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Author Name : Rick Mead (Gypsy)
Year Written : 1997 edit...
Text Type : Feature edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : None edit...
Sample :
(War Room):    I think we would all like to know a little about you, what is 
your background?

(Gary Martin): Well the closest label anyone could put on me would be
"Dilbert". I'm a Systems Engineer, working mostly on midrange
and mainframe computer systems. I went to the University of
Kansas and majored in Comp. Sci. I've always been addicted to
computers and enjoyed making them perform. Since computers were
also my hobby, it made for a very enjoyable career as well.
Notes edit...

This interview of TradeWars 2002 developer Gary Martin was conducted by Rick Mead (Gypsy) and is copyright 1997 Crystal Ball Productions.

Special thanks to Rogers Cadenhead for archiving this interview at his website for so many years.

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