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EVE Online

To gauge the influence of Trade Wars, you need look no further than the popular massively
multiplayer online game Eve Online, which many observers describe as a modern 3D version of Trade Wars.

-PC World Magazine's "Ten Best PC Games Ever"
"Eve Online is, in many ways, just the game I have been waiting for for over a decade, in effect a
graphical version of the old BBS game TradeWars 2002" review
"It adds in MMO staples such as trade skills and PvP combat, and it borrows some elements from an old
text-based game called Trade Wars."

"Great Graphics, fun gameplay once you learn it, and casual friendly - recommended to those who would
potentially enjoy a single player space sim but on a much larger scale. Also recommended to those who may have
played Trade Wars in the past."

-WarCry Review
"In fact, working a bit like KDE's Konqueror browser, you have a mini-web browser built into the
system. Using the browser, you're allowed to check up on the website of other corporations. Some
corporations have even implemented tools like trade route calculators or notepad functionality - this is
the stuff of dreams for players of the antiquated Tradewars 2002 BBS game."

-GameOver Review


Werner Bayer (Pardus)

"We have never played BBS games, but Pardus has been compared to Trade Wars by many people before." Interview


"In short, Jumpgate is sort of like the old BBS game Tradewars."

GameSpy Review
"JumpGate doesn't rest on the idea of simply bringing you the thrill of other space trading games such as
Privateer, or Tradewars 2002."

-Stratics Preview


"With Wright’s new game, Spore, all of the things you normally find in a Maxis game are there. Spore
is an original game that borrows snippets from other games like Civilization, The Sims,
TradeWars, and Pokemon." review

X3 - Reunion

"The promise of being able to command your own ship, exploring uncharted sectors of space,
defending innocent traders from pirates or robbing them yourself has drawn many to the likes of such games
as Battlecruiser 3000AD, Freelancer, EVE: Online, Independence War, and maybe even Trade Wars:

-Game Chronicles Preview
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