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Location :Kansas edit...
Profession :Business Owner / CEO, Computer Programmer, Game Developer edit...
GameOp At :None edit...
Played As :None edit...
TW Apps Written : TradeWars 2002 v3, TWGS, TradeWars Tournament, TradeWars: Dark Millennium, TWGS v2 edit...
TW Edits Created : None edit...
TW Docs Written : History of TradeWars Variants edit...
TW Websites :EIS Homepage, Official TW Forum, Martech's TradeWars Homepage edit...
Groups :Official EIS Forum, Martech Software, Realm Interactive, 21-6 Productions, EIS, Egosoft edit...
Contact :None edit...

Notes edit...

John Pritchett has been an indie game developer since 1994 when he joined Gary Martin to develop TradeWars.

The following is a timeline of Pritchett's work in the game industry:

  • 1994: Joined Martech Software, taking over development of TradeWars 2002.
  • 1998: Formed EIS and released TWGS.
  • 1999: For 8 months, consulted with Bernd Lehahn of Egosoft (X - Beyond the Frontier, etc) on plans for an X-based MMO.
  • 2000: Took ownership of TradeWars from Martech. Also licensed TradeWars to Realm Interactive to develop TradeWars: Dark Millennium. Worked with Realm Interactive from 2001 to 2002.
  • 2002: TW: DM picked up by NCsoft, but soon after renamed Exarch. The game was eventually released as Dungeon Runners in 2007.
  • 2005: Partnered with a small Canadian team to develop TradeWars Tournament, a light 2D graphical remake of classic TW. The partnership failed due to creative, personal and professional differences, though the developer continued to use the TradeWars license for its own project.
  • 2007: Taking a break from TW, Pritchett joined 21-6 Productions to write the physics for RocketBowl 360, a remake of Large Animal's successful rocket-powered bowling game. RocketBowl was released for X-Box Live Arcade in summer of 2008.
  • 2009: Continued to work with 21-6 on unannounced projects. Also developed solo project Xenopede under the company name Black Squirrel Studios.
  • 2011: Released TWGS v2, the 25th anniversary edition of Tradewars.
  • 2013: Joined Cloud Imperium Games to develop a flight model for Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' spiritual sequel to Wing Commander.
  • 2018: Left Cloud Imperium Games and returned to indie game development to build TradeWars: Arena, a space combat game set in the Tradewars universe.
  • 2022: Contracted by Egosoft to develop a new flight model for their next X Series game, X5.
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