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Author Name : Harold Weiss (Slice)
Year Written : 1994 edit...
Text Type : Player's Guide edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v2 edit...
Download : SLICE-10.ZIP
Sample :
Hello! This file is a compilation of documents I have gotten from the Fido
TradeWars echo and from my own personal experiences. Since Beta 5 has been
out for so long and it doesn't look very hopeful for a Beta 6 I decided to put
out a file to bring new players up to speed on all the "quirks" of Beta 5.
Obviously, this is for the 2002 2.0 Beta 5 version of Tradewars. For 1.03 or
1.03d games I would HIGHLY suggest getting a copy of Iago's War Manual. It's
the bible for those versions and some of the strategys are still valid
here. Even if you're playing a Beta 5 game I would put that on your
recommended reading list.

I would like to thank the following people for their contributions of
information in this file....

Jeffrey Culbreth
Tony Dye
John A Elson
Gary Fowler
Steve Griffin
Craig Healy
Mike Magero
Mickey Platko
Stephen Whitis
Brit Willoughby
Jason Wilson
Dayne Zimmerman

The Topics may jump around a bit but it's all very useful information.
Notes edit...

Slice's War Manual v1.0

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