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Tim Fields (author)

"...the only way to stay ahead of your friends or help out your corporate team in venerable
groundbreaking games like TradeWars."

"TradeWars launched on BBS systems in 1984 and quickly sprouted up in many different versions. TradeWars
allowed users to compete for resources and form corporations with one another in epic galactic

-Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics by Tim Fields and Brandon Cotton,

Contributor - Netgames Encyclopedia

"Perhaps the granddaddy of all BBS games, TW 2002 is immensely popular and easy to find on BBSs all over the

-Netgames: your guide to the games people play on the electronic highway (1994)

Cthulu - Electronic Tribes interviewee

"...and finally there were the pseudopersistent shared worlds of games like TradeWars and Operation
Overkill 2, involving coordinating the actions and virtual resources of groups of players for mutual
benefit and success."

-Electronic Tribes: The Virtual Worlds of Geeks, Gamers, Shamans, and Scammers

Mark J. P. Wolf

"Other popular door games include...TradeWars 2002 (1986)"

-The Video Game Explosion: A History from Pong to Playstation and Beyond‎

Loyd Case

"Before Doom, online gaming really took the form of MUDs (MultiUser Dungeons) on the Internet and BBS
(Bulletin Board System) games like Tradewars, Land of Devastation, Solar Realms Elite, and others."

-The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Games Online

Tim Guest

"He played some bulletin board games, including TradeWars"

-Second Lives: A Journey Through Virtual Worlds‎

Robert Marks

"...David Kaufman wrote and published Star Trader, the precursor to TradeWars (a now-famous
bulletin-board system [BBS] science fiction door game)"

-Everquest Companion: The Inside Lore of a Game World

Tom Chick

"Before Angband, before TradeWars, and before Nethack, there was Star Trek."

-Syfy article

Joen Rezvani

"I played online games such as Trade Wars and Proving Grounds and also started MUDding."

-Guild Leadership

Lei Heong

"Games range from the very simple (example: Casino type games) to very complex strategy games
(examples: Legend of the Red Dragon, Trade Wars 2002).

...However, what these games may lack in esthetics they make up for in content."

-网络英语 (Network English)

Magnus Bergsson (EVE Online)

" Thinking about the old tradewars game... a bar would rock!

Bergsson: Hehe, true." Interview

Mike Huang (Blizzard)

"On my own, I was writing sysop utilities for a BBS game called Tradewars 2002 to add things such as
rogue planets and alien bounties, amongst other things." Interview

John Gorenfeld (Flak Magazine)

"Katie Hafner would almost certainly have gotten her [butt] kicked at TradeWars 2002.

After Day 1 she would have logged on to this game of galactic trading companies to find her small space
cruiser adrift in sector 627, and the screen would have read, in blinking, humiliating blue letters:


-Flak Magazine article, November 2001

Omar Gallaga (Digital Savant Blog)

"The Nintendo DS version I played retains the addictive puzzle gameplay of the first game and adds
some satisfying space-trade elements that will be familiar to any gamers who’ve played Trade
Wars or Wing Commander: Privateer." Review of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
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