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Author Name : Justin Curry (Psycho)
Year Written : 1993 edit...
Text Type : Documentation (Unofficial), Player's Guide edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v1 edit...
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Sample :
The TradeWars 2002 Bible!!!
By Psycho * 10/06/93 * v1.1

-= Table Of Contents =-
I. An introduction to this whole Bible! --------> All Read!

II. What is TradeWars 2002?
III. Basic Game Play
IV. Advanced Playing Techniques
V. Being Considered a 'good' player
VI. Using the Bugs in TradeWars -- A Dilemma
VII. Choosing Good or Evil
VIII. Being a Good 'N Legal Trader
IX. Being an Evil Trader
X. Bounties, good and evil
XI. Keeping an Evil Imperial StarShip
XII. Trapping Federals and Freeing Federals
XIII. Running A Corporation
XIV. Running A Piratical Corporation
XV. Anti-Backstabbing Yourself as a CEO
XVI. Backstabbing your CEO
XVII. Secret Alliances and Treaties
XVIII. The Worth of Planets and Citadels
XIX. The Worth of Aliens
XX. The Worth of Ferrengi
XXI. The Worth of other Traders
XXII. Using the StarDock to it's fullest
XXIII. Destroying Class 0 ports

<heh, you like this system, huh??! ;)>

I. The Bugs in TradeWars 2002
II. External Add-Ons to TradeWars 2002 <not many!>
III. Registered and Non-Registered Version of TradeWars 2002
IV. Port Pairs for Trading Easily
Notes edit...

TradeWars 2002 Bible v1.1

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