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If you would like to play TradeWars on a public site, direct your Telnet client or a TradeWars helper to any game's telnet address.

If you would rather play TradeWars alone or with a group of friends, download and install TWGS, the TradeWars game management software.

Site Name Description
EIS BETA [telnet] [web] [email]
Telnet Games Telnet Gaming BBS has been founded in 2020. We have stable servers, hosted on 1Gbps network.
(BigBang: March 16th, 2020). Discord : https://discord.io/telnetgames
[telnet] [email]
Lanisport Azure hosted, 100 user license, Fast connection, low latency, 5000 Sectors, v2.20b, BigBanged 4-28-2019. Upcoming Tournament starting 6/1/2019 [telnet] [email]
RDFIG Computer Solutions [web] [email]
CrNet Starting Tradewars back up again. Hope to see you there. [telnet] [web]
Brotherhood of Groovyness In the doors menu, under games. [telnet] [web] [email]
Starbase 21 BBS Running TWGS behind Major BBS 9.3. Looking for active players. Will setup games by request! We've got TWGS and more. Come check us out! HTML5 client available at our website. vector@starbase21.net [telnet] [web] [email]
The Insane Asylum You may use port 203 at tiabbs.synchro.net but you must use the rlogin protocol. You may also register an account with our bbs at tiabbs.synchro.net TELNET PORT 23 or our website and use port 8080 [telnet] [web] [email]
Gaulven's TWGS Another TWGS running v2.20b on Linux. Game A has 20k sectors, 65k turns over 2 days, and my Gold customizations. Allowed: helpers, idling, and 2 players and 2 connections per game per person. Discord [telnet] [web] [email]
Star Killer's Ice9 TWGS Home of the Ice9 Pirates Builders Game. Home of the Ice Tournament. Regulated and Unregulated games banged monthly. See website for game info. And server rules. Contact me to request a game. [telnet] [web] [email]
Clockwork Orange BBS Classic (1000 Sectors) [email]
twgs.exiled.org Unique and long running Alpha Quadrant Invasion Edits! Plus featured Borg Assimilation Battle Edit! [telnet] [web] [email]
MtlGeek TWGS v2 server Accessible in telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net port 2002 or through telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net or with a web terminal at http://mtlgeek.com/. New games just introduced in late jan 2017 [telnet] [web] [email]
Momia BBS [telnet] [web] [email]
War Ensemble BBS with loads of door games. Tradewars is option 6 in the door games menu, then option 1. [telnet] [web] [email]
Amiga City TW Free server - large universe, 100 node! [telnet] [web] [email]
Crazy World BBS TWGS 10 000 Sectors, Great Game ! Linked thru Multiple BBS. Come join us :) Can only be Accessed dirrectly thru my bbs at this address telnet://crazyworldbbs.com [telnet] [web] [email]
Colorado Springs Central Net [telnet] [web] [email]
The Event Horizon [telnet] [email]
Byrgenwerth tw2002 Fear the old blood [telnet] [web] [email]

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