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Author Name : Douglas Underwood
Year Written : 1998 edit...
Application Type : Helper edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v3 edit...
Download : edit...
Description :
The Tradewars Tw2002 Helper that is Compatible with the Internet and Windows 95/98/NT.

* Windows 95/98/NT Compatible.
* Telenet enabled for PPP dialups, Networks and Cable modems.
* Works with DOOR, MBBS and GOLD versions
* Windows GUI Interface with pull down menus, Help System and Speed buttons.
* Easy to use Dialogs and full mouse support.
* Support for 20,000 sector Gold versions
* WinModem support (Window's TAPI Modems)
* Full ANSI Window that is Sizable.
* Chat while you play via Chat window. Gold 3.09 Enhanced.
* Zero Turn Mapping with CIM Import/Export
* Bubble finder/Displayer
* Visual Mapping (In Progress)
* Quick Navigation Menu that shows Closest Trading ports, Unexplored, Stardock (Class 0), All
closest port types
* Surf the Web and Check your Email while playing TW2002.
* Holo, Ether and Manual Exploring methods.
* Browser like Bookmarks to keep track of Sectors, ports, enemy locations..

Notes edit...
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