TWGS Online Registration
If you are registering TWGS for the first time, you may do so online. If you are upgrading from TWGS v1 or TWGS v2, please use the order option from within TWGS v2. TWGS will provide EIS with the information required to complete your upgrade.

If this form is not functioning properly in your browser, please install TWGS v2 and use the Order option from the main menu. Otherwise, email JP for assistance, jpritch at eisonline.com.

Thank you!
TradeWars 2002 25th Anniversary Edition
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TradeWars is fully functional when TWGS v2 is installed on your system. No registration is required, but only one game can be set up at a time, and only one player can connect to the game at a time. If you would like to expand your TWGS to support more game slots or player connections (nodes), enter the desired number of slots and nodes here.

Game Slots: @ $2 each  Max out slots
Player Nodes: @ $3 each  Max out nodes
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