Gypsy's Big Dummy's Guide To TradeWars

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Published By : Crystal Ball Publications
Author Name : Rick Mead (Gypsy)
Year Written : 1997 edit...
Text Type : Documentation (Unofficial), Player's Guide edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v3 edit...
Download : TWGUIDE.ZIP
Sample :
Gypsy's Big Dummy's Guide To Tradewars

Trade Wars 2002 combines adventure and exploration with strategy
and cooperative play in an entertaining and exciting on-line
game. You compete against other BBSers to be the most powerful
trader (or corporation of traders) in the universe. Independent
traders can compete quite effectively against large corporations.
Corporate members can perform specific duties (as directed by
their C.E.O.)in specialized ships. Traders can be "good guys" or
"bad guys" with different avenues for advancement. The universe
can be different with each new game. There is no right or wrong
way to play and the possible strategies are limited only by one's

Tradewars for the MBBS combines all the great play of the classic
DOOR game for DOS BBS's and ports it to the multi-user environment
of the MBBS. This Manual will serve as a guide to new to moderate
experience type plyers. Feel free to visit Gypsy's War Room for more
features dedicated to Tradewars. The address is:
Gypsy's War Room

Notes edit...

Gypsy's Big Dummy's Guide to TradeWars

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