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Published By : BadHouse Software
Author Name : Dean Maurice Ellis
Year Written : 1995 edit...
Application Type : Helper edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v2 edit...
Download : TWATS976.ZIP
Description :
TW_ATS - Trade Wars _ Advanced Tactical System 
(C) 1995 By Dean M. Ellis / BadHouse Software
All Rights Reserved.


Use TW_ATS at your OWN risk. If you blow up and die in a colt
zooming away from a macro, well, try to die gracefully. TW_ATS
Assumes no liability for damages or injuries that may occur.

Now go out and Kill...

Frequent Questions/Problems:

Q. Why doesn't my modem dial out or seem to work at all?

A. When you first start the program, it will ask you for database
name and modem information. Make sure you have set a modem init
string (usually "ATZ", I prefer "ATM0") and a phone number. Also,
make sure that your COM port and modem speed is set up right.
TW_ATS only supports up to 38400 baud (down to 2400), Databits of
7 or 8, Stop bits of 0 or 1 and Parity of Even Odd or None.

There has been some reports that TW_ATS doesn't like COM3 or COM4
on certain brands of computers. Some work, some do not. I'm in
the process of correcting that problem ASAP, so hang on. You'll
know if you have set it all up and it doesn't seem to work.

Q. Why do I have an EMS Memory Error?

A. You Need EMS, 800K of it available to TW_ATS to use.

Q. Why do I get all this garbage character stuff on my screen?

A. Because you must have ANSI.SYS loaded in your C:\CONFIG.SYS
file. it should look like:

DEVICE=C:\DOS\ANSI.SYS (assuming your DOS directory is in C:\DOS)

Q. Why Do I get a General Protection Fault when I start up TW_ATS?

A. Some Memory Managers, OS/2 and other home grown varieties don't
like the idea that TW_ATS forces your NUMLOCK key off. Try
turning your Numlock off then start it up again, it should go away.

Q. How do I operate the Menus?

A. The NumLock keypad is your own private menuing system that you
can use independently of regular keyboard, so it is actually
possible to recall information (say, a sector #) while in the
middle of a command, (say, Warping a Planet to Kill a fool). You
can recall information using the keypad.

The Menu system is basically set around the 7/8/9, 4/5/6, 1/2/3
keys, 5 being the main menu selector (hit it over and over to go
up menu nodes) and the Del key will take you back to previous menu
nodes. You will find that command of similar nature are grouped
together and that it takes very few commands to tell TW_ATS what
to do. Menu Items are also color coded and logically grouped.

Also, no command you do though the menuing system will kill you
(at least, it shouldn't, if it does, then you are the prize winner
of a entry in the bug log where all those horiffic details of how
TW_ATS lost control of itself and impaled you on an nasty Volcanic.
The program will not allow you to blind warp yourself, but
accidental death of enemy players has been known to occur.

For a basic feel, try entering "5580001" to recall sector 1
(terra sector).

Q. I'm already in a game, how can I get TW_ATS to gather all the
information about my universe?

A. TW_ATS is pretty smart. First off, you should periodically do
a CIM report of sectors and ports. What are CIM reports? TW
allows users to access the "CIM" which basically allows programs
like TW_ATS to download information about the universe you already
know - Warp Paths and Ports. By hitting "557" via your TW_ATS
Keypad, you will download your Sector Warp information of the
universe. By hitting "5598" you will download your Port
information. If you do a corporate planet listing, all those
planets and all that data about them will be entered into the
database. Then you can recall information and cross
references/index it and sort it via other TW_ATS menu commands to
get accurate up to the minute information of your entire universe.

Q. What Are Magnitude Numbers?

A. Because of the amount of information contained within ports and
planets, TW_ATS uses Magnitude numbers to condense the information.
Basically Magnitude Numbers are color encoded Digits where the
color indicates the # of 0's that follows that # displayed. It's
slightly more complicated than that, but if you hit Alt-F1 while
in TW_ATS you can page though the helps and you will find a screen
that displays all the numbers and how to interpret the magnitudes.
It's shorthand display of values using colors.

Q. How do I register TW_ATS?

A. You need to enter the game you want to play. When you enter the
game, TW_ATS will notify you that you are not registered. If you
then via the TW_ATS keypad, hit "555552" you will come upon the
registration screen. Here you will find your name that you entered
when you first started TW_ATS (which is the registered user to be)
and your handle below it should be shown.

TW_ATS allows up to three handles to be used with one registered
copy of TW_ATS. To move the name from the temporary location to
one of the three slots, hit the F1, F2 or F3 key that corresponds
to the slot your selecting. When you have filled all three slots,
you should find a bunch of keys that are 12 characters long.

You need to send me all the names and all the keys, and $25.00 (USA
cash) and I send you back Secret Codes that enables those handles
to be used.

When you receive your secret codes, all you have to do is go back
to the registration screen, enter those codes and then go into the

Then you are free to pursue virtual murder.

Notes edit...
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