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Published By : EIS, Martech Software
Author Name : Gary Martin, John Pritchett
Year Written : 1997 edit...
Application Type : TW Version edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : 2002V309.ZIP, 2002V309-DPMI.ZIP, TWGS10300.EXE
Description :
                              TRADE WARS 2002
Version 3

(C) Copyright 1990 - 1997 by Martech Software, Inc.

A quality on-line game brought to you by
Martech Software, Inc.

Overview of Changes

The most notable changes in Trade Wars 2002 v3 are its interactive
capabilities. Trade Wars has always been a "multiplayer" game, but the DOS
version was never designed to handle multiple players in the game
simultaneously. This new version upgrades the DOS Trade Wars game to the level
of the Major BBS "interactive Trade Wars". For example,

In previous versions, a player entering the game would receive a "snap-shot" of
the universe. The player was essentially alone, because, even though others
occupied the universe, they were "frozen" for the duration of the game
session. Aliens, Ferrengi, and Feds only existed within that player's
universe, and their movement was triggered by the player's movements. The new
version breaks down the barriers between you and the other players. While
playing, you will see other players and non-players moving from sector to
sector, landing on ports and planets, and even attacking one-another.

Previously, there was no need for a means of communication beyond simple
e-mail. The new version requires a more instantaneous, interactive form of
communication. These needs are met with not one, but four modes of
communication in addition to the improved mail system. And these new chat
modes aren't even available in the Major BBS version.

For SysOps, the Trade Wars utilities (TEDIT and EXTERN) can now run
concurrently with the game sessions. All changes made with these utilities
will be represented in the games instantaneously.

One feature that hasn't been updated is the reasonable cost of registration.
At $25 for new registrations, its still an unbeatable value. And did I mention
that it's FREE to all registered owners of Trade Wars 2002?

Notes edit...

TradeWars 2002 v3 ANSI Files

TradeWars 2002 v3 was initially released like all previous TW versions, as a BBS door game. However, in 1998, when EIS took over TradeWars development, support for the BBS version of TradeWars was discontinued and all new releases of TWv3 were available for TWGS only.

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