Planets: The Exploration of Space (TEOS)

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Published By : Robinson Technologies
Author Name : Seth Able Robinson
Year Written : 1993 edit...
Application Type : TW Like edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : PLAN1.ZIP, TEOS201B.ZIP
Description :
    Planets: The Exploration Of Space is a brand new door, of the absolute
highest quality!

It is basically a completly orginal trading/battle space game, the
player recieves a flight path, (a list of planets he will frequent)
and the player must buy and sell stratigically...For instance, Hother,
being a very cold planet, will buy heating units at a very high price,
and will sell Ice Units at a very low price...

But...Best of all, the game is fun to play!

Notes edit...

Though Seth Robinson never hosted a TradeWars game (it was never available for Commodore systems), he was an avid player, and considered TradeWars 2002 his favorite BBS door game. Though many of the similarities between TradeWars and TEOS are superficial, Seth has stated that TradeWars 2002 was the primary inspiration for TEOS. TEOS stands out among early TradeWars-like games for its unique plot, detailed environments, and support for LORD-like IGMs (3rd party add-ons). It was Seth's second major success following LORD.

[edit] Inspired by TradeWars

According to Robinson, the following elements were inspired by TradeWars

  • Cartels (Corporations)
  • The "good" and "evil" factions were inspired by the TradeWars FedPolice (Alliance) and Mafia (Maraken)
  • The Dark Ship Tavern was inspired by the Lost Trader's Tavern
  • The Man with Scar was inspired by The Grimy Trader
  • The Schooler Library was inspired by the StarDock library (Librum Universitatus)
  • Similar humorous death/kill curses


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