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Author Name : Kenn Washer
Year Written : 1995 edit...
Text Type : Player's Guide edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v2 edit...
Download : XFM0495.ZIP
Sample :
 The Xeulian Field Manual- Compiled by Kenn Washer for Trade Wars 2002 ver 2+
"For players... by players"

Much thanks and all the credit for this document go to the Fido Trade Wars
Echo and all the Trade Wars Players who participate in the echo....
especially the ones (many of them quoted here) who take the time to answer
the same questions over and over again as more people discover the echo
and the game of Trade Wars. Hopefully this document will help keep them
from re-answering the common questions so they can spend all their time
pondering the unknown questions....
"Cyberspace- A universe where I have many friends I have never met."
-Kenn Washer
Notes edit...

Xeulian Field Manual Text

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