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Author Name : John Pritchett
Year Written : 2006 edit...
Application Type : TW Spin-off edit...
For Version : Unknown edit...
Download : None edit...
Description :
TradeWars Tournament was originally conceived as a light 2D graphical remake of classic TradeWars.

Notes edit...

TradeWars Tournament, or TWT, was a proposed TradeWars sequel that was designed by John Pritchett during 2006. He took the design to the Garage Games community and partnered with a Canadian developer who agreed to fund and implement his design. Unfortunately, this company failed to follow through on its commitments, and instead created their own game based loosely on Pritchett's design and relying heavily on his prototypes. In an effort to avoid litigation, Pritchett allowed the company to continue using the TradeWars name. Beyond that, Pritchett had no involvement in the game that was eventually developed and released. Pritchett does not consider that game to be part of the official TradeWars game series. Though Pritchett's work on TradeWars, both support of the classic game and new projects, was temporarily hindered by contractual obligations, as of 2008 he had recovered full rights to develop and support the game.

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