR.
  • Davenport's version lacks KENTMAD and other message files, making it more similar to Morris' versions, and therefore most likely a fork of Morris' TW2 with features drawn from QuixPlus.
  • In QuixPlus, TWMAINT is its own program. Davenport claims to have seperated TWMAINT in one of his versions.
  • Since TW1000 is QuickBASIC, it is almost certainly a direct port of Morris' public BASIC TW2 code, and not based on the QuixPlus Pascal code.

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