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Author Name : Alan Davenport
Year Written : 1990 edit...
Application Type : TW Fork edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : YankeeTrader.zip
Description :
        Yankee Trader is the result of thousands of hours of work. The total
source code is well over 15 THOUSAND lines. While being developed, it was
completely rewritten from top to bottom many times over. Afterward, many
months of fine tuning, to achieve a decent game balance, followed.

Yankee Trader is a space trading/war game. There are several different
door games of this genre. The original idea for such a game was called "Trade
Wars (c)" which was first published by Hewlett Packard in "The People's Book
of Computer Games 1 and 2" and was first converted to a BBS door by Chris
Sherrick. The door game became very popular and many different versions still
exist today. Several other space trading/war games have appeared in recent
years also.

Yankee Trader takes the idea of a space trading/war game to new
heights. There are many new ideas and enhancements to the old theme. The idea
of a space trading/war game still remains, the result however is something
entirely different, YANKEE TRADER!

Notes edit...

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