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Published By : EIS
Author Name : John Pritchett
Year Written : 1998 edit...
Application Type : Server edit...
For Version : TW 2002 v3 edit...
Download : TWGS10300.EXE
Description :
TWGS is a stand-alone server and game management application. It is the simplest and most flexible
way to host classic TradeWars on the Internet today.

Notes edit...

TWGSv1.00/TWv3.10, the initial TWGS version, was released in 1998.

TWGSv1.01/TWv3.11 was released in 1999. It was the first truly 32 bit version of TW 2002.

TWGS is still under development. The latest version as of 2010 is TWGS v1.03/TWv3.13.

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current TWGS Activity
Servers: 149
this month: 279
this year: 1,435
last year: 4,007
since 2011: 59,453