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Author Name : Greg Watts
Year Written : 1994 edit...
Application Type : TW Fork edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : otrad100.zip
Description :
Outpost Trader - Space Trading Galactic Conquest Door Game.  You can aquire
better ships as you climb the ranks. Use multiple weapons and Devices. Team
Officers have unique duties. Play with chesslike strategy or be a rouge!
Build your planets to reach higher Tech Levels. Build your empire!

Notes edit...

According to Greg Watts, Outpost Trader was "begun during a time when it looked as if there would be no new generation of this type of game." He claimed that the game was "the vehicle to carry forth the spirit" of TradeWars. However, work started on the project right after Martech released its latest version, TradeWars 2002 v2, which had been in active development for the 9 months following the final release of TW 2002 v1. This is evidence of a growing disillusionment among many prominent TradeWars players and sysops, primarily members of the FidoNet TradeWars feed, including OT's author, Greg Watts, Joel Downer (Iron Ox) and Albin Gersich (TW Assistant), and other contributors to Iago's War Manual, who felt that Martech was slow in addressing critical bugs and adding features to the game. It is clear from Iago's War Manual and other sources that TradeWars players of this time held no particular loyalty to Martin's TradeWars, seeing it instead as only one in a long line of TradeWars-like games.

Outpost Trader ANSI Files

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