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If you would like to play TradeWars on a public site, direct your Telnet client or a TradeWars helper to any game's telnet address.

If you would rather play TradeWars alone or with a group of friends, download and install TWGS, the TradeWars game management software.

Site Name Description
Cruncher's TWGS [Play!] [telnet] [email]
Nexus BBS TWGS Server 100% FREE to play! Access all TWGS games today! Login via web interface, no clients required: http://www.thenexusbbs.com/tw2002/ [telnet] [web] [email]
Black Sun BBS [telnet] [email]
The Undermine Classic style BBS with many active games and message boards. Come check us out and stay for a spell! [telnet] [Muirhead@1:342/17 email]
Colorado Springs Central Net [telnet] [web] [email]
ChrisDenney.com & UltimateTW.com TradeWars 2002 brought to you live courtesy of @TheChrisDenney [telnet] [web] [email]
Vid Kids World Home of the Wandering Trophy Planet

& Random Planet Generator The Fastest TWGS in the Pacific Home of the longest running Public TradeWars Server Games for everyone! Where America's Day BeginsĀ®

[telnet] [email]
eXiled TWGS Alpha Quadrant Edits, Borg Edits, New Server, Fast Network [telnet] [web] [email]
JumpStart BBS [telnet] [email]
Fragged Games Veterans and noobs hanging out and enjoying one of the greatest games ever made. [telnet] [web] [email]
Starbase 21 BBS Running TWGS behind Major BBS 9.3. Looking for active players. Will setup games by request! We've got TWGS and more. Come check us out! HTML5 client available at our website. vector@starbase21.net [telnet] [web] [email]
Sultan Bey [email]
Rogue World TWGS A brand new BBS & door game revival project that has kicked off with a TradeWars 2002 server. Please join us & enjoy! Game suggestions welcome, email us! [telnet] [email]
Outpost9 Two games. 20000 and 30000 sect, 12000 turns per day [telnet] [email]
BBS-Style Tradewars Featuring limited time and turns, and a relatively small universe. [telnet] [email]
Death Gate BBS Reset 11/06/16 [telnet] [web] [email]
MtlGeek TWGS v2 server Accessible in telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net port 2002 or through telnet with mtlgeek.synchro.net or with a web terminal at http://mtlgeek.com/. New games just introduced in late jan 2017 [telnet] [web] [email]
Error 404 BBS Updated Games Settings !,I have opened them up alot to make a more modern server. come get some ! Telnet in at Error404bbs.DDns.net:404, or Error404bbs.com [telnet] [web] [email]
Ice's TW Server [telnet] [email]
TequilaMockingbird Online [telnet] [email]

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