Legend of the Red Dragon

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Published By : Robinson Technologies
Author Name : Seth Able Robinson
Year Written : 1989 edit...
Application Type : Other edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : LORD400A.ZIP
Description :
This is multi player battle game, created for BBS's, it is the type of game
where you kill other players, get stronger and stronger and your number one
goal is to stay #1 in the player rankings! Of course, killing the Dreaded Red
Dragon will make you a hero, and your name will be immortalized in the Hall Of

Notes edit...

Though Legend of the Red Dragon is not part of the genre of TradeWars-like games, it is included here because Seth Robinson has stated that he was motivated and influenced by TradeWars in developing LORD[1]. According to Seth,

"...a lot of things came from TradeWars of course, which is still my all time favorite door game.  My
friends and I played it VERY competitively back in the day. I actually cockily published a document 'How
to win at TradeWars', hmm, not sure what happened to it though.

Obvious things taken were the daily log with funny random sayings and the one-liner message board in the

In 1998, John Pritchett, himself a big fan of Legend of the Red Dragon and Seth Robinson, approached Seth about purchasing LORD to port to his game server. Unfortunately, a mere one month earlier, Seth had sold the LORD rights to Game Port, coincidentally the same company where Pritchett, Gary and MaryAnn Martin had worked before leaving in 1994 to pursue game development.

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