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[edit] Poems

[edit] December 27, 2003

Twas the day after Christmas and Res was running a muck.
Quoting top forty artists and rap songs and such.
The other Gent named Ghoury....
Quite a different story
Another no name trying only for fame
little does he know that it is one and the same
You guys talk trash and think its smack.
Thats like being in a porno and saying you can act.

The Outfits a joke with none as the Leader.
A TW Promotion gag ..mostly Bottom feeders.
A Perma Corp is more then a bunch of players.
A true corporation has many many layers.

Back in the day DE! comes to mind.
Boo! inc. and Wolfpack not far behind.
Puppet Masters and dont forget Dragons Elite.
Badhouse had it going on for a while i think.

The Difference you ask? The simularities you ponder?
We played with our friends....We Talked smack with Honor.
Never a phone call at work or a physical threat
Thats the difference between us potheads and
you crack heads i bet.

Bring out a real Tourny....And bring the OUTFIT.
It takes about two weeks...and then you Quit.
I'll be watching..maybe playing....having more fun then you
I wont get all [angry] if my corp has a problem or two.

My sub com wont chatter and my hails will be slack
You see none of my corpies are like you hooked on crack.
My women the Boo! babes treat me like a king.
Your women leave cuz of your small little thing.

You want to call out the ghost that day after joy
Ok punk let me show you why im a man and your a boy.
I have a job i work and never been to jail
My life is great in fact and yours is a living [heck].

Your Rap is weak chump dont ever call me out.
And my Games fill up faster then any game you can spout.
IF *I* promote it..the top guns will show....
If you promote it....Well of that we don't know.

I've been here from the start..I'll be here till the end.
I have many enemies that still call me friend.
You can tote that your OUTFIT is this or its that
But untuil you play a major your a corp is just crap.

You cant out rhyme me you can only curse
You cant be like me and flow from verse to verse
Your Bullcrap is transparent i see right thru it.
Be original you monkey..come on ,.,"You Can Do IT!!"

I've had my share of TW ladies.
None of them were born in the Eighties.
Medusa my darling once killed hELLCAT.
i bet you thats one kill hELLCAT didnt Cap.

SLG my fair lady my friend from the start.
A wonderful women with a beutiful Heart.
ISIS my dear girl likes them unlimited games.
As far as women go ISIS is a crazy dame.

You can't treat your women like one of your boyz.
And you can't treat a PERMA like one of your TOYS.
Your milkshake only brings all the boys to the yard
cuz your on your knees for all...(bleep)ing real hard.

The next time you want to talk trash with rap
Bring out the real stuff not that stolen crap
And when you get beat and dont know what to think
You been bested by the poet and GHOST from Boo! inc.

[edit] September 2003

BIG Chess Poem
Haunted Halloween Tournament 2003

Gather round ye TW folk let me tell u of the tale.
How some would make me genius and others [darn] me to [heck].
This little poem it won’t take but a little time
Let me give you a lyrical version of my crime.

My mind was racked and yet I’d ponder
HHT 2003?…. Why even bother?
But then I stopped and thought.
What type of game is it that I sought?

BIG... thanks to Jerry has been highly successful
Though to be a Captain.... is VERY stressful
So I'm thinking 15 should be just about right
With five Experienced captains to make a good fight.

Chess was the game that had many of our eye.
Originally thought of by that res judicata guy
Cherokee did the edits on version number 2
And Jerry knew the setup and exactly what to do.

So I threw it at him. Then he threw it back at me.
Combine BIG and CHESS to make HHT History.
Now I gotta tell ya not everyone was happy
In fact there were some who were down right crappy.

So then Oldtimer put up the page.
BIG Chess was all the RAGE!!!
There were only 75 spots to fill for the game.
Who is playing you ask? Anyone with a name!

Who you ask might the captains be?
Nazwes Chaiwind and of course Kemper3
Doc Who Cbs228 and There’s Cherokee
A Talented crew I’m sure you can see.

Those five will pick form those of us who want to play.
Will he pick you? You can only hope and pray.
Captains on draft day, Pick your players to go to WAR
Cause once your king is taken. The next tourney is the Us Open in 2004

So here it is despite your protest
With 5 captains and 70 players in a grand contest
With no time limits and plenty of bots.
Time to step it up and see what younz got.

Oct 31st lets see how its done
the one who has the fun is the one who has the gun
The one who has the fun is the one you can't out run
The one you can't out run will be the one that you stun.
And the one's who get eliminated can go cry to their mum's.

There are a few …who have said no.
They had other plans and somewhere to go.
BUT 75 peeps signed up in no time I think.
To play HHT 2003 with the Ghost from Boo! inc.

[edit] May 3 2003

Here it is Ladies and Gents the day of the Big Draft.
Today the chosen four decide about their staff.
Prestone will pick First and then ofcourse Attrition
Followed by Timbo and then Poe6e fulfilling the mission.

Some would say Tradewars is DEAD,My friends i beg to differ.
Judged by who is playing the competition couldn't be much stiffer.
If you promote it they will come some Oldtimer said to me.
So i said Build it Let them Come! Let's see how Big it can be.

The First BIG Game in 2002 it needed Legitimacy.
So i asked Ross For some Help and He gave it to me.
A GoodGuy at Heart that Pres man is and i Thanked him for his time
Little did he know that i would ofcourse include him in this rhyme.

Please Thank Jerry with all of your Heart Much work did he encounter
Twgs servers , websites & practice games i knew he would not flounder.
So it's All Ready And it's all set now the Groove is starting to flow.
And how much of a headache is it? Most of you will never know.

Here comes Part 2! Big Game Style And its as Loud as it can BE.
In just a few short weeks the Roster Grew over 100 players you can see.
If this game is dead then you explain how a game grew to this size.
This game Ain't dead bro, not even close it's all a pack of lies.

What this game needs is more promotion.
Even people like RES who cause a commotion.
Where there is Smoke a Flame will be
ALL GREAT games a Flame they will see.

So judge me not By his actions
Judge me not by separate factions
Judge me when you see the game
Judge me when you see the Flame.
Judge me NOT leave that to God
Judge me maybe when you kill my Pod.

And if you Judge me Then know this
I picked RES knowing you all would be [angry].
I didn't care and i still don't.
Ask me to replace him..And i still won't

Pres and Timbo Im sure won't Falter.
But my favorite Captain looks good in a Halter.
And im Goona play hard no matter how picked.
I'll even play without Medusa though i'll be ticked.

So Big Game 2 Let's Bring on the Draft
Let's see who picks Who and have a laff
Lets use the other server and push it to the brink.
Then say a prayer For the Ghost from Boo! inc.

[edit] March 26, 2000

Smack Attack!

The Smack attack by definition is raw
It's one of the funniest things i ever saw
With Ego's Fantastic..And minds non Elastic
Calling each other Small.

One says that I'm better,,,That one say's no not EVER.
Yet .........both of them have not a clue
With thier heated debate,,,they stay up all late.
And Entertain more then a few.

The questions get asked,,The info is passed,
Yet some of them think its untrue,
So they holler and moan till once they are shown.
And then they claim .........they told you!

Let it never be said
that an issue is dead
Till everyone posts up thier say.
but watch and U'll learn,,My Respect you will earn,,,
If your slammed at least 2 times a day.

The Ghost with the most,,,Is happy to post.
Very verbal i have been called...
Bring your issue's this way......I'll not shy away.
Till your Quiestions and Issue's are solved.

Ofcourse there are two kind of posts,,,some would say 3
There's the whine and the Flame,,,,(they are the same to me)
There's the Questiones we are asked...Sometimes repeatedly.
Then answers we give,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always quit willingly
So i guess when you look at it......... it's not 3 but 4.
But if we break it down further,,,there is probably more.

Politics and public approval,,they are one and the same..
Someone will get upset and start to complain
But when asked whats the matter,,,They wont mention a name.
Yet they continue to offer themselves for a flame.
And I will light the Fire,,They have only themselves to blame.

The US Open is over,,,,,,,,The Census Seems to be..
That a winner decalred,,,,,,,all grievences aired....
And the victory claimed by DE!
So As i finish this poem and put a end to my rhyme
please be assured this wont be the last time.
That i pick up the keyboard and happily post
lyricks and rhymes from this Boo! inc. Ghost

[edit] December 12, 2006

Twas The Night Before Christmas and this is part 2.. 
I Was looking around for something to do...
I played all my turns At Vaders Game L..
When the Truce ends over there its gonna be [heck]....

Lately i've just being taking it slow...
Playing one Game at a time..Mostly playing Solo
Havent really made myself available much
I may be using the holidays as a crutch

So let me tell you i was sorry to see.
Yet more players from TW seem to be Retiring.
Most will come back...Ya prolly Loc too...
Tw-Cabal's infamous Traitor we will All miss you.

I could leave and come back for many to see..
I could do it in style like EleqTrizi'T.
I could Hate UTW and be like ReXX Crowe.
I could be Happy with Grandkids like Rat and Snow.

I Could keep telling you All that some day i will die.
It could be like the US Open...and end my life in a Tie.
I could be Sage and announce tons of game starts.
I could be like Kav..Cuz he's an old Fart.

I could be like The Rev and have a server thats fast
I could be like Vulcan Hosting Corp Wars at last.
I could be like Howie on Deal or no Deal.
No wait..i can't do that..I'd be bald as [heck]!!!

I Could be like Xide and make a proxy for the game.
I could be like Res Judicata and Ruin my Name.
I could be like Thrawn and have my very own TW Academy
I could teach others the game and Grow my TW family.

I could be like Vid Kid..Always Dedicated to the Game
Just like all you Jump Gate Beta's no matter your name
I could be like Elder Prophet and make TWX better then ever.
I could just be myself it's not like im getting better.

I could be like Santa Clause and Give you all a Gift.
Wish you a Merry Christmas ,,give your spirits a lift
So here's what I'll say before i turn off the light.
Have a very Merry Christmas..and to all a Good Night.

[edit] February 27, 2000

I wish i had one life left......I wish I surely do....... 
So that I might come...and join the fun..Could u spare a life or 2???

I wish i had 1 life left....such a miracle i pray...
Cuz if i had 1 life left.....I'm sure all of you would say
For if i had 1 life left.....It would only last........... a Day!!!!

I wish i had 1 life left........I take this thought to heart.
For had i lived.. It would not been said.. that i didnt do my part.
I wish i had 1 life left.........But Sigh,,,it's not to be........
I just hope and pray ..that i wont be first USO #3.

I wish I had one life left......By now you must surely see.
I wish i had one life left......Instead i have to wait for WTC.
I wish i had one life left......I don't care what you think!
I wish i had one life join my buddies in Boo! inc.

I wish i had one life left......The result im sure the same.
But hey i still get the tag line.....that goes there by my name.
I wish i had one life left.....Then i wouldn't have to show...
The Ghost With the Most!!!........... <<PODS IN THE USO>>

I wish i had one life left......cuz now i'm truley Bored.
I wish i had one life left......i pray to thee dear Lord!
I wish i had one life left.....That will Surely be my Toast!
Cuz Boo! inc Can Win ..YES sir! my friend,,Even without the Ghost!

[edit] February 19, 2000

Twas 3 Nights Since Open 

Twas three nights since Open And wouldn't you know!
I already only have................. 2 deaths to go!
I lived with server changes,,,,,,,,,,,Figures as much....
Some will stick with it ,,,,Some will use it as a crutch

Three times i tell ya , i came for the Show.....
Three times i watched ,Amazed at my Foe....
Hellcat I tell you he has the most kills....
Head aches i tell ya ,,,,I take lotsa Pills....

You guys are all grinning,,,,I understand why......
Your thinking of the day.... that my pod you will fry,,,,
But it hasnt happened least not yet,,,
The odds arent in my favor....I'd not make a BET

But People are all Dieing dropping in pods left and Right.....
It's mighty dangerous out there,,,its quite a sight
Massive people out there not just one or two
More then one are in pods,,,infact quite a few....

The Server now stable....We have nothing to fear
The place ?? Why Home Sector!! On the Mighty Premier!!!
By now i can tell...most of you......... are on the Brink......

[edit] September 23, 1999

Another TOP 40 hit from Boo! inc 

You can always tell when i have too much time on my hands.....
Here is yet another smash hit to the Tune of Michael Jacksons BEAT IT!
Dedicated to Kavanagh

Why must you always be a BLUE young man?
You drive that ISS cause thats all you CAN!
I'm goona try and help you try to give you a hand,
Just STEAL IT! * *Just STEAL IT!

You can run them collies till your BLUE in the face!
But with out those REDS you'll never WIN the RACE!
The REDS are the one's who set the PACE!

Steal it......Steal it.....
Get yourself a COLT and Script it!
Steal some Equipment then steal some Fuel..
if you can do it they'll never call you a FOOL!
So just Steal it!!! just STEAL IT.

Your always running refurbs.and..I thank you very much
But i always give you things like credits figs and such
The planets that you make me always get me in Duetch!

So Just Steal it! * * Just Steal it!!

[edit] April 2002

I can feel the need for release of words in rhyme.
It's something that i like to do from time to time.
In the previous 3 months many changes have come.
Many have just started Many have said that's it..."I'm done."
BadGirl and Guardian are great friends of mine...No doubt.
Im sorry to see my friend Barb,Leave the game and step out.
Just recently there has been much speculation.
About the Use of scripts and game automation.
Yet can't none of you remember not but a short time ago?
Guardian said the Same things and then retired from the flow.

Scripts... and macro's... and robots...... oh MY
Xide's new TWX ..I can't Beat it Cry!!!
Then rush to his web page and use it to Buy,
His awesome program and make others Die!!!
Whats that you say? No time to learn something new??
Ok then let me just shout out a few names at you...
SupG! I Tell you, he's first and top of my list,,,
This TWX scripting language he's gotten the jest.
SupG! does more..Like a Cave to a Cavern
He has a great website...The Tw Scripters Tavern.
Survey_Says Has Free Script pack too.
There is more FREE scripts there then you will use!!
His website is open for all of you to to browse.
just point on the script...and click with ur mouse.
And last but not least..While i am spouting this verse.
There is yet more free scripts at The Defenders of The Universe.
I've not mentioned free Zoc scripts cuz The Rev's Got them all beat.
When it comes down to ZOC scripts You must sit at his Feet.
Not far behind though i dont know the source.
Dell Bond has scripts that are the main course.

Wow all of those Scripts and ALL of them for FREE!!!!
Heck go check out the TWX site.You might like what you see.
The players I've played with are mostly now leaving.
The Game of tradewars 2002 is not what they are breathing.
To my retired brothers and sisters of late.
May God surely bless you and smile on your fate.

Lastly let me say that sping's finally here!!
It makes me think of the WTC each and every YEAR!!
So Fuse i must cry let WTC attract some attention!!!!
Oh ya and Fuse...Let spread the word on the Convention!!!!
Kansas city im told has river boat gambling!!!
All of us TW warriors better get scrambling!!!!
Let's pick out a date and move it to reality.
Cuz im gonna be there I won't be an absentee!!!!
Tradewars Conventiion I've made them all so far!!
You just got make one!! by plane train or car!!!!
I don't do much there except choke smoke and Drink.
This Tradewars poem is brought to you by the Ghost from Boo! inc.

[edit] February 2002

It's febuary 2nd and wouldnt you know!
The USO has less then two weeks to go!!
Yet I still have to wonder how this one will play out.
Since the edits are not still leaves a doubt!!!!

The Web site states these edits are not done!!!!
We are left in the that isn't fun!
It clearly states 1 planet will upgrade fast.
Will it make lots of figs?? Will it carry enuff gas??

The ships they state.. they might add a few.
But we dont have details..not even a clue.
The edits will be fair the web site it states.
But will we know what they are before the opening date?

Also in doubt is a matter of time...
Not knowing ofcourse is the only crime
will it be 4 hours?? 5 ?? maybe six!!!!!
Please dear god tell me..I need my fix.

Fed parking it states will last for a week.
Details i tell you! thats what i seek!
Finish the edits! Then post it to all.
Please post the Edits! This is my call!

The Winners from past... The Dark and DE!
GoodGuys they did it..And next will be ME!!!!!
Haunted House Industries..Whose that you say?
A division of Boo! inc. so stay out of our way!

The first and the sceond..I was the first one OUT!!
but not in the Third in case you have doubt.
I wont be out first in this one ..No matter what you think.
This USO poem is brought to you by the Ghost from Boo! inc.

[edit] December 2000

Ah yet another page turns in the History of our Game.
That E Guy and Aitvo are mostly to Blame..
Eleq gets an idea and Aitvo Heralds The Way.
But must you Change the name of the place that i play???

Recount!!! I tell you! whose idea was this? How was i missed??
If u change from HOME SECTOR i'm goona be [angry]!!!
I've won a few game's ....And lost more then a few....
Please keep it HOMES SECTOR I dont WANT anything NEW!!

The reputation of Home Sector stands above reproach.
Trading its name is like leaving First Class ...for Coach.
Leave it alone !!! Home Sector is Just Fine!!!!
Changing the name would be committing a Crime!!!

Renaming Home Sector????Say it isnt So!!!!
Leave it alone!!! DON'T Let it GO!!!!!!
"Keep it Home Sector" That will be my PLEA!!
"Keep it Home Sector" ....Just Leave it BE!!!!!

I've played the USO there and the WTC!!!
The name Home Sector is Special To me!!!
But if you MUST change it ....though i'd think you a LOUSE
I'm Kinda partial to naming it " The Haunted House"

[edit] January 2000

The best poem is the title of his cunning ryhme
i could beg to differ ,but i havent got the time.
He goes on spouting about REX being on his crew
But thats ok i've PODDED him TOO.

He goes out and recruits Tw's elite....
Then JOINS last years CHAMPION
Thinking we all, will grovel at his FEET

I got some bad news..... for my buddy Auggie...
With out last years CHAMP,he couldnt even bother me...
this rhyme is real small..u could say itty bitty
But you cant even spell!!! There is no Q in electricity!!!

[edit] February 2000

Twas the night before open.......and im sitting here all stoned.......
All instructions have been given.....all corpies.i'd
We got one more day to....... wiggle ............and squirm.....
Cuz at open i promise We Will See what you Learned....

The egroups were Quiet......a few posts here and there.......
Some Questions were answered......A few views were shared
Im just settling down now myself,,,,my mind all a Rattle........
For the morrow shall bring forth one [Heck] of a Battle.......

Amazing I tell you,,,,The logic at hand
The teams that have entered.....where different people stand......
The Black Knight's aren't playing..thier members spread out,,,,
Ego's to Match ..yet who has the Clout???

The hands down Favorite???? Well who do you think????
It sure [Heck] isnt........ us guys at Boo! inc.
To tell the future I look to the past....Peace won it last year now aint
that a Gas!
Fore With EleQ and Guardian and dont forget Rip....,Ret...,...and Rex
They are the odds on favorite but look .....lets see who is next......

Badhouse I tell you they follow up Here.This team is Lethal and one you
should fear
They tied the Last BOTE and Work well as a Team..
If they ever invade you,,,,you Will see what i mean...
So Whose next you ask??? Who can Follow that Act.....
Why none other then Rolodex With CEO hELLCAT........

That team looks sweet With Hekate and DH to follow in stride
If i see any of them comming I'm Looking to HIDE.....
So who follows up after ???????? its anyone's guess.....
Most teams have one or Two....... of the Best of the Best.....

But remember my friends the fun of the game.....
All in All it Will Never Ever Be the Same....
For these are the Days Where Legends Begin
And These are the Games We ALL want to WIN.

"But please Dont Worry"............. I Said with a Wink......
I wont forget to mention,,,This Poem..Is Brought to you by....Boo! inc.

[edit] Farewell Comments and Stories

[edit] Cruncher

When I first returned just about a year ago, I got a phone call from this very excited little man. "Hey Baby!" were the first words I heard, and even though it had been 10 years since I heard that voice, I knew exactly who he was.

My caller ID for that number is simply SG. He was so excited that I was returning and wanted so desperately to help me to use today's "tools" so I could compete again. We had many conversations about how I knew I could still play manually, and him insisting I could not. Until finally I agreed to use TWX and was totally frustrated trying to get the thing working!

Finally I just said here go to PC Anywhere and gave him access to my computer so he could install it for me and teach me how to use it. I have to laugh now, but I know I frustrated the heck out of him, but not intentionally though. When I didn't understand and asked a question, he would keep repeating the same answer only louder each time!

After all these years, I don’t think he and I every really played together, and I had hoped to get the chance to play against him in one of the solo games. He truly was a unique personality and a very good friend. Miss ya SG!


[edit] T0yman


[edit] Vader

I never knew SG on a personal level, but I did get to play with him a time or two. We corped up for a USO. This one stuck out because, the game was basically over and we were all stuck in Fed Space. The rest of the corp wanted to bail. We had no chance. But SG logged in every single day. For a month or more. We ended up getting third place just for that. SG was tenacious. He took risks. He loved TW. I always appreciated that he had time to answer questions or give me feedback on stuff. He was a great ambassador for this silly game we play. Anyone that ever met him, remembered him. We're going to miss you old friend.

[edit] Vulcan

I never got to meet SG in person, but had quite a few phone talks and Teamspeak talks with him as well as exchanged lots of emails back and forth.

But what I remember most, is wehen I first got back into playing, I wasn't using any helpers or scripts, and was playing by hand, and some macro's. We were in one of the BOTE's and he and one of his corpmates were trying their damnedest to pod me while going into and out of Stardock, it drove him nuts, and wanted to know what scripts I was using, when he found out I was doing it by hand, he complemented me on the play, then started showing me the new world of the scripts and bots that were out, so I wouldn't be wearing my hands out. I still remember that well, on that game he and his corpmates took my corp out but me early in the game, then they finally got me, that is when he started teaching me about TWX Proxy and the use of scripts and bots with it. He made playing the game less tiresome on my hands to say the least. though I still like to play a totally manual game from time to time.

SG was the first person to get me into the new TW game play. And I will never forget that. And will always remember him as one of the top players and teachers of the game. Even though in later years we drove each other crazy in game and in forums, but when we talked in person on phone, teamspeak or on personal Emails we worked things out and really got along. He was that kind of person. At the end of the day, you always knew you had a friend and someone you could talk to, no matter what.

[edit] JP

This is unbelievably sad. I've known SG for so many years, though only through the computer. Our relationship was very casual. Basically, SG was there anytime I needed someone to chat with about TW, he ran my forum for several years when it was the furthest thing from my mind for long stretches, and lately he's been one of the dominant forces behind my current work on the game. It only takes one or two people with the enthusiasm that Tom had for this game to make me feel that my time and effort are worthwhile. There aren't a lot of people who are passionate about this game, but the fact that there are people like Tom, that's what keeps me energized about this game after all of these years. And when a friend like Tom departs this community, as Lisa Wilson (Rave) did in 2002, and others have since, it leaves a void. After Lisa passed away, I didn’t want to go near the game for several years. With Tom's passing, I feel I owe him to follow through on so many of the things we have talked about for this game over the years. As I wrap up this version and think about the future of TradeWars, Tom will be with me, as Lisa always has been, motivating me to keep pushing, keep the game alive. It's such a scant consolation to Tom's family, but he is part of this game and part of him will live as long as this game lives on. There is so little I can do in the face of something so tragic and heartbreaking, but what I can do I will.

I've been planning to unveil a new Fed in this version, Captain Wilson aboard the USS Destiny after Lisa Wilson/Cutler, AKA Rave, and her daughter, Destiny who was born just before she passed away. I would also like to add either a Fed or a wandering Pirate as a memorial to Tom. I was thinking I could make it a ghost ship that just wanders in space, invincible. If anyone has an idea what to call him and his ship, I’m open to suggestions. Also, if there are any taunts he liked to use during games, I could make a list of them and he could use them to taunt players he comes across in the game.

Farewell, Tom. You were a great friend and I will miss you.

[edit] Kaus

Many of my favorite memories involve SG as a player and his yearly night before Christmas postings. Space Ghost had tenacity to keep going no matter what people tossed his way. He never gave up in game regardless of the circumstances, his ideas while sometimes zany were full of passion for the game. I almost always smiled when he approached me with new ideas for scripts (sometimes from bemusement at the request) due to his enthusiasm. The ghost with the most was not a quitter, last to CBY first to log in. Tom loved this game and this community, I will sorely miss him as both a CEO and a friend.

I can remember a time when I was playing a game with a handle named TheJoker or something like that, SG didn't want certain people to know he was in game for whatever reason. Anyways the way I found out that TheJoker who had made a new ICQ handle as well was SG was because his Mombot had the SG tag at the end. I always chuckle when I think of this story because it reflects the player who I knew as Space Ghost. Someone who tried and tried really had but always seemed to have some minor detail bite him and throw off his game. This part of the player was repeated throughout the years I knew him. From self podding to blowing up planets with full corp mates on it trying to defend our sectors.

Whatever the player known as Space Ghost may have lacked he made up for sheer dedication to his corp, his friends and this forum. I am a better player for having known him and will miss Tom. I hope that JP will make the pod manufacturer Space Ghost Industries, I know that he would get a real kick out of having a pod named after him and I think that better embodies the player I knew as Space Ghost.

[edit] Singularity

The first game I saw SG in was the 2005/2006 BYOC. Bud picked him as our head red. I thought "who's this kook writing TW poetry?"

Later that year, he hosted Big Game and HHT. Both were classic SG style games. Big Game had a planet with 100k ore and shields, and a planet with 1m ore and no shields. HHT had long tunnels, a universe that stretched some 60 hops, and ships with 85 holds to get there. Oh, and planets never went mobile. It was his attention to details that made an SG edit unique.

SG loved to make edits, loved to host games, loved to play in challenging games. He loved to play for the long haul. If a team couldn't handle a 60-day game, he'd make sure it lasted that long. He enjoyed playing red as much as many of us enjoy playing the grid war. He loved to run SST and SDT. He was as giddy as a school girl when he finally got his own team SDT script. After cashing, it was pgrid time. "Scooby?" and pgrid'n we go.

Over the years, we played many games together. We created many edits together, setup many tournies. The best consolation I have is that we won our last game against Kraaken together... hehe.

IRC log: (09:06:18 AM) SpaceGhostTW: hey bro u around? (09:06:23 AM) Singularity_TW: Sup man? (09:06:25 AM) Singularity_TW: How you doing? (09:06:37 AM) SpaceGhostTW: im well just bored (09:06:46 AM) Singularity_TW: LOL (09:06:54 AM) Singularity_TW: still in the hospital? (09:07:01 AM) SpaceGhostTW: any chance u can put that sdt file up for me to download? (09:07:07 AM) Singularity_TW: yeh one sec (09:07:12 AM) SpaceGhostTW: ya still in hosptial bored using gotomypc

Even in the hospital for a heart attack, he was still playing.

The guy was always the first to volunteer for a crazy mission, and the first to suggest a crazy tactic. It landed him in a pod more than not, but it never slowed him down.

Heck, even now he's still podding people. People say "I'll keep going till I'm dead!" ... well in SG's case, he's going to keep going a little while after that.

[edit] Guardian

There is so many stories ... but here are a few come it mind and put a smile on my face

When I moved To Virginia Beach back in Aug 2000 ... him and his son helped me move in ... he never physically met me before that day , but never hesitated and reach out and helped a person he considers a friend ....also during that time the phone company was on strike ( Bell Atlantic ) and couldn't get phone put in my apartment ..... him and his wife gave up one of their cell phones , for the time until I could get my phone installed ..... Not many people would do a little bit more for someone they only just met for about a week .

At the first couple days of the HHT 2000 ... my modem in my computer went out ... SG took time out of his day ... came over and let me use his extra external modem ( we were on opposing corps ) .... few hours later I destroyed his ship and pod with the connection he provided .... thought for sure he would come over and take it back

TW Con 2001 ( btw have the pics on my facebook but can't upload them to tw facebook site ) ..... the first night we are all mingling and having a good time ... SG coughed ( the type that was loaded ) .... Someone said that is bad ..... he says watch this then .... from our balcony he did a spit that seemed to be 1.5 to 2 feet long ( fuseblown might be able to get the specific length since he was the closest ) ... then he sucked it up in one breath .... we were rolling ... think my wife was about half sick .... makes me smile every time I remember it

We all know of his love of the game and devotion to it .... here is another example of his dedication ( or addiction ) to the game .... while he was helping his boss with website and new computer system ( Used Car lot ) .... he talked him into getting a t3 ..... No reason for it , except he wanted to be able to play the game really well in between car sales with no lag .

My wife ( Bad Girl ) ... used to say he died more time then Kenny on South Park

With his Risky style at times ( especially at the beginning of some of the early tournaments ) ... was a running joke on how quick he would get in a pod at the beginning of the game ..... he usually came back into the game with vengeance .

I miss my friend ... see him on the other side

[edit] Medusa

The first time I ran into SG in the TWars....(He will always be SG to me), I was playing a game in VaBeach...I think it was on Cupids (about 1.5 decades ago). Rupert and I were struggling trying to set something up, and of course, kept being invaded. One day, sitting in our little tunnel (inexperienced) we were once again being invaded. Space Ghost was online and sent ship's mail to a channel. We went to it, and he offered a blindwarp. Hmmmmm... someone we didnt know offering a blindwarp...I looked at Rup (husband at the time), and he said..."you go". So I did...and I survived!!!!

A couple of weeks later SG took me to a "bigger" game. He was Evil, of course, and he set me up at Star Dock. Gave me $$$, told me what to do and what to buy (ISS, of course). When it came to naming the ship...took about 2 seconds..."Boo's B*tch". Over 90% of my ISS's were named that.

I don't know how many newbies he killed on tag figs around SD in the "early days". I know when he did, (maybe caused I b*tched at him about it??) he would give me $$, send me to SD and have me deposit the $$ in their account. They would buy another ship...wander out....come back in...hit the tag....and the cycle would repeat itself *SIGH* (SG heard THAT enuf times from me). If the newbies were persistent enough...He would invite them to join him.

SG was the "teacher extraordinaire". Yeah...he would lose patience...he yelled at me a gazillion times...but he would not give up on anyone if they were "true to the corp". The message I got most often from him the first year or so, was "MED! FED OFF", (cause I would get in a pissin' match with someone) and off it would go. Got to the point..never turned it on whether I was playing with SG or not.

SG was my mentor...SG is my TWars Hero!!

[edit] Runaway Proton

SG taught me a lot to both like, and dislike about this game. He played to win. I've both butt heads with him, and laughed with him.

He will be missed.

[edit] Raptor1886

I am terribly sorry to hear this I wish the best for his family and all of his loved ones. Trade Wars will never be the same without his antics and insane game edits. I will miss the big guy.

[edit] LoneStar

SG finally left Fed Space for the Ultimate Adventure.

Keep those Photons hot, and fly safe Bud. Don't forget to scrub.

[edit] Wildstar

He taught me a lot. We would play in a closed game and we would help each other out. In typical Wildstar fashion...

SG..Dont forget to use ore whore in the great beyond.

I will miss you my friend.

[edit] Krimsonblade

Horrible news..... best wishes and prayers to his family. As a long time pillar to the tw community he will be missed hopefully JP will dedicate a little something in the new release to his memory.

[edit] Bad Girl

The news of SG just saddened both Guard and I. We lived in Va Beach so we knew Tom personally. Thinking back about all the times we would meet SG on Guard's day off for lunch at the pool hall. SG was the first person to take me to me I protested I didnt really care to see girls in skimpy shorts.. he said oh no.. they have great,,,,sure Tom that is why we went there....lmao...SG and I fought like crazy in TW but outside of the game I would always consider him my friend. He was a gentleman. He helped me and my daughter pick out her first car, which she loved. He helped Guard move his furniture in when he moved from Ohio to Va Beach...lent him a cell phone because the phone company was on strike. We have many fond memories of the man named Tom.. We have out pouring sympathy for Dena and TJ (we remembering taking SG's son when he was around 10 to play lazer tag and had a blast with him.. a great boy) your lost is so great but the memories of the husband and father are even greater. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Wish we could be in Va Beach but I understand from Guard that you will be up in PA when we get to Va Beach next week.

Barb aka Bad Girl

[edit] Kaus

Im speechless, Sg was a great guy. He was a great leader, friend and dedicated individual. My condolences to his family.

[edit] Xanos

Well this is a terrible shock, I don't know what to say yet. We played many games together, always good times. I will miss all his crazy ideas that often didn't work and got us blown up alot, but sometimes brought wins against great odds. Some of his poetry from many years ago can still be found; I'll try to post it here.

[edit] Kavanagh

Very sad to lose a great friend of many, many years. I met him once in person; a very fine man. My condolences to Dena and his son.

Goodbye Tom.

[edit] Desert Fox


[edit] Zoobar

We were best friends and corpmates back when I played.

SpaceGhost truly loved this game and everyone involved.

This is very sad news.

RIP bro.

Zoobar Proud member of BooInc.

[edit] Ender

Tom you will be missed bro. Rest in peace. My prayers go out to your family.

[edit] HiTechRedneck

My sincerest condolences to Mrs. SG and her family. I know I'm late with this but I just got back online. Very sorry to hear this news. He will be missed.

[edit] Fuseblown

Peace, Space Ghost. It's been almost 10 years, but I'll miss you, buddy.

[edit] MisBehavin

Tom (Space Ghost) will be greatly missed not just to the TW community but to friends and family that thought very highly of him. Rest in peace my friend.

[edit] Adomma

I also am deeply saddened by this loss. As a teammate and opponent he will be greatly missed.

[edit] Thrawn

I am known as Thrawn, moderator on Classic TW and owner of Outpost-4 TradeWars. I first met Tom when I joined Classic TW and he convinced me to being the Open Discussion moderator. He and I had a few laughs at times, and there were a few ti...mes where he and I locked horns. With my military background, I have been use to black and white, no loopholes in the rules. But Tom had a way to make me see things in other colors, that not everything had to be black and white, and helped me to adjust as my role as a moderator.

Being I live on the West coast and with my retirement in the military, we (my wife Cathy [aka Daala] and I) were trying to find a way to pay respect to Tom and his wife Dena. So when we heard the news, I did the only thing I know and understand. Some of us in our unit played TradeWars, and Space Ghost was well known to a few of us. After consulting with my commanding officer, and talking with my rescue unit, we will fly our regimental flag at half-mast for the duration. This is our way to thank Tom for his hard work and dedication to the community and the game. I know that Tom would understand the gesture, and it is our way to pay respect. As we say in the Army- "we look after our own". To us, Tom was one of our own.

Dena, we are very sorry for your loss. Know that Tom has touched many people in his life in one way or another. He made the TW community a great place to belong to, and will never be forgotten. Know that all of us are here for you- you have inherited a huge family.

Tom- as we stand on the parade square, as the flag moves to its position, know that we honor you for everything you accomplished. Thank you for being a good friend, not just to me, but to everyone you touched in your life. Thank you for being yourself and always standing on your own principles and beliefs without wavering. Thank you for making us and others feel welcomed into the TradeWars community. We salute you.

I know you will understand this when I say-

Semper Fidelis

[edit] Dr Doog

I've only chatted with him a few times, and he was always very helpful. He will be missed. Rest in peace SG

[edit] Kane

Sorry to hear about his passing. TW wont be the same with out him.

[edit] Speed Demon

This is so sad and he was so young. We chatted a little here and there back when I was active always fun to play TW with and always fun to pod lol one of the old timers who just never seemed to get tired of TW. It’s too bad I never got to know him better. I wish his family the best and hope everything is going well for them in such a sad time. SG will be missed.

[edit] lewdpotato

Ode to SG

He was the ghost with the most love him or hate him in the TW forum we all would debate him

Right or wrong red or blue He'd sneak up behind you and just say BOO!

He always made time to help you out or hand you a pod and then warp out He'd say hey bro enjoy your pod next time don't go where others have trod

In real life he was a good man in the game of tw he was'nt half bad we're all gonna miss him but our hearts will mend I just want to say good bye old friend

[edit] Traitor

Dammit! Always getting in before me in the rebang!

Miss ya buddy! Save me a spot in yer corp!

[edit] Farley

Even tho we didnt see eye to eye, I was saddened to hear the news. I wish his family the best, and will remember them in my prayers.

[edit] hELLCAT

Oh man, yeah that's terrible news. He was always so nice to me even though I was a total child (and acted like it). RIP Space Ghost, you were truly a great guy.

[edit] White Knight

Sad to hear about Space Ghost.. He was a great person.. and a great TW2002 player

Maybe we could have a SG Memorial Tournament or something.

If I remember right he was part of organizing the Haunted Halloween Tournament

Wonder if there are any of those great games saved domewhere

Those were great years Of course we were all 10-20 years younger

RIP Space Ghost

[edit] Corvey

I'm also sorry to hear about the loss of SG recently. I'd like to think maybe I've played a TW game with him at some point in my life before the year 2002. Who knows, I may have and not realized it. It's kind of odd though, but I do kinda feel like I know this cat. His spirit will be around forever though, and with that his legacy will indeed live on.

[edit] Baited

I was just contacted on MSN about this. I will always remember all of my conversations with SG and will keep his wife and family in my prayers.. RIP SG you will be missed.

[edit] River Rat

OMG I can't believe I am so sad to see this pioneer is gone. Please send my sympathy to his wife. I haven't played in so long but SG has been there whenever you needed him. It will be a great loss to all of us. My prayers are this you.

[edit] Tom's Taxi, The Space Cruiser

ok so i wanted to show off what exactly it is i do for a living.,..

This is my Taxi Cab...


Inside my Taxi i have installed a Desktop computer 5 monitors...1 in each sunvisor 1 in each Headrest And a Wireless Wifi Router that gives everyone in the taxi internet access (wifi ).




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