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If you would like to play TradeWars on a public site, direct your Telnet client or a TradeWars helper to any game's telnet address.

If you would rather play TradeWars alone or with a group of friends, download and install TWGS, the TradeWars game management software.

Site Name Description
EIS BETA The official EIS beta site for TWGS, hosted at Gamemaster's Realm. [Play!] [telnet] [web] [email]
Cruncher's TWGS [Play!] [telnet] [email]
FirstQuarter-20K Sector, Gold, Custom Aliens New games start every 3 months. Feel free to play all! [telnet] [email]
Hell's Gate BBS [telnet] [email]
The Horizon BBS Web: http://www.horizonbbs.net - Telnet: bbs.horizonbbs.net Port 23, Tradewars 2002 Direct: Rlogin to bbs.horizonbbs.net Port 2002 [telnet] [web] [email]
MicroBlaster Network Let me know what you want to play, and I will be happy to hook you up! [telnet] [web] [email]
Rogue World TWGS A brand new BBS & door game revival project that has kicked off with a TradeWars 2002 server. Please join us & enjoy! Game suggestions welcome, email us! [telnet] [email]
Crazy World BBS TWGS 10 000 Sectors, Great Game ! Linked thru Multiple BBS. Come join us :) Can only be Accessed dirrectly thru my bbs at this address telnet://crazyworldbbs.com [telnet] [web] [email]
Wildcat's Castle BBS Classic TradeWars 2002 16-bit up to 10 games and TWGS 32-bit up to 25 games in BBS. Including Website's scores update everyday. Multiple games up to 18 lines in BBS. [telnet] [web] [email]
CORP 106 Hosted by the 106th Fleet. Come join in the fun! Gold Game, 30000 sectors, Custom Aliens, MBBS and some other custom settings. Time limit with no turns. IP port 32002. [telnet] [web] [email]
Steven's Computer Service v2.20b Server. 100 Node and 25 Game. Currently taking requests for games to run. Requests will be fulfilled as I receive them. Cmech me out on FaceBook and lets all have some fun. See you @ SD! [telnet] [web] [email]
ultima.games Come join us for online games ranging from space adventures, MUDs to interactive MMORPGs! [web] [email]
RDFIG Computer Solutions [email]
Outpost9 Two games. 20000 and 30000 sect, 12000 turns per day [telnet] [email]
Hunters Network Games 100 node server, come check us out, willing to start up any new game based on feedback. [telnet] [web] [email]
Death Gate BBS Reset 11/06/16 [telnet] [web] [email]
War Ensemble BBS with loads of door games. Tradewars is option 6 in the door games menu, then option 1. [telnet] [web] [email]
Black Sun BBS [email]
Slother's  Bulletin Board for the Casual Gamer [telnet] [web] [email]
JumpStart BBS [telnet] [email]

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